A fun night out supporting our Jewish school!



Nagel Brew


What a blessing that the Nagel Jewish Academy is the perfect balance to my children’s public school secular education. My oldest son was one of the first when he started in Kindergarten four years ago, and now all of my children get Jewish wisdom, culture, tradition, and love.

Four days a week, they go to the after school program and get a full dose of their ancestry, roots, and sense of belonging to the Jewish nation all of the world from the moment God created the world.

I am so proud when my kids tell me in detail about Jewish holidays, the Parsha of the week from the Torah, and happily sing the Aleph Bet.

Spread the word and enjoy a beautiful night of community, cuisine, and drinks, helping support this one of a kind, affordable haven for our Jewish children.

Coach Yulia

Nagel Brew 001.jpg


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