It’s all about order and timing

This is the truth,

The way it is.

If we could only live in the moment,

Put yesterday to the side.

Make plans for tomorrow,

Yet stay open.

Our mind likes order and calm,

However, we need a reason to wake.

As we wake, we are grateful,

To live in purpose and be of service.


There is nobody like you,

There will never be anybody than can do what you do.

There is no competition or comparison,



Exactly what you need will happen at the right time.

Disorder and chaos is everchanging into magic.

See the deep.





There is Birth and Death.




I’m living vicariously through my avatar

Growing up, many girls felt the power of Wonder Woman. For a long time they could not find anyone else, we all loved Linda Carter. I had so much fun dressing up like her a few times as a performance artist. There was also the time I thought I should play Wonder Woman, did my research, but ultimately it wasn’t my fate.

I was thrilled with Gal Gadot, and took my kids to see it in the theatre. I never really thought of the meaning of “wonder” until recently. A client of mine bought me the most amazing book as a gift called “I wonder.” Another client was telling me that I live in wonder, I’m always present, and I see miracles unfold at every turn of life.

I love how the avatar above lets me dress crazy and be silly. It took me a long time to find one I can connect with. I have a prominent, Mediterranean nose that I love. Throughout the years I have been given many amazing compliments, followed by how I should get a nose job. I always liked being unique, and celebrating my exotic features.

That is my message in the work that I love. As a Yoga/Pilates teacher and a Labor/Birth Doula, I remind everyone to celebrate themselves. There is no one else like you, no one will ever do the magic that you do, and you have to take care of yourself because no one else will do it for you.

Find ways to express yourself, and love the skin you’re in. We only get this one body in this lifetime, so we might as well live fully, feel good, and enjoy life!



Lately sunrises and sunsets are blowing me away more than ever. What I love the most is how the colors transform and blend into each other. In our world today there is such an emphasis on identity. I feel so grateful to have always been very strong in my identity, but also feeling comfortable in diversity. It’s interesting how on one hand it’s about individuality, but then it becomes groups. I have never been into groups or boxes, because I never fit in it any.

Colors are beautiful, and so are all of the variations and unique expressions. I love to see all the colors in between, and get to know the stories. I’m so fascinated by the journey. The destination is never ending until the end. We keep creating and living anew.

Each person experiences so differently. Perspective is skewed by our reaction to the ups and downs of life. A support system and a loving community helps guide our individual path, as we discover our purpose in this world.

What colors do you see?

How do they make you feel?

A never ending journey of living and growing.

Contribute your gifts.

Be you and only you.

Coach Yulia



✓ Done

✓ Perfect

✓ End

Savor your pluses,

call out injustice,

use your voice to heal and unite,

makes no sense to loot and fight.

Most folks are decent and good,

and wish each other peace,

why destroy the neighborhood,

why extremes increase?

Pros versus cons,

of course the minus is in our face,

in the news,

all over the place.

We must persevere,

live without fear,

Hold our loved ones dear.

Speak our truth,

inspire our youth.

Process the trauma, together we honor,

The heroes who fight, with all their might,

For us all.


WOW! 7am Pacific Time, Los Angeles California, looks life a full moon in the sunrise. Of course in person it is even more breathtaking, but I feel this snapshot captures the colors. Although the color of the moon look like the sun, and usually such a full, high moon is rare at this time. Nature gives us a taste of heaven. We are blessed to know that we wake up in the morning, start fresh, and live fully in the world.

Goodbye 2020.

Definitely challenging and heartbreaking.

I still try to always see both sides. Why the alternative, why bask in the drama and what if’s? There have been good times, adventures, and extra family time. I feel grateful to have my family, not so easy, so much togetherness sometimes. Making memories, this will definitely be a year to remember.

Do you notice, that many times even if tumultuous, our brain remembers the good times. We were so happy to go on adventures the last few years during this time. Even adventures have ups and downs, however my kids recall the highlights.

