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Today we honored my beautiful grandmother with our community. Chana Bat Ruvim or Babushka Anya as we called her, passed away a year ago at 101 years old. Last year it was a Shabbat and also the morning of Erev Lag B Omer, which is a time to enjoy good food, nature, and music. My mother realized that she was sending us a message not to mourn her, but to celebrate her life.

Our neighborhood is a mix of many different cultures, religions, backgrounds, races, and nationalities. As I was walking around today I was enjoying everyone all around me celebrating with their own community. I love that my kids are singing Jewish songs like the one above, and are able to be open about the way they live their life. Today someone from our synagogue wanted a play date with my daughter, I did not know them personally, but my husband said he has been coming to our synagogue, so without hesitation I let her go. Also as we took a nap, my oldest son went to spend time with our neighbor. It is so beautiful to live in the middle of a big city, but trust my gut, our community, and my children.

Tomorrow there is a huge celebration, Israel is 70 years old! I have been wanting to go the past few years, but the kids were too young. So excited to party tomorrow, join me!

Coach Yulia

Celebrate Israel Festival

The largest Jewish happening in Los Angeles

70 Years of Zionism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Over 15,000 community members will celebrate the State of Israel with live entertainment, interactive activities, culture, food & art.

May 6, 2018, 12-7pm, at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center (Rancho Park)


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