A little holiday humor

OK, maybe a little mean, but hilarious, I think Steve Harvey is so awesome and accomplished, and I really think he made an honest, human mistake. Somebody was telling me the card that he had to read with the winners was very confusing.  I was also cracking up because someone said that if this didn’t happen, most of us would not have known that there was a Miss Universe pageant.

For many people today this is a special time with family, friends, good food, and making memories.  Since I got married and had children, I started living more of an observant life, and now there are so many celebrations and holidays in my life, it makes me understand Christmas a little more.   When I was growing up, we celebrated the major Jewish holidays, but we were not part of a community, and now I feel like I have a humongous extended family.  Most people in America see each other only on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is a really special time to reconnect.

Tonight is Shabbat and we are celebrating a wonderful friend’s engagement in our home.  I love our weekly family gathering with good food and good friends, we are so blessed to do this every week.

Enjoy Your Christmas,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


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