Your Journey/Your Message

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I’m traveling, visiting family and doing the work I love, while road tripping!

I believe if you don’t build it, no one else will, we are all unique and will birth our purpose in this world. Some will resonate, some won’t, this is also good. I’m not attached to how it resonates, I’m present to the magic and creation.

Especially in our nonstop world, along with the pandemic and tides of change in our history, each person must speak their truth. People are ready to listen, so express yourself and live full on.

I am excited to share my interview with Voyage LA, it gives a glimpse into my journey and my message.

We can choose our direction, our words, and our actions. Our world is shifting into a dialogue, and I want to meet the real you! Different is good, I always say in Yoga that it would be weird if we all looked the same.

Life is not a choreography or a boot camp, we can choose how we move through it and who inspires us. Most importantly, the key is to listen to each other.

I am listening, are you?

Coach Yulia

Find Your Style & Work It!

I’m an Outlaw
A Mother’s Day Bandit
Meet my Quarantine Character
Robin Banks

This is the secret of life. Find what you like to do and do it. My mission was to figure out how to have fun and find a mask that would be comfortable yet make me feel like it is my own self expression. I first was wearing the medical mask, and God Bless our front line workers that have to wear it for protection, it is so uncomfortable.

Then I saw a good friend make a functional mask out of a bandanna, and when I saw some on sale at Target, I was sold. I was excited to go to Target, all the online shopping is convenient, but when you have kids and to buy intimate apparel, there is nothing like browsing. I was wearing my medical mask and literally could not breathe. So I was excited to try a very easy mask using the bandanna and hair ties, but another thing that does not feel good to me is when something is around my ears. So once I tied it around my head and had it hanging down, It felt light, I could breathe and I loved the look!

This of course is a metaphor for life. Trust your instincts, do what feels good for you, and work it! I say that jokingly, but I like things to flow, and I like to be comfortable in my own skin. Figure out what you love, and go on the lookout. We all have different backgrounds and upbringing, and I love to have fun and be silly.

It is so fun to have a quarantine character. I know this whole situation is not fun, but I tell my kids they have no choice and have to have fun in life. There is good in everything, and I choose to focus on the positive. I like reality, and I like to feel it and face it head on. My heart aches for those who have lost loved ones, and have family or friends that have been adversely affected in so many ways.

For myself on Mother’s Day, I spoke to my amazing mom and sister in law’s. Enjoyed seeing pictures and stories from everyone in my life. I especially had fun with my family all in our outlaw bandannas, pictures coming soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Coach Yulia


Yoga or Diva

With the one and only Karen Michelle at her beautiful, Love Your Body Event.
Enjoy the video below where I opened the runway, and then danced for the final walk.

Do you really know yourself? I love doing many different things, and have many roles that I play. Besides wife and mother, I would separate everything else that I do into Yoga or Diva. Sometimes it is a little bit of both!

My Yoga journey started 20 years ago. I love adventure and to live in the moment. I completely trust my gut and that everything works out the way it should. When I met my amazing Yoga teacher, Raghavan, who is now 87, I learned how to be fully present and connect to my breath. I got the most beautiful compliment today, that when I talk I have an essence of tranquility. Inside I am peaceful, and it is my gift that I got in this life. I enjoy bringing everyone around me to a present place of gratitude and fully accepting what is. Yoga is a practice, not a discipline. There is no perfect way, there is not one way, there is just your way. I love the feeling of expressing myself with movement, where there are no rules of choreography or perfection. 100% me, focusing on the grand design of our body and mind. As we practice we get to know ourselves, and it is never the same. Each day we are completely different. We are not robotic or mechanical, so just be you, in the now.

My Diva side was inevitable. My parents are just fabulous, do not care what people think, and jump into life full on. My brother and I were raised as adults, always able to make our own decisions, and were out with friends day and night. We got good grades, so no questions were ever asked.

