Double Anniversary


Anniversary Lunch

18 years ago I moved to Los Angeles with no plan, but a decision to find myself.  People told me I was friendly and should do sales, so I figured I might as well sell health because it’s what I believed in.  I found 24 hour fitness a month after I moved to Los Angeles. That decision has brought so many blessings. Besides meeting my yoga teacher, I was also a personal trainer and taught a class called body pump. I worked at the front desk too, and made some of the closest friends that are still in my life today.


I started teaching body pump in a small private gym, where the ladies were on a mission to find me a husband when I turned 34.

It worked.

We married eight months after meeting, 11 years ago, and invited the ladies to our wedding. Having three beautiful children led me to Prenatal Yoga and Doula work.

It’s amazing to see how life unfolds and I literally see the miracles of every moment.

Thank God!

Coach Yulia

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