A tiny nail in my big tire

Yesterday after running some errands with my boys and as I was pulling out of my parking spot, I noticed my car was leaning to one side on a flat tire. Thank God I was close to a gas station, and didn’t completely ruin the car by guiding it slowly close to the air pump. Life just happens, I had to pick up my daughter in an hour, and the time was ticking to an early sunset for Shabbat. Luckily timing was good, my husband came to switch cars, and the moment he put air in that tire you heard it releasing it immediately. We were lucky once again that the tire shop was close, and it only needed a $20 plug instead of an expensive new tire.

When life happens all I know is to take action and figure it out. 

Feeling blessed that what happens is manageable and we all have our health.

The nail in the tire was so small, and I was grateful that it didn’t fall apart on me when I had to drive an hour away from home on a highway twice last week.

I am in awe when I replay how life unfolds, and see the good.

Coach Yulia

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