Love Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Look at the bottom left!

For the past six years, my daughter and I have been models for one of the most powerful events for women in our community and beyond: Karen Michelle’s Love Your Body fashion show. This year, it’s happening on Sunday, March 26, 2023 from 10:30am-4:30pm. 

Karen created an all-inclusive fashion show that features modest, modern and elegant clothing. It also includes a shopping event with a runway representing women and girls of all ages, shapes, backgrounds, and abilities. She showcases multiple designers, and offers a full day of hair and makeup for the over 100 models that participate. The models range from 3 years old to bubbies, and include a beautiful woman in a wheelchair who always has the most gorgeous wedding gown on. The location, the Luxe Hotel on Sunset, is exquisite. Over 1,000 people come to enjoy the VIP delights, or all the free options, including the fashion show and fabulous vendors.

For the event, Karen partners with Artists For Trauma, a non-profit located in Los Angeles that is dedicated to enriching the lives of trauma patients and survivors through artistic expression and human connection.

She also has vendors that serve the needs of our Jewish community, such as holiday items for Pesach and general Judaica. The clothes that many of the designers are modeling are also for sale, and you can buy them hot off the racks.

I enjoy modeling and getting dressed up, and have been lucky to participate in Love Your Body since 2013, a year after I had my third child. It was so much fun to be pampered and enjoy a professional experience, but also just to feel good in my own skin. 

I brought my daughter in 2015 when she was almost 5 years old, and she was a bit shy. Her little cousin was there too, so I walked the runway holding their hands. The next year, I told my daughter I wanted the runway all to myself. Luckily, she likes being in the spotlight just like her mama. Some of her friends were also in the fashion show; they walked the runway together and of course, they all had a wonderful experience.

Karen says, “the fashion show and LYB event is my passion, promoting self-esteem, empowerment, and inclusivity,” and she enjoys featuring women in our community. It all started with her signature store in Pico-Robertson, and now she focuses on this amazing charity event as her passion.  

This year, Karen and Artists For Trauma will be recognizing civilian and veteran medical trauma professionals with the Karen Michelle Heart Award. The three honorees are Dr. Andrea Fineberg from Kansas City,KS / Los Angeles,  Dr. Genise Fraiman and Dr. Hengemah Monsef are both from Los Angeles.They will be honored for their outstanding contributions to the community..

She loves working with people, and now has the mazel to work with her son, Josh Halaszi, a Shalhevet graduate. He is the owner of the GlobalGreen Insurance Agency of Beverly Hills. They work as a team, serving all of the insurance needs of our community.

Whether it is family, work or our creative outlet, in our Jewish lives, we are always nurturing and expanding our minds with Torah. The Rambam, Maimonides, emphasizes the need to take care of our bodies. He was a brilliant physician who treated the patient rather than the illness and espoused moderation and disease prevention. 

I am a yoga and pilates instructor and my message is to take care of you! It is not selfish; it is self care. We need to squeeze ourselves in, in order to be there for everyone and everything in our lives. Self care could be quiet time by yourself, or a dinner with friends. For me, it is expressing my creative side with fashion and dress up.

There is no perfect way or one way — there is just your way. Someone may inspire you, but take everything at your own pace and check in with yourself.

When we tune into our body and clear our mind, then our soul is free to shine. Each person has a unique purpose in the world. There is nobody else like you and nobody will do what you can do. 

Especially for women and girls, feeling comfortable in our own skin, and knowing that true beauty comes from within, is so important. However, enjoying dressing up and feeling good on the outside is fun.  

When the last Love Your Body Fashion show was about to begin, Karen told me I was opening the show. I was so excited, and I told the makeup artist to make me shine since I am the first model everyone will see. We all have different sides to us, and I am so grateful to Karen Michelle for giving my daughter and I and many other women an outlet of fashion and fun for a good cause.

Free tickets for the event are still available by going to

I am out of earth, I am at a birth


Always double check your text messages. I like to dictate. I don’t know if it’s because you hear the phone battery is bad for your brain, or I just don’t love to text, I’m old school. I used to have a blackberry, and I loved that it looked like an actual keyboard. I’m still very proud that I can type 90 words a minute.

When you know that you are doing what you’re meant to do, it’s an incredible feeling. We just visited family, and had a wonderful time and really enjoyed everything about being somewhere else. Since I got back it’s right back to Yoga and Pilates clients, and supporting beautiful women as a Doula. It’s where I’m meant to be, even if LA has changed so much. LA needs me as much as I need LA.