Growing up in Miami, I soaked in Latin flavor, and a love for dance, beach, and diversity. Traveling all over the world working on cruise ships gave me a taste of a little bit of everything. Los Angeles and the Hollywood life was a fun way to express myself as a performance artist and model.

Life is about discovery, and we keep learning until the end. We all have different spices, and it is so fun to energy exchange and feel good together.

Besides teaching Yoga, Pilates and supporting women as a labor and birth doula, I am inspired to just dance. I am really good at looking like I know what I am doing! So ladies, if you are ready to shake your hips, release, and feel good in your own skin, dance with me. I did my first one tonight, and it was so much fun, FREE!

If you want to do something, your way, believe it or not you don’t have to search anymore. It is inside of you, create it.

Create You,

Yoga and Diva,

Coach Yulia


Goodbye Neighbor

Sadly death has been around close by for the last couple of years. My mother in law passed away almost two years ago, may her memory be a blessing. Our upstairs neighbor showered my kids with Chanukah gifts and joined us many times for Shabbat dinner. Out of the blue she found out she had the final stages of pancreatic cancer, and was gone in two months. She was so beautiful and full of energy in her 60’s, working, always on the go enjoying dinner with friends. I honestly don’t think she could’ve handled the quarantine, once she realized chemotherapy only made her feel worse, she was done.

Today, another neighbor suddenly left this world. She watched our kids grow up the last twelve years, and we always checked in on each other when we needed anything. She was in her 80’s and kept an eye on our building, and she made all of us feel safe and taken care of. Rest in peace, we know you will always be by our side.

Not to mention loved ones that are experiencing all levels of devastation with COVID19. Not one person can walk away saying they were not affected in some way.

I’m allowing myself to feel sad, lost, and accepting the unknown.

My next thoughts are always full of gratitude for my health, husband, children, parents, brother, all of my extended family, neighbors, friends and community, THANK GOD!

Then I take a deep breath, and live life to the fullest.

Coach Yulia

Nowhere or Now Here

Nowhere / Now Here - Home | Facebook

I love words. It is so fun when one word means more that one thing. Rearranging letters creates a completely different meaning. Our words have power. Not only the words themselves, but how we phrase them and especially our tone.

My philosophy and the essence of everything that I am and what I teach is to be present. From Yoga, to supporting labor and birth, and even in my Judaism, that is the core of it all. When you are fully present, everything you do is more effective, deeper, and precisely what is needed in the moment.

I am experiencing having nowhere to go and a complete disruption of everything I have known and done my whole life. This quarantine does not only have me in one place, but there is no where to even think of going. The only open places are full of very necessary rules and nervous energy.

Nowhere is such a fascinating word because it literally in a very negative connotation means absolutely nothing, it’s done, no chance, so it is the end of it all. It is heavy, it feels final, and it takes everything in you to re-frame it and move forward.

If you separate it in two, it is a startling reminder that you are now here. It is a gift, you are present, and from here you can make a decision. I always choose to move forward, it is how I am wired, everything is figureoutable, and I just want to pop back into my happy bubble. I am a problem solver, a little too much sometimes, because many times someone just wants your ear.

I love the Now Here.

It is a place that each person will understand in their own unique way.

It takes time to find it.

It is essential to our well being.

It is the only place that really exists.

Yesterday and Tomorrow are man made.

My gift in this world is that I am present. I enjoy creating an environment where everyone feels able to fully self express in the moment, their now here.

Now Here With Me.

Coach Yulia

We HAVE TO Create

We all have a unique lens of how we see the world. So many factors, and each person is completely different. I am so fascinated by the process and love to hear stories of path and journey.

My mother is a creative being, a little bit of everything, and has complete trust in what is meant to be and how things work out. I definitely got that from her and my grandmother who lived until 101, was the most positive and happy person in the room.

I have always had big ideas, not all have come to fruition, but I am OK with that. The ideas themselves that well up inside are what I crave. You never know where it may lead and fill a need in the world. I love the process of creation, and being creative. I want to know how an artists starts painting, or how a book is born.

