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Before going into all of my political thoughts in my head, I want to give a shout out to my husband and wish him a Happy Birthday.  He is the best example of a leader, honest, genuine, real, giving, and definitely never a boring moment!

Fidel Castro just died, and the variety of responses is mind boggling.  Everything from celebrating his death, to pointing out how he stood up against America and was ultimately good.  Even though I grew up in Miami, with the biggest Cuban population in the United States, I still do not fully comprehend the history and the feelings of all the people that fled his rule.  One of my good friends posted this, and it made sense to me.

As a proud Jew, this video below is so clear on how the world is so passionate about standing up for everyone and everything, but for some reason, the call for ethnic cleansing of Jews in their ancestral land does not cause alarm.


I will finish with Obama and Trump, and agree with the article below about Trump.  Obama praised Castro and did not say a word about the arson in Israel, as much as we have no idea what the future holds, I am ready and open to see it unfold.


Coach Yulia

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Michael Freund

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who died Friday, spent the past 50 years comparing Israel to the Nazis, arming, training and financing Palestinian terrorists to kill Jews, and denouncing Zionism as racism. In 1976, he condemned Israel for the raid on Entebbe, and two years ago he labeled the Jewish State’s counter-terror operation in Gaza “genocide”. So don’t shed a single tear over his passing. Castro was an anti-Semitic thug. Good riddance.


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