I saw LOVE, HONESTY, POWER, and I am ready for it, and for anything else thrown my way.  Even when something is not what you think you wanted, it is a lesson, we move forward, we modify, we reprogram, recreate, and become anew.  Otherwise life would be so boring, I don’t want perfect ever, of course in the moment I can always be my best, but then another best is around the corner.




  1. in a new or different, typically more positive, way.
    “her career had begun anew, with a lucrative Japanese modeling contract”
    • once more; again.
      “tears filled her eyes anew”
      synonyms: again, afresh, another time, once more/again, over again

      “may we please begin anew?”



This morning I had two classes that gave me such satisfaction, that I am really living my purpose in this world, because it is never the same, even the same people are different everyday, and my goal is that people are aware and present of their own difference from moment to moment.  One of my regulars is 61 and says she feels so good to keep improving and getting to know herself, she loves how in Yoga we go nice, that way the body learns, opens, allows, and you really learn how to do everything your own body’s way.  She also told me that the other day she was sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and it really hurt her back, she instinctively did the child’s pose and then on her back brought her knees into the chest, and realigned her body.  That is my ultimate goal, that we learn the correct form and alignment, prevent injury, and listen to our own bodies that guide us where it feels good, when it feels good, you are most likely in the right form, and you are doing it right.

Another one of my students blows me away everyday, she got so inspired by Yoga, she combined it with her musical profession with children, and now teaches children’s Yoga.  You can see her wowimg and entertaining in the picture below, so blessed to have her in my life for a million reasons. Everything in life is a connection, sometimes it fits and sometimes it doesn’t, and when it doesn’t, that is OK too, because then it leads you into another direction where if you are open, know what you want, and trust your gut, a connection is made (that’s a line from a song, don’t remember which song.)

I feel so blessed to support clients in feeling and looking their best,

It is an energy exchange,

I always tell them, I need them as much as they need me,

There is only growth, possibility, and a positive view,

That’s how I roll,

Coach Yulia


Thank you Kayla for your kind words, I admire you so much with your passion as a Personal Trainer, she is one of the best, if any of the ladies in our community are really looking to transform, Kayla is it!  My friends who is on top 🙂 was with Kayla for a few years before she found me, so it is a combination of cardio, strength, balance, form, alignment, and stretching, along with guidance and creativity.  We need it all to have balance and truth, in the words of  Doda Mollie
Kayla Goldwag shared Doda Mollie‘s photo.
 Oops. Look what happened to my client who didn’t like exercise.. She became a yoga teacher for kids! Go figure. Adding a day of yoga to her program for flexibility and stress release pays dividends apparently. Yoga teacher Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain was a perfect shidduch (match) for MollieMollie Wine. Love when we can connect and give our clients the tools for a great quality of life.

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