This morning I had to let everybody know that I was at a birth, so my dictation interpreted what I said as “I’m out of earth.”The messages are all around us, just tune in and see your path. Birth is literally in between worlds. So it was so powerful for me to see the interpretation of what I was saying right in front of me. My purpose, what brings meaning and a living to me and my family. I am so grateful.

Also I missed my regulars, so happy to get back to my private clients, and my online zoom classes.


Coach Yulia

We are here to connect

I am deeply connected. My essence and energy is connected. We are here to connect with each other, and to connect with the source. We all have such a unique journey and purpose in this world, and I’m always in awe how mine unfolds.

When I teach class, I tell everyone that they have to find themselves fascinating. There’s so much talk of self-care and self-love. Why should we treat everyone and everything else with kindness? We deserve it too!

Sunday mornings have become my hike day at sunrise. It was the first hike in this new decade of my life. I feel so grateful for my health, family, community, and the work that I love.

In this new era of identity, on one hand we are trying not to fit in boxes, but on the other hand we stand up for our way of life. My amazing hairdresser said it best. When a small child asked her her identity, she said I’m just Glenda. I love it so much, as important as it is to express yourself, just being simply yourself is the point of it all. If you want to go even deeper, we are beyond our name, our astrological sign, and any other external labels. We all have a unique essence, that is the greatest connection of all.

This has been a month of uplifting holidays for the Jewish community. We are at the culmination, where we will dance in the streets with the Torah celebrating the laws, customs, and connection to God.

I love talking with my mother, who is very wise and deeply connected. She was telling me that we are not only celebrating the intellectual learning, but connecting to the stories of our ancestors. At first it talks about the individual, then about family and tribes. The laws are guiding humanity on how to coexist. The best part is that it’s always alive, on one hand we read what’s right in front of us, but the interpretations vary based on each circumstance and each person.

I love to learn, and one of my favorite teachers, Yehudit Garmaise, said that one of the most important things is when we are present with people, they don’t feel we are rushed. 

Relating to each other, really listening, and being open to dialogue is magic. Wishing everyone deep connection, true, full self expression, and deep love for yourself and for everyone and everything around you.

See the miracles unfold, open your eyes, open your heart.

Let’s stop keeping each other apart.

Connection is healing, kind, and true,

Tell yourself, your deep self, your true self,

I love you.

חג שמח

Coach Yulia

I feel fine at 49!

October 11, 1972 my soul burst into it’s vessel. That year it was Daled Cheshvan on the Jewish Calendar, which is lunar. I did not know this until I got married at 34 years old. Astrology is so much fun, it does not define us, but I really identified with the Libra characteristics of beauty, justice and balance. My Hebrew birthday has me in the month of Scorpio, which makes all the sense in the world. I love being the light in the darkness, very loyal, and please don’t mess with me because if my buttons are pushed, I am not so nice. After 15 years of marriage and turning fifty this month, I am experiencing my first Sukkot with a Sukkah. Everything aligned, literally, it just fit, neighbors are all good, my husband manifested it and surprised all of us.

Starting tonight I will be off the grid until Tuesday evening. I will see all your birthday wishes and hear all the messages once I resurface into our crazy, nonstop world. I feel so grateful to see that everything is a miracle as I watch life unfold. It is mindblowing to me that we keep on experiencing something new all the time! Everyday we start fresh, so many possibilities, we can do anything, and contribute our essence to everyone and everything around us. I am so proud that my health has always been a priority, and my bloodwork is exquisite going into a new decade. Our body is our vessel, and it is commanded to take care of yourself, it is a lifestyle and a life time.

For some reason Sukkot is not as well known as other Jewish holidays. Where I live you see the little huts, that we eat and some people sleep in all around, decorated in unique ways. It is a reminder of the Jewish people wandering in the desert, but completely protected and sustained with food, manna, falling from the sky. I am so excited for my children to experience their own Sukkah, they will be making paper chains as part of the decor.

Here are a few articles I have been reading about the holiday, and it is so beautiful that I learn something new every year.

Keep learning and growing my friends, and express yourselves fully. There is only one you in this world, and only you can do you. One article was talking about how this is one holiday that you cannot zoom, it is all about gathering, inviting guests, and how nothing can replace in person celebration.

‏To everyone celebrating, wishing you a Sweet and Healthy New Year!

שנה טובה ומתוקה

גמר חתימה טובה

חג ‏סוכות שמח

Coach Yulia

Two Fish Heads and a Hike

I am never not myself. However, when I am not myself, I do everything I can to figure out how to be myself again. Sunday mornings have become a beautiful ritual of going straight to a hike once I wake up, usually around 6am. I am not an early bird, but husband and kids are, so my body just wakes up. I try my best to be in bed by 10pm daily, because I need my sleep. It is my energy juice, it my beauty sleep, I love and need it! It is also nice and cool outside, beautiful sunset colors, barely any traffic, easy parking, 30 minutes up the steps and down the hill and my cardio is done.

