20 years of experience in teaching Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Pilates.


Yulia has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years, she is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor.  She is married with three kids under 10.  During her first pregnancy she discovered Prenatal Yoga, and with her second pregnancy got certified two weeks before giving birth.  Yulia has had beautiful birth experiences and was grateful to have a Doula by her side.  After having her third baby, she was inspired to be a Labor Doula, and is now certified and attending births. She is also focusing on Post Partum by offering Belly Wrapping, which makes a difference in the first 6 weeks after baby.

Yulia has always been drawn to physical and mental fitness and balance.  Throughout her work she encourages her clients to find their own way.  There is no perfect way and there is not just one way, whether its nutrition, exercise, pregnancy, or birth.

Health and Fitness


Yulia teaches all forms of exercise privately and to groups including Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Resistance Training.

We live in a non stop world, and it is important to balance ourselves by taking time out to relax and recharge.  Everyone and everything in your life can wait one hour, while you put yourself first.  It’s not selfish, it’s self care.

Time, Patience, and Practice will give you guaranteed results.  In each class we try our best to stay in the moment, focus on our breath, and feel good.  Our bodies and minds are unique and vary each day.  We make an effort to leave out aggression, frustrations, and expectations, and just let ourselves be.