Friends as close as family

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As I see my kids already bonding with friends, and see that they are making life long friendships; I am so happy that they are following in my footsteps. I have been so blessed to make close friendships throughout all the adventures I have had in my life so far. I love to connect, and now in my mommy and wife life, my friends and I really need each other.

We help each other carpool our kids all over town, trusting unequivocally. I literally met one of my closest friends at a park with our kids, and now as life happens, my heart is with her as we go through the ups and downs of life.

I am so grateful for social media, I am connected to people I have met through every stage of life. It is so fun to remember all the good times, and still feel so connected to our history and what made us who we are today.

Before I got married, I literally created a tribe, because I moved to Los Angeles all by myself with no plan. Met my first friend on the second day that I moved in an acting class! Already had a childhood friend, that helped me have a place while I found my way, we are friends for almost 40 years, met when we were 7! I have a few more close friends from my elementary years, we are still in touch, and luckily get to visit each other once in a while.

Denver friends, Middle School and High School friends, High School in Israel friends, College friends, Study abroad in Prague Friends, Miami friends, Ft. Lauderdale Friends, Night Club friends, Cruiseship friends, traveling all over the country friends.

Los Angeles has been my cup overflowing with Yoga friends, Performance friends, all the different jobs that I had friends, and now such rich and close connection with my community friends.

Blessed and Grateful,

Coach Yulia

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