Happy 2018!

Boom! Now that’s a memorable quote filled with great energy and a positive attitude. Words are filled with power and it’s always good to have some on hand when things get a little tough. Your quote perfectly sums up your fighter’s spirit. Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain is not someone who breaks under pressure!



I love those games, try the link above and see what your theme is for in the new year. I was born in Moscow, Russia where New Year’s Eve is the biggest holiday of the year. When my parents immigrated to America, they were not interested in celebrating anything that was Russian, because they faced brutal discrimination and left to have freedom to be Jewish.

Growing up in Miami, it was a fun reason to party. Also working on cruise ships and into my LA nightlife scene. Now in my married observant Jewish life, it is nothing major, but I love new beginnings and celebrations.

I am having a blast with my family in Atlanta, Georgia, I want to wish all my friends and family all over the world a happy, healthy, and successful 2018 full of love!

Coach Yulia



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