Today is the anniversary of the creation of the world

Robin Saex Garboxe
Today, 25 Elul, according to Torah, is the anniversary of the Creation of the World! For all my artist friends and kabbalists, it is the anniversary of creativity and the creative process. It is an auspicious moment for your deepest creative impulses to actualize as you are aligning yourself with the creative expression of the Creator!

Whatever you believe, just stay with me. I love inspiration and motivation, and lucky for me, everything around me is a reason to celebrate and go deeper. On the calendar we have every kind of day, celebrating everything under the sun. I love the concept of a day to be creative, that is the magic of this day, we have the power to create too!

On one hand it is creating the life you want, and on the other hand it is being creative and expressing yourself fully.


Coach Yulia


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