Sexy Depends?



There is a commercial on TV about sexy depends, if you do not know what depends are, that is a good thing.  They are a pad for incontinence, translation, can’t hold your pee.  I was in shock when I saw a commercial of young people and peeking into what looked like underwear, but it was really depends.  NO IT IS NOT SEXY!  Fitness is marketed and promoted as muscles, six packs,  and many people think that it is for athletes.  Fitness is directly linked to health and how our body functions on a daily basis.  Cardiovascular exercise helps our heart and lungs stay healthy.  Weight bearing exercises help not only define our muscles, they also burn fat, speed up metabolism, and keeping our bones strong.

In the video above it talks about how going to the bathroom, specifically sitting on the toilet is like doing a squat.  Unhealthy people as they age need support and guidance to go to the bathroom, maybe if they had a fitness regimen, their strength, functionality, and proper mechanics would not have faltered.

I always say that living a healthy, active lifestyle is preventive maintenance for your health.  I only like to go to doctors for a checkup to tell me everything looks good, and there are no problems.

Back to depends, if we work on our core and pelvic floor muscles, activate them in everything we do, it will keep all the functions working properly.  Not only number one and number two, but all the women parts and men parts.  Squatting is so important, low squating like in yoga, because it opens and releases the pelvic floor.  Sometimes we need to squeeze, sometimes we need to release.

There are so many varieties of exercise,

There really is no excuse to not put yourself first,

It is not selfish, it is self care,

Just Do It!

Coach Yulia

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