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It was so much fun to tell my husband that I got somebody pregnant. As many of you know, I am a mother of three and a yoga teacher for 20 years as well as a Doula. I focus on fitness, prenatal, post partum, labor, and birth.

I love being a resource and a connector, and many people reach out to me for advice and coaching. Recently somebody was asking me about why her body felt weak, and why she was not getting pregnant. She had two kids under three and wanted to keep nursing continuously. She wanted to have more babies close together, and then be done. For some reason she was not getting pregnant, and one thing stood out to me. I asked her if she was getting enough nutrition, especially since it was essential that she had milk and could breastfeed. When she realized that she was not focusing on eating enough, I referred to her to a dietician that specialized in lacation.

A few weeks go by, and for some reason she was not able to connect with the dietitian, but wrote me to let me know she felt much better and I was correct in my advice and coaching. Then I get a picture of a positive pregnancy test! I could not believe it, and I was so grateful that she felt comfortable sharing her personal journey, and I was able to get her pregnant 🙂










Self Love.

Self Care.

Join me to energy exchange at my online studio, live streaming, http://www.coachyulia.com

Coach Yulia

Days of Awe

Who can guess what this will be used for?
Answer in #6
Happy Fourth of July!

Some days are just mind boggling, and luckily I was in a head space to just observe in awe. Sometimes it takes us time to process, other times the feels just mount from within.

  1. The past few days I was so happy to see my husband taking his self care seriously, and no matter what time he woke up, or how he was feeling, got ready and went to pray.
  2. It all started when I was waiting for my 8:15am class in my car while listening to a very interesting report about what is actually happening on the border and how can we reach a solution. It was refreshing to hear facts and civilized conversation about solutions. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/04/738737313/responding-to-conditions-at-migrant-detention-centers
  3. As I walk out of my car, I see one of my students with a prayer book in deep concentration. Religious Jewish people pray three times a day, and she later told me that because of the 4th of July she had no traffic, so she had time to finish her prayers. It gave me such peace to see someone in a state of focus and self awareness, connecting spiritually in their own beautiful way. I did not say a word when I walked by her, I did not uwant to interrupt.
  4. I have many classes just for women in our community, and when I walked into class this morning, her husband was hurrying out the door grabbing his prayer shawl and tefillin, https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1918251/jewish/What-Are-Tefillin.htm . It was interesting that it kept on being on my radar.
  5. This particular class, all the ladies know each other, and along with a good Yoga practice comes great conversation. We were talking about Fireworks and how one of them enjoyed my Live Streaming Online Studio at www.coachyulia.com and was describing how everyone has to try it.
Live Streaming Online Classes at www.coachyulia.com

6. The picture at the beginning of the blog is the 15 yards of fabric that I need to buy in order to make belly binding wraps for my post partum clients. It helps with getting all the organs back in place while the hormone relaxin is still in the body for 40 days, and helps shrink the uterus back to regular size. The mom feels supported and put together. Her posture is strong, and she can nurse and move freely. I was excited because the fabric store was already having a sale, and then I asked at the register about using another coupon, and she guided me to text myself a coupon that I can use for sale items, SCORE!

7. As I am driving to teach my Yoga class at 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood I receive a very interesting photo from my cousin that lives in Russia. It is a picture of my grandfather’s gravestone that is in Chechnya. This is a much longer story, but it is a war torn place, and I was curious if she was actually there. She told me that my father had asked her husband to try to use the internet to find if the stone and cemetery got destroyed or still stands. It made me so emotional, it is a place that both of us do not feel safe visiting. She remembers him, she was 13 when he passed away. I was 7 when we moved to America, and only remember him from pictures of us.

8. As I am about to teach my Yoga class, everybody is lying down on their back, 35 students. I start feeling a little lightheaded and figure it is my natural high, when one of the students says, “IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE!” Luckily it passes, and we all continue to Yoga as I assure them I will keep my eyes and ears open for any messages or visual cues, while they stay in their stepping off of the world zone. The class flows smoothly without any further interruption. I honestly barely felt it at all.

9. I am driving to meet a friend with whom I did not confirm, and realize it is the fourth of July and maybe it would not work. For some reason all of our conversation on Facebook messenger do not contain her cell phone. I try to reach out to two of her friends on Facebook, no answer. As I am driving my father calls, and I think it is about the gravestone, but it is about the earthquake. He asks me if I am OK, and I told him that we continued to Yoga and later find out it was a 6.6 between LA and Vegas. So I tell him about the gravestone, and he tells me he is finding out about tours to Chechnya and I tell him I want to go. I feel very connected to my ancestors, I look like them, and am named after my great grandmother, Yehudit, that is also buried there. My mother chimes in that it is fully Muslim and I would have to wear a hijab, and I tell her I have no problem with that. She also tells me that her friend from Russia told her that the Chechen people honor and care for the Jewish graves, Thank God! Then I get a call from my friend that she is barbecuing as we speak and needs to reschedule, so I change direction back home.

My day is not finished, we are figuring out fireworks, having some hot dogs and corn. It is a happy day full of awe.

Happy Birthday America!

I am grateful,

Coach Yulia


Yesterday I went to a sobering presentation about awareness and action in an active shooter scenario. The above slide has the words run, hide, fight in the top left hand corner. Basically it was a seminar about how to learn to actively respond and save your life, instead of waste precious seconds in shock.

It is sad that this is the world we live in, and our lecturer was explaining how it is an unfair scenario. The assailant carefully planned and thought about the reason and details, while innocent people are just living their lives.

I am all about positive posts, but I also like reality and being present. Recently many people I personally know have lost loved ones, and it really happens from one moment to the next.

Live life fully my friends.

Run towards happiness, fulfilment and self expression.

