What is a Lunar, Hebrew Birthday?

Your birthday commemorates the day on which G‑d said to you: “You, as an individual, are unique and irreplaceable. No person alive, no person who has ever lived, and no person who shall ever live, can fulfill the specific role in My creation I have entrusted to you…”


First of all I want to thank everybody for all of the wonderful birthday wishes, solar and lunar. Yesterday was my Hebrew birthday, and I actually have the power of blessings, so I gave a wish of happiness, health, love, and to create possibilities from our hearts and souls.

What is a Lunar, Hebrew birthday?

Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year? How about the Persian New Year? Did you know that these cultures have completely different calendars, and today we all go by the solar calendar? Another interesting fact is that horoscopes go by the lunar calendar, that is why they change mid month on the solar calendar. I only celebrated the day of my birth, October 11, until I got married 10 years ago. Then I found out, on that same day in 1972 on the Jewish calendar, I am a Scorpio, born on Daled Cheshvan. Everything really became clear, I have been told I am a Libra with Scorpio dressing. I have always been drawn to Scorpio energy, but also love balance and beauty like all Libras. We are all unique, an individual mix, and as fun as all these horoscopes are, and they are in Kaballah as well, we choose how we operate in this world. My Hebrew name is Yehudit, my parents were not allowed by law to give me that name where I was born in the Soviet Union. Yulia was the closest Russian name, and I love my duality, the Libra Yulia and the Scorpio Yehudit.




I am very connected to my ancestors and my roots, I am continuing their journey of freedom of expression, faith, and a right to exist.

Coach Yulia

Mordechai Ben Avraham
In my opinion, to understand Avraham’s Journey.. you have to understand his father’s Terah Journey.Terah had a vision to move to the land of Israel (Canaan).Terah and his family went off on their journey, traveled across the land (But for various reasons – it wasn’t Written in the Stars for Terah to enter the land of Israel).Terah stopped, he gave up on his dreams and settled in a town called Haran. It’s no accident, that when God comes to Avraham telling him to leave his place of comfort, to Become Great. The first place Avraham goes is the land of Israel. Avraham entering the land of Israel, Wasn’t only an accomplishment for him but was also the completion of his Father’s Dream. Even though, Avraham went on his unique journey in life, his Destiny matched perfectly with his ancestors dreams.
Teaching us: we should have the strength to walk on our unique path in life – Even if people don’t understand why, because in the end, everybody wins.

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