Prenatal Yoga /Doula Services


Introducing different poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques that would be useful tools during labor and birth. Wonderful for first time moms to get an idea about how they want their birth, share and prepare. For the second or more, Prenatal Yoga gives mom a chance to take care of herself, and connect to the new life inside of her.  Each pregnancy, labor, and birth is so unique, it is so important to put mom first, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Please contact Coach Yulia about ongoing and private classes.   323.377.0707


In pregnancy and birth, a Doula supports by empowering the mother to be conscious about every decision.  Also builds confidence, maintains a calm atmosphere, and acceptance of whatever is meant to be .  Incorporating Yoga breath and poses during labor, allows the mother to be present and take one contraction at a time.  Doula Services include two Prenatal visits, Active Labor and Birth Support, one Post Partum visit, as well as being on call for any questions or advice. Contact Coach Yulia about availability, and please ask any questions that you may have. Coach Yulia is also a Midwife Assistant, working directly with the Midwives at a Home Birth or Birth Center.


Post Partum services include Belly Binding and Placenta Encapsulation. Belly Binding helps the uterus shrink back to its original size and the organs are gently guided back into place. Helping the body release fluids and support the belly and back as it readjusts to post partum. Placenta Encapsulation replenishes hormones and minerals, helps with a healthy milk supply as well as Post Partum Depression.

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