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. In my neighbor”chood” we are all looking for the essentials, such as fish heads. It symbolizes the beginning of the year, “we should be the head and not the tail,”

So we happen to have a multitude of fish heads in our freezer. Why, you ask? We eat fish every Friday night, and we usually buy the whole fish, and my husband likes to keep the fish head, because otherwise it just gets resold. Now we are able to give them out to those in need, and on Jewish holidays there are many specific things we need. For example apples, honey, and pomegranate, just to name a few.

I delivered two fish heads before my hike, and just delivered two more, because there are two nights of Rosh Hashana. We are all wishing each other and I wish you happiness, health, success, love, and a super sweet new year!

After my hike I had scheduled a massage, my body was hurting, especially my right bicep area. It hurts to put that arm over my head, even when I am sleeping. I enjoy a style called Body Work, which is with clothes on, and is a mix between deep massage and chiropractic, but not as intense as chiropractic. Luckily I found someone close by who is fantastic, and used to be a medic in Israel. He told me that I may have a slight tear, suggested a cream and ice. He also told me it stemmed from my neck, and if I did not take care of it, then it could lead to tennis elbow or a big tear. I feel so grateful to always listen to my body. I enjoy self care and being serviced, but I also have very physical work with Yoga and Doula clients, I am very hands on.

What I also mean by, I am never not myself, 
is that I am always true to myself.
That is the only way I know how to exist.
Do you get the gist?
There is only one me and there is only one you.
Nobody else can do what you can do.
We need you to shine your light too.
The world would be missing something without you.
To yourself be true,
Tell yourself, I love you!

Coach Yulia


There is always an excuse, and in Los Angeles it has been that the weather is too hot. My husband and I took a walk last week around 8 PM, it was so hot, but we got it in. It’s also fun and quality time when you do it together.

Sunday mornings as soon as I wake up, I drink some water and head out to an outside hike before it gets too hot. Everything in life is about timing, and now that my kids are older, I am more free to take care of me. The secret of exercise is figuring out what you like, and making time to squeeze it in, no matter what. I was just talking to someone about Vitamin D, have you heard that everyone is deficient? When it comes to health, there is no later, I am not in the mood, or I forgot, it is a must do and we have to rewire our brain to make ourselves a priority.

Multipurpose was the word that popped into my mind as I was on my hike, climbing the uphill stairs at 6:30am. Am I an early bird? No. I actually like mornings and nights, and would love to have a daily afternoon nap, a siesta! In Israel and Spain, for two hours in the afternoon people have long lunches and a nice rest. Usually not possible between my busy work schedule and family time, however when there is time for a nap, I am all in, it is my favorite pleasure in the world, I love sleep.

I was thinking of the word purpose, which is what life is about. Jewish people all over the world are getting ready for the High Holidays. First we celebrate Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, ready to renew, grow and start fresh. Then, Yom Kippur, is about forgiveness of yourself and others, deeply connecting to your meaning and purpose in this world.

As much as we want to connect spiritually, our physical existence and who we are in the world is part of the balance and joy of life. The word multipurpose makes me think of living fully, expressing all parts of ourselves. We need to take care of our body and mind in order to fulfill our mission in this life. Otherwise we are bogged down trying to manage getting through each day, and that becomes our only focus. Of course life happens, either genetics, family or lifestyle play a big role in who we are, how we get through, and paying it forward.

Nowadays all modalities are available and part of our culture, nothing is weird or looked down upon. Try it all to heal yourself inside and out. Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, Bodywork, old world and new world remedies, homeopathic, holistic, and energetic. What resonates with you? That is what I want to spend my money on, healing and feeling good. I am so proud of myself nearing my fifth decade on this earth. A year ago I found out I had genetic cholesterol. I felt so lucky that until my forties I felt no body pain, and at almost turning fifty would be my first time considering taking medication. For this past year I tried everything, while monitoring my bloodwork. It did not budge, so my doctor recommended a low dose medication, and I reluctantly took it, knowing it is important to balance western and eastern, especially where genetics play a role. I just found out my cholesterol looks great, and I am so happy that my body is working as it should, no side effects, and no more medications, YAY!

What are you doing to “Multipurpose” and take care of you? Why not have it all, feel and look your best? So important to be an example to everyone and everything in our lives. Starting your day with gratitude changes your perspective. What are you grateful for? I always say if the pros outweigh the cons, then it is all good.