I challenge everyone to keep on seeing a better tomorrow. I do not think I have ever seen a moon in the sunrise. It blew my mind, that there are always new possibilities and ways around everything.

Happy New Year!

For many people it is resolution time, trying new things on, and taking stock of how to move forward.

You can always move forward.

Move forward my friends.


Even if something does not or has not worked out, in the big picture it maybe steered you in a direction you never thought possible.

Everything is for the good.

Everything is good.

Feel good.

Coach Yulia


My kids are featured in Hebrew Hamilton

by Marcus Freed

I hope everybody is doing ok out there. My answer to anyone who asks is that we are taking it day by day. Zoom school is very hard for my kids, so many expectations, and knowledge of technology. I find myself torn from wanting to work, because I am very blessed doing the work I love. I also would love to be there when my kids need me, not only for homework, but to tell them everything will be fine. Thank God we have our health and each other.

Last year, right before the world went into our current reality, my kids were part of an amazing music video, representing their Jewish history in a fun way. The editing is finished, it is coming out this Sunday, and for all of the Hamilton fans out there, you will be ecstatic. My youngest and I had a serious talk about paying attention in class and doing his best. The words, make me proud, really resonated with him. It feels positive, something to strive towards, and ultimately moving in a forward direction to make his mom happy.

I do not know about you, but I need to reel myself in when I am dealing with a frustrating situation. Especially when the kids are not listening, and punishment will not kindle their flame. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, where we light a Menorah for eight days. It symbolizes being inspired by the light, and then spreading it to others. For everyone that will also be celebrating holidays coming up, I wish happiness, health, success, and balance.

What helps me, is to focus on all the blessings in my life.

Treat myself with what makes me happy.

Take deep breaths.

Share my thoughts.

Happy Holidays and may this year bring renewal, health, and peace.

Coach Yulia

Celebrating ME!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by meaningful relationships and deep bonds. I also love to keep on meeting new people that will add some more spice and adventure to my life. When I first met my husband 13 years ago, I told him I am already happy, and I am excited to meet someone that will make me happier!

When I was seven years old, my parents left the Soviet Union, to give my brother and I opportunity and freedom in the USA. We landed in Denver, because that is where we had a relative, and I met a group of friends that I now know for 40 years! One of those magical friends is in the picture above, we always connect on our birthdays, we are seven days apart. We just had lunch last week, and luckily did not have to wear masks while we ate and talked about everything under the sun. Today, out of the blue, I received a box, when I opened it and saw the beautiful flowers, I was wondering who sent them. My friend completely surprised me, a few days before my actual birthday, with wishes from her husband and daughter, it made my day. I will officially start celebrating now.

I celebrate my birthday almost the whole month, it starts on October 11, and ends at my Hebrew birthday, which this year Daled Cheshvan is October 22. Sometimes a little before and why not if it lasts a while longer. I have so many friends and family I enjoy reconnecting with. Life leads us in different directions, goals, and challenges, but the connections are deep and full of memories.

Now just for fun, I want to talk about astrology. Until I got married at 34 years old, I identified as a Libra. It made all the sense in the world since I love beauty, fairness, and am indecisive. The Jewish months are a lunar calendar, and the year I was born my birthday was in the month of Scorpio. I have always loved Scorpio energy, and it made all the sense in the world that we are multifaceted, and being intense, loyal, and enjoying the dark side was part of me too.

Of course although we may have genes and traits that are similar, our soul is beyond astrology, it does not control us. We have choice and the ultimate goal is to connect to our essence and express ourselves fully in everything we do.

Have fun.

Be you.

Celebrate non stop.

Why not.

Happy Birthday to me!

Coach Yulia

On the Jewish New Year, I prayed for my Christian client and my Muslim neighbor

This pandemic is worldwide. First we didn’t believe it, then it snowballed into an avalanche. Every corner of the world felt the impact. So many lives lost and livelihoods halted.

