It’s not just history, every Jew shares the memory

“In fact, though the two are often confused, memory is different from history. History is someone else’s story. It’s about events that occurred long ago to someone else. Memory is my story. It’s about where I come from and of what narrative I am a part. History answers the question, “What happened?” Memory answers the question, “Who, then, am I?” It is about identity and the connection between the generations. In the case of collective memory, all depends on how we tell the story.”

Tonight, Jews all over the world start fasting. On this day in Jewish history, not only were the two temples destroyed, also other atrocities happened exactly on this day.

We remember, and our ancestors and families keep the memory alive in their children.

The article above beautifully illustrates one of the most important lessons from the Torah.

”We don’t remember for the sake of revenge. “Do not hate the Egyptians,” said Moses, “for you were strangers in their land.” To be free, you have to let go of hate. Remember the past, says Moses, but do not be held captive by it. Turn it into a blessing, not a curse; a source of hope, not humiliation.”

Meaningful Fast,

Coach Yulia


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