Coach Yulia

Miracle Moment

The closer I get to turning 50, the more I just want to be straightforward about my truth. I am not an athlete, but I do like to move and feel good. Honestly I’m not a gym person, I don’t want to work too hard, I want to have the most effective workout and then go enjoy life.

This morning my husband was doing his favorite thing, deep cleaning. So I helped him put up the house, wipe everything down and organize what was needed. I realized I had time and by the grace of God the hot sun had not come out yet, it’s cool, so now I’m doing my favorite thing, an outside hike nearby. Literally only 30 minutes, and it’s maybe 10 minutes away, with easy free parking. I really love people, yesterday I went to see my beautiful friend perform in an interpretive dance, it was so exciting to see people in the theater. I was I was driving from Downtown LA and it felt so good to see so many people out and about just having fun, enjoying life, the energy was beautiful.

If you look closely, I am at the very top of the hill, and way behind me through the smog/fog you can see the outline of DTLA, where I was last night. Usually I don’t like to take my phone, but I bought a cute new outfit with a pocket and figured that I might as well inspire and feel proud.

Let’s get to the subject at hand,
Miracle moment do you understand?

It’s all about perspective, how do you see it? a miracle at every turn?
Or life is uphill like my hike this morning?

Truth is, it’s personal, depends on what you’ve been through and how you feel.
When we take care of our body and mind, we tune in to what’s real.

I come from ancestors that choose to see possibility,
I feel that gives me internal agility.

Also, I’d rather be happy than not,
I really don’t understand choosing the alternative a lot.

There is only one you in this world at this time.
You can do as you wish to maximize and shine.

I see miracles at every turn, where you end up is where you’re meant to be.
You can too choose this view and live a life of peace, purpose and harmony.

Now to my truth, so much going on, excited to see my daughter home in one week from camp and the healing of my older son. My youngest is skipping a grade for many reasons, elementary school should not be the place to have teenage and adult hormonal discussions.

I always say to each their own ,and speak your truth, so I’m speaking mine, and it feels good!

Coach Yulia

Half Century 100/2=50

Now that I think about it, I started blogging 10 years ago. I had my third child at 39 years old, and right before my fortieth birthday, I wrote my first blog and called it Journey to Fabulous at 40! Since then, whenever I get inspiration, and I feel the flow, then you get the downpour of thoughts, emotions, and inner wisdom that I need to self express immediately before the moment passes. Thank God I just see the miracles of every moment, so even if something is amazing, once it passes, I am on to the next amazing.

Have you noticed that in my recent blogs and posts I have been writing half century? I am turning 50 in a couple of months, and so excited to feel, look, and be my best. I see all the gorgeous and accomplished women in my life, and even celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, who recently turned 50. Girls, I am feeling good, and right behind you. I know they have teams, stylists, and chefs, but they are moms, and in our crazy world are more natural compared to others.

This has been such a magical week, and I just have to share the play by play. I already wrote about Sunday, where everything aligned and my husband surprised my daughter in sleep away camp on our anniversary, so I treated myself to a 90 minute massage.

Monday I found a fun backyard camp that my youngest could just play and be a kid for the week. Super busy day of classes, everything from yoga for addiction recovery, to prenatal yoga, mat pilates, a couple in their 80’s, as well as two online classes.

Tuesday I had three private clients, two zoom classes, and I squeezed in an acupuncture appointment. I always talk about self care, and taking care of you so you can give to everyone and everything in your life. It felt good, but I would rather get massage all day, every day. Do you remember the show in the 80’s, Dynasty, the rich folk would be getting massages while on business calls and meetings, that’s what I want!

Wednesday I have a client in Pacific Palisades, which is a beautiful drive to and from the Pacific Ocean. At one point when I am headed down the hill on my way home, it looks like I am driving into the endless ocean. I open my windows and breathe in all the fresh air, and enjoy the majestic view. One day I am hoping to have time to walk on the beach. My friend from Belgium told me that everyone walks barefoot in the water, it helps circulation and overall health. I also took a First Aid certification, and taught a client how to use the NETI POT. Look it up, it is life changing, and honestly not too hard, I can teach you too.

Thursday was so amazing because my boys were busy with friends and in camp, and I had a meeting with a Doula client, where we talk about facts, goals, and possibility. Every birth is different, and yours will be one of a kind too. It is better not to listen to stories, especially in the media, it is all the drama, in reality it is unexplainable, wild, and empowering.

Friday at 2am, I got called to attend a birth, and a new baby girl is in the world.