It is definitely getting better overall. Still hard and different, but we feel extra grateful for all the good in our lives. This weekend Jews all over the world celebrated Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year 5781. We were actually able to be in a synagogue, with masks and socially distanced, yet praying together.

It was so nice to get dressed up, for kids to play together, and so many creative ways to hear the Shofar in backyards and gatherings. It was interesting how word of mouth led everyone to where they felt comfortable to celebrate. There was no promotion or advertisements to limit the amount of attendees, and luckily there were many options.

I got a last minute call to support a client at home in labor, and once we got to the hospital, the couple was not allowed to bring any other support because of COVID. Thank God for modern technology, I was able to keep coaching them from my phone. My prayers and energy were with them throughout the holiday. I was so happy to hear that after a very long labor, a healthy nine pound baby was in the world.

Right before the New Year my wonderful neighbor asked me to pray for her son Ali, who was very ill. I felt so grateful to have all of these people in my life, and that I could hold space and send positive energy their way.

Human connection and relationships are so vital, and what I have missed most throughout the lockdown away from family and friends. We are blessed to be able to connect online, but it is not the same as seeing each other in person.

May healing happen instantly worldwide.

Let us all live life to the fullest, and serve our purpose in this world.

Wishing Everyone Love, Health, Happiness and Success!

Coach Yulia


I am not an animal person. God bless all of you that love animals and know how to communicate and care for them. I also know for a lot of people it is a necessary and therapeutic companion. I am barely able to take care of my three little humans, I do not have the energy for anything or anyone else. All I see is feedings and cleaning up poop, no thanks. Above everything else, it adds up, especially medical care and upkeep aka grooming.

It is so important to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, and it is OK if you are different from everyone else. I am very clear about my animal stance, even though we did have a dog as children, but we also had a backyard and she hung out there.

My goal and message in everything that I do is to trust your instinct and self express fully. This is the only way to operate in our world, we cannot and should not be clones of each other. There is no best or better, there is just your own unique way to do you. We are not robotic or mechanical. It would be so odd if we were exactly the same.

When I teach Yoga, I remind everyone to do what feels good, and usually when it feels good you are doing it right. Raghavan, my 87 year old Yoga teacher always says, “bodily functions should be pleasant or something is wrong.” That is such a powerful statement because our body was beautifully designed to operate efficiently. It does need care and rest, as well as balance. I love to say excess once in a while is moderation, but even something good for you in large amounts can be detrimental.

Only you know how something feels, nobody else can tell you what you feel. I always say when a teacher tells you, look at me, this is the only way to do it, they are only talking about themselves. Trust what you feel, and no matter what everyone else is doing, listen to what feels good for you.

This is a metaphor for life, and you can apply this approach physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We all have something special to share, and we can choose what is a good fit and when to walk away. We can choose what to insert into our life, and when you really enjoy something, stick with it. That is the secret, find what moves you, talks to you, and makes sense to you.

On the other hand, I feel it is important to have an energy exchange. If I do not feel it, I will be polite, I will listen, but I will move on. I feel blessed that throughout my life, I felt very comfortable with change. I enjoy new adventures, and have no problem with leaving things in the past and moving forward.

I am always looking for the WIN/WIN.

Why not?

I want to feel good and look good.

I want to be me 100%.

Accept yourself.

Love Yourself.

Be Yourself.

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


You don’t know what you don’t know

Three books have crossed my path this summer that have opened my mind and helped me grow in my understanding of history and how we operate in this world.

The first one is geared towards young adults, and gives the most fascinating glimpse into the history of being Black in America.

Did you know that everything we do is a habit and can be changed? The second book blew my mind into the science of identifying how to consciously shift whatever you desire. From individuals to the civil rights movement.

The third book taught me something I didn’t know about Jewish history. It is a children’s book illustrating a beautiful journey to rebuild the second temple in Jerusalem.

If we would learn each other’s backgroun , it would be a great start to healing and moving forward together.


I love learning.

I love growing my mindset.

I love educating myself about history.

Let’s get to know each other, I’m listening.

Coach Yulia