Yoga Girl


Yulia was born in Moscow, Russia, raised in Miami, and moved to LA, where she studied with her Yoga teacher, Raghavan. He inspired her to spread the lifestyle of Hatha Yoga. Yulia enjoys working with people of all ages and all walks of life, her positive and intense energy is contagious. You walk out of the class feeling refreshed, and like you just had a full body massage. Every class has a formula, the outline does not change.  It is our mind and body that change every day.

Coach Yulia believes that Yoga is a lifestyle not just a workout.
If you are consistent, results will naturally come, and while you are practicing Yoga, you are enjoying the journey.
Enjoy Hatha Yoga in a positive, easygoing, and gentle approach.  The routine combines a good workout, as well as a deep stretch and relaxation, it is perfect for all levels.  Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for years, this Yoga is for everybody.  Our focus is on balance, flexibility, posture, strength, breathing, core, and relaxation. Yoga helps tune up your body and clear your mind, so you can really start enjoying your life.

Take a glimpse into the DVD/CD Combo, the DVD is helpful for beginners to get to know the poses. Eventually you just need the CD to guide you through the course, while you give yourself the undivided attention that you deserve.  Contact Coach Yulia for private and group classes and purchase information, 323.377.0707

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The core is our center, our power, activating it correctly helps all the important functions in that area stay healthy.  Also it protects our back, and actively works out the abdominals, obliques, glutes, and strengthens the lower back.  Enjoy the following video which gives a detailed explanation of seven basic Pilates exercises.