TGIF (Thank God Its Friday)

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia



This might sound mean, unsympathetic and rude, but I like my happy space and nobody is allowed to invade it. I don’t understand how to operate in any other way, I cannot worry, it does not solve anything. I am only talking about myself. Please do not take anything personally, to each their own, and Thank God mental health is at the forefront of every conversation.

So here is what happened a few days ago that is popping my happy bubble and I will do everything possible to deal with it all, release it from my reality, and climb back in. The other day I had to pick up my husband from the airport at midnight. Because it was so late, I decided to leave the house early, so I didn’t fall asleep at home while I was waiting. All airports are different, this is a big airport, and in some airlines they do not let you wait at the arrivals. Luckily at my airline, at the midnight hour there was nobody telling anyone to keep driving. I got there probably a half hour early, other people were waiting. The flight kept on getting delayed, and I noticed there were a group of ladies, some older, some younger, giving me looks. Then one of them makes a face at me through my closed car window. I also see the youngest girl write something on her cell phone and point it towards me, it was too far for me to read, but she had a mean look on her face. I felt the negative vibes my friends. I couldn’t believe that they needed to be angry at someone, I was right in front of them, and someone was late picking them up. They actually thought that I was blocking all the other cars from moving forward. Luckily my husband finally came, and I told them that everyone behind me was waiting on this same flight that was an hour late. Even as I moved forward to get away from their angry energy, I hoped that the light bulb was going to go off in their heads as they saw that nobody else had moved.

Their anger, misconception, venom, and how they see themselves IS NOT MY PROBLEM. This is one of my favorite phrases, “what people think about you, is none of your business.” I once had a roommate that was shocked when I told her I just did not care about what was happening in other people’s lives. I did not have space or energy to absorb anything else other than my stuff. That is why news, social media, and toxic relationships can really have an effect on how we function in this world. Choose carefully my friends.

When I was telling my oldest son what happened, he had a great idea! Airports and other public places should have a MENTAL HEALTH ZONE, where people can self express, get support, and be with like minded people. Just like a smoking section, I do not need to inhale anyone’s fumes.

I am the most open, loving, tolerant and respectful person with friends from all walks of life. We get to choose how we deserve to be treated, and nobody else can make that decision for us.

When the world recently shut down, mental health became a daily conversation, and everyone really started to listen and understand how important it is. Today I had a wonderful class with a couple, and we were talking about how sometimes we literally ignore our body. I did not start feeling body pain until my forties, which is such a blessing. I have to pay attention and figure out what I need in order to do the work I love, as well as giving my all to my family. I also do not want it to get worse because you are either investing time, energy and money in yourself now or later with treatments, medications, and hospitals.

The phrase that really resonated with me is “The Body Collects.” If we ignore now, it will not go away, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Then it literally feels heavy, and it becomes the main focus of our reality. We need to keep our body healthy and our mind clear, so we can enjoy life to the fullest every moment on this earth.

Coach Yulia


It’s one thing to have faith and trust as the only way to see the world. I am blessed to have inherited that from my mother, and luckily pure happiness from her mother, my beautiful grandma that was on this earth until 101 years old enjoying life to the fullest. It’s completely another blessing to have unconditional trust from your loved ones, especially your children.

My husband and I got married today, and are celebrating 15 years together! We had plans for a delicious gourmet dinner at Next Door, a new Kosher restaurant in our neighborhood. We have had quite a summer, my oldest son had reconstructive foot surgery, and is healing beautifully. My youngest boy is going to be starting a new school next year, and I will have all three in one middle school! My daughter is for the first time at sleep away camp, and although she is the strongest and friendliest personality on earth, her first few weeks were filled with homesickness. She is the cook of our family along with my husband, and she said there was literally nothing edible, also she was not able make it herself. Food is her love language, and hangry is what happens when there is nothing to eat, she eats more than all of us!

She is across the country, and a few things have made her happy, especially her new friend, the camel. Today was visiting day, plane tickets are ridiculously expensive, and we were trying to see if any relatives or friends were able to go. I know how to figure things out, this is one of my gifts in this world. My daughter kept on asking me if I was asking people who would be able to visit, and I told her that I was working on it. She trusted me, she never asked questions, she had no idea that our good friend just happened to have miles on the airline that flew just an hour away from her destination. Everything aligned, Thank God, and daddy’s girl was in heaven with tons of challah, snacks and sweets to last her for the next two weeks.

The Jewish calendar date of our anniversary, Rosh Chodesh Elul, is still a few weeks away. I am celebrating tonight by getting a massage. I will keep celebrating as the next few months we have birthdays in my family, including mine, half century my friends.


Coach Yulia