All or nothing will not work for anybody


This amazing picture was posted yesterday in honor of Veterans Day, and I am so grateful.  I want to shed some light on the conflict between the Palestinian conflict with Israel.  Howard Stern recently said that it is not popular to be pro Israel nowadays, so people are just jumping on a bandwagon of hate, spewing inappropriate words, without any background, education, or knowledge.  There is a reporter on Facebook, Dena Takrurishe is from Al Jazeera online, and she is in the West Bank now, and it is interesting to watch her description and listen carefully to what the Palestinian people are saying.  Below you will see a video of interviews with people in the West Bank and how their biggest complaint is air travel and getting goods, other than that, it looks pretty modern.  What bothers me is in the interviews in the West Bank with Dena, she glosses over the constant stone throwing and molotov cocktails, and then youth are interviewed saying that they want all of the land.  So they are calling Israel and Jewish people names, but what would they like to happen to the Jewish people if they got all of the land.  I think they would do the exact thing they are accusing Israel of, genocide, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing.  So the only solution is for both nations to figure out how to live side by side, maybe if they stop attacking, and their government recognizes the right for Israel to exist, then we can move forward, in a civilized, modern approach.

Because of this hatred in Brazil, Israeli academics are being singled out, and all over universities across the United States, anybody of Jewish decent is being interrupted, and hatred and sometimes violence is perpetrated.  My goal is to keep listening and learning, I do want to hear both sides, and I found some articles that may give you another view into how Palestinian people live, and maybe there is a future.   We have to live side by side, we live in a modern multicultural world, which Israel is as well, this is the only way, and maybe this will shed a light how extremes do not move any agenda forward.

Afshine Emrani

I’m ‪#‎kosher‬. I’m disgusted by pork, but if I invite a guest to a restaurant, he can eat ham, I eat salmon, and the conversation will make up for our differences. ‪#‎HassanRouhani‬ cancels an international meeting because he won’t allow President ‪#‎Hollande‬ of France to drink ‪#‎wine‬ as it’s not ‪#‎halal‬. Hanging hundreds of innocent youth in public annually is halal- but God forbid we let the ‪#‎French‬ drink fermented grape juice. ‪#‎hypocrisy‬







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