Parties, Playdates, and Pharaoh

Every year during Passover the movie, Ten Commandments, plays on TV.  The video above is a hilarious mish mosh of that movie, set to modern music artists that people know, to tell the story in a new way.  As I watch it, I laugh because it is what I grew up learning, and I imagine that for most people it may be something completely incomprehensible.  The ten plagues, blood, frogs, locusts, boils, yep its all in there, we remember them every year at our Passover Seder, first the story, then the meal.  Even during the meal we eat foods that remind us of how our nation were slaves in Egypt, Charoset is like the mortar that was used to as building material.  It is actually one of my favorite things to eat, made of shredded apples, cinnamon, wine, and nuts.

When I was growing up the big thing was to eat Matza for eight days instead of bread.  Now that I have children and live in an observant community, getting ready for Pesach consumes every moment of our lives.  From the deep cleaning and searching for chometz, ridding the house of even the tiniest crumbs, to preparing for the big meals and a full week of figuring out how to feed our kids and our guests.

This morning we are relaxing for a bit, I will probably get into cleaning the kids closet. This afternoon the kids have birthday parties and play dates, and since my mother is in town, my husband and I get to have a date ourselves as we celebrate a friends birthday.

Thinking of my history,

Focusing on my blessings and to do’s,

Excited for the Pesach holiday to bring family and friends together,

Shavua Tov,

Chag Sameach,

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia

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