Muslims in Israel and standing against terror

I am always happy to hear truth, the video above is truth, and below I am putting the experiences of an American Muslim visiting Israel for the first time.

Nadiya Al-Noor
June 1  · I met the IDF’s first openly transgender officer today, along with a whole bunch of reps of really cool LGBTQ Israeli organizations.
June 2  · In Nazareth. Just saw a musical performance by Arab children from the Polyphony Foundation, an organization that brings Arab and Jewish children and adults together though classical music.
June 2 · I’m at a kibbutz. Gonna have Shabbat dinner with the Orthodox community here.
June 3  · At the Israeli-Syrian border.
June 3  · Had lunch with a Druze woman named Fauziah in Golan.
June 4 · At an Ethiopian absorption center. Met a woman named Aviva who immigrated years ago. Her community fled Ethiopia and crossed into Sudan. In the camps there, many Jews were poisoned, and 30 died per day. The Operation Moses happened and brought them all into Israel, where they then began the long, frustrating process of learning a new way of life.
June 4  · In Tzfat.
June 4  · At a place in Jerusalem where there is a huge room filled with Jews and Arabs teaching Mizrahi children about their shared heritage through music.
June 5 · At the Knesset, waiting to speak to politicians.
June 5 · I’m going to the Temple Mount/Dome on the Rock/Al-Aqsa Mosque. Pictures to come if possible.
June 6 · I put a note in the Western Wall.
June 6  · Headed to Ramallah soon to meet with a group of nonviolent Palestinians who advocate for their own state. This should be interesting.
June 6 · Zimam encourages Palestinians to take responsibility for problems their society has caused and work to solve them, not just to blame everything on Israel. It also works to address extremism and violence. They want to build a secular, democratic Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state of Israel. They believe that it is important to be open to and accepting of differences in race, religion, and more. They work with moderate imams and mosques to promote a religious message of peace. Zimam is one of the most popular grassroots movements in the West Bank and Gaza, with 22 chapters around the territories.
June 6 · At the Palestinian refugee camp I visited, the walls were plastered with pictures of terrorists and criminals. They call them martyrs and celebrate them.
June 6  · Touring Bethlehem. Went to the Church of the Nativity.
June 7 · I went to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Halfway through the tour of the exhibits, I broke down crying. And I couldn’t stop. I am heartbroken for the millions of human beings so cruelly murdered. I wanted to scream — at the world, at the tour guide, whatever — because the evil displayed by humanity in this atrocity is enough to make you lose your mind. The walls are built to feel like they are closing in on you. I felt like falling to my knees and wailing, all the faces on the wall looking on, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry we didn’t save you. We could have stopped it, but we didn’t. We let you die. I’m sorry.
I can say without a shred of doubt now that Israel wasn’t created because of the Holocaust. The Holocaust happened because there was no state of Israel. Jews need a land where they are completely free to be Jewish, a land to which they can flee when friends and neighbors turn their backs on them in hatred, when they are being attacked on the streets and at their synagogues and schools. The Jewish state is absolutely necessary, to ensure that never again means never again.
June 7 · Went to a gay beach in Tel Aviv. It was 92% topless gay men, but there were two topless women dancing by the ocean, which was nice. 😛 Then we got interviewed randomly for a tourism video.
June 8  · Today, I decided to conduct an experiment. I walked around dressed like a Jewish woman (tichel instead of hijab, slightly shorter dress than usual) in order to gauge whether or not I am treated differently when I am perceived as Muslim or Jewish in Israel. I was not treated any differently. As a Muslim in Israel, I was treated the same way as any Jewish person, with respect.


Last night my son was playing outside and helicopters sounded close by,

A Terrorism Task Force was right across the street for me,

Thank God America is standing with the world to keep us all safe,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Michoel Bloom photos.
Right now……Joint Terrorism Task Force on Alcott and La Cienega arrested 3 guys, found weapons in the home.

Welcome to Pico-Robertson

It was a warrant being served by the US Postal Inspector in a task force with LAPD and FBI. FBI was the muscle for the takedown. The warrant was for mailing Hazardous materials and they won’t say what those materials were. They found weapons and chemicals in the house.

Of note in LA is which agencies were not there…..if it was drugs, DEA would have been part of the task force, if it was Explosives, ATF would have been. If it was seriously hazardous materials, they would have suited up in their level A suits, and they didn’t even have the minimal level suits.


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Alcott: 3 suspects in custody, more in the home. Sniper is on the roof of the SWAT truck aiming at the home,


Did you hear about this?

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