Jewish protesters and Muslim supporters

Israeli Arab confronts Israeli Jew at Columbia University and shows him how to be a proud Israeli.

ערבי ישראלי מראה ליהודי ישראלי באוניברסיטת קולומביה איך להיות ישראלי גאה
Mohammad Kabiya


Nadiya Al-Noor

I had such an amazing time at AIPAC. To be honest, I was worried about the reaction I would receive as a visible Muslim. But I was met with nothing but positivity from the conference goers. I met other Muslims there. I was even able to pray in public and nobody bothered me. On the flip side, a protestor demanded I prove I was actually Muslim because she didn’t believe me (she shut up when I showed her my prayer rug). The conference was about reaching beyond differences to support the Jewish state, and not letting disagreements in ideology tear us apart. I learned so much, heard some incredible speakers, and met some great people. A huge thanks to Afshine Emrani for buying me a ticket to AIPAC.


I am grateful for Arabs and Muslims who are educating themselves and others and standing for Israel and the Jewish people.  I am in shock when Jewish people are uninformed and jump on a bandwagon against their homeland and their people.

I will throw in one last video of Christian antisemitism, it is mind boggling that in our modern world this kind of thinking still exists.

Let’s keep educating and spreading the truth,

Coach Yulia

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