Hide and show your precious soul and energy for those that truly see you.

Fight to be 100% you in every area of your life.

Peace and Love,

Coach Yulia


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Trust and Support

Beverly Hills Community Yoga
Beverly Hills Marriot

What a day!

How do you stay sane?

Everything Thank God was going my way,

Just let me explain.

Last night my client’s water broke,

I am a doula and always on call,

Things were slow, and after the midnight stroke,

Her and I had to be on the ball.

This morning after getting the kids to school,

It was her mother, husband, and me,

Supporting her journey of labor and birth,

All day, keeping her connected internally.

Once the beautiful girl shared her soul,

I ran off to join my community class,

Then to teach a family, my heart whole,

I came home complete and and ready to pass,


Good night,

Coach Yulia

Sunday Schedule

5am Alarm woke me up, got dressed, had water and a bite to eat

5:30am My ride picked me up, and four of us headed to run a 5K

6:30am The race begins, and you see me crossing the finish line in the video

9am Arrived back home, ate a nice brunch

10am All kids home, tidied up, got dressed and ready to go

noon One kid to a playdate, one to a haircut, another to do some shopping

3pm Made banana and almond muffins and had a snack, tried to rest a little

5pm All kids home, getting ready for dinner and bed

7pm Headed to meet a Doula client to talk about relaxation/visualization

It’s after 10pm and I feel so happy to have had a wonderful full day and now to go to sleep.

Good Night,

Coach Yulia

How do you Self Care?

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Coach Yulia

Guided Meditation

You can access Coach Yulia according to your schedule from anywhere in the world. I recently launched my Live Streaming Online Classes at http://www.coachyulia.com!

What I have created is something brand new that does not exist in the current fitness and Yoga market. My online studio is subscription based like a gym membership, or you can drop in for $20 per class anytime. The first time is always free, so please help me spread the word so people could try it once and see if it is a good fit.

Above is a video that I did on Facebook Live with someone that took the class and was talking about her experience. You can get to know more about me and my philosophy, as well as how convenient it was to take the class from her home.

I am so excited for you to try it and tell me your experience. I would love to know what days and times are best for you. I love feedback in order to make it an amazing experience where you feel guided and relaxed all at the same time. It makes me think of guided meditation, because you are following a flow, but at the same time having your own unique inward experience. We are different from each other, and it is never the same within ourselves, the goal is to focus on the present and feel good.

Excited to see you at my Online Studio!

Coach Yulia

Flexibility Needs Flexibility

What do you need?




I need flexibility, and when people find out that I teach Yoga, a few tell me that they are not flexible. Flexibility is a theme in my life, with a big thanks and gratitude to my husband and kids. They appreciate and support the work that I do as a teacher and a Doula. I love running around supporting people in taking care of themselves and feeling good.

The Yoga that I teach is not Cirque Du Soleil or laying still in meditation. It is literally a little bit of everything, with a constant flow. At the end you feel like you had a full body massage, and your brain turned off for an hour.

I invite you to try one of my scheduled classes on www.coachyulia.com. I will also be announcing instant classes on all social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our lives are busy, so when my flexibility allows me time to teach more, hopefully it will be a time that fits your schedule. All we can do is keep trying and go with the flow.

The only way to become physically flexible is to understand Yoga as a practice. It is a lifestyle and a lifetime, with guaranteed results that vary for each person’s needs.

In the moment it is so important just to be present, feel good, and allow yourself to counterbalance our demanding, non stop, and overstimulated lives the other 23 hours.

Join me!

First class is free, and many packages to choose from.

Coach Yulia

I Need Your Help, Please :)

Please help me spread the word about my online studio http://www.coachyulia.com

Everybody that has ever taken one of my classes, I need your help, please. I have just created an online studio where I can give classes in real time. I can watch and modify my students as I guide them throughout the class. Yes, I said students, plural, because it is a group atmosphere.

When you are working one on one with someone, there is always a goal in mind, and everything you do is based on focusing on results. That is great in everything else, as long as you have your counterbalance.

My classes focus on lengthening and strengthening, your body as well as your mind. Giving yourself the undivided attention you deserve! Only you know what feels good, and in the moment, your body tells you exactly where you should stop.

We focus on self care, and honoring where the body is right now. When we zone in on our breath, yesterday and tomorrow are paused. We really feel like we stepped off the world for an hour.

Please tell your friends how you felt taking my class.

This is for all levels, all ages, and people from all walks of life.

My amazing teacher that I learned from, Raghavan, is 86 years old!

Functionality, mobility, and feeling our best while we are here on earth.

Sounds good to you?

Come and check it out at www.coachyulia.com.

Join me.

Coach Yulia

Pay Attention to where you are meant to be

As this month slowly comes to an end, I feel such gratitude. This Sunday I’m launching my live streaming classes at www.coachyulia.com, and I just see everything falling into place.

My work load is decreasing, and time is opening up for me to be available online.

This has been a month of magic. Literally as a birth was almost complete, my next client arrived at the same hospital and in the room next-door. I was able to be at both of my children’s birthday parties, and at every important event this month.

Today my daughter forgot her sandwich, and believe it or not she loves to eat more than the rest of us in our family. I decided to bring it to her school and right at that moment a teacher needed my help, a toy had fallen outside of the fence and she asked me to retrieve it for her. I was so happy that I was at the right place at the right time.

Then, I was picking up a lot of kids from school for a weekly carpool where my husband has to help. A friend desperately called me because she just got a flat tire and wondered if I could also take her two kids . I was so grateful that it was our carpool day and that we had room.

Pay attention to where you are meant to be.

Be present to the timing of how life flows.


So excited to see you online starting Sunday, March 31, 2019!

Coach Yulia