I am very clear that my creative process is for me first. I love when people enjoy and benefit, but ultimately it is my release and self expression. Where it goes after I have birthed is not up to me.

One of the ways that I allow the thoughts and ideas to bubble to the surface, is to just stay open and observe. If good ideas come, I am trying to write them down right away. I do have a perfectionist side, so songs I have written never fully materialized because my big vision did not have all the puzzle pieces in place. So the process is the excitement, and if it reaches the full potential, I am thrilled. However, if it doesn’t I am happy to keep creating and growing. The process is my natural high.

Do you have a place in your life where you can be 100% your true self? I love to meet people in that space. I love to create that environment in my Yoga and Doula coaching. I love to be me, and I am so happy when people around me can let it all out.

Balance and counterbalance are also important in the creative process. We are all different, some people thrive on deadlines while others are their best at different times of the day. I need my sleep, and I also need a little bit of everything. Maybe that is why I am not attached to having an end product. If it works, I feel satisfied, but if it doesn’t then I know that an even greater idea may be around the corner.

I think it is essential to disconnect from everything. Some people enjoy vacations or the spa. I am grateful to go off the grid once a week every Saturday. Nobody calls me, my family does not activate any electronics or drive our cars. We try to enjoy each other’s company, eat good food, and feel how magical life is in the moment.

Shabbat Shalom,

Have a peaceful, healthy and safe weekend!

Creating Personal Space

Globally we are all quarantined and grappling with the unknown. I always see the positive view and have gratitude for all of the blessings in my life. I am having a hard time, and I know we are all trying to figure out our day to day.

My challenge is finding time for me. I always had quiet time, which I love so much because it is so healing. That is the core of everything that I teach, and I remind everyone how important self care is. If you do not take care of you, who will? How will you be there for everyone and everything in your life?

My amazing husband and kids are also doing their best. We honestly have never been around each other this much. We all had wonderfully busy lives that we loved. So now my vision of teaching live streaming online classes is blooming, yet I have to balance it with making sure the kids are quiet and doing online learning.

That is the work side, and on the personal and creative side, there is no time at all unless I make time. That is what I am doing now. I did all my to do’s for the day, and no matter what is going on around me, before dinner, I am squeezing in my flow.

I need this flow, this is my release, and so is bike riding as well as connecting with people in my life. I am inspired to finally write a book, and start teaching a dance like you know what you are doing class.

There are four areas to create personal space:

  • Intellectual/Creative Space

No matter how many things you think you can do at once, we really only do everything one at a time. When I am in to do mode, I cannot activate my creative and intellectual space. What I am doing now as I write this, is to let thoughts and noises go by, while focusing fully on creating and staying in my flow. Breath and mindfulness are amazing tools to give yourself your undivided attention.

  • Emotional/Mental Space

This is a big one, and each person has their specific circumstances and challenges. I encourage my family to be open with each other and communicate their feelings. It is also important to find ways to release and let go, whether it is with a therapist or a guided relaxation. Exercise and nature also help us connect and release. Did you notice how Earth is healing during this pandemic?

  • Physical Space

I know this may sound funny, but there are way too many hugs going on at my home. I like touch, but not 24/7, and I have a house full of lovers, lucky me! I do my best to make clear when I need my space, and give each of my three children and husband as much of me as I can. I count down to their 7pm bedtime all day.

  • Spiritual Space

This is something that is individual and varies greatly all over the world. It is amazing when you find what makes sense to you. I am very in touch with my spiritual space and it gets me balanced and at peace. For some people different tools like Yoga, meditation, and nature can create an environment where you feel you can fully self express. For others prayer is soothing and healing.

I am so in awe of our earth and how animals are roaming and pollution is clearing. Every Friday night to Saturday night my family goes off the grid for Shabbat. I crave those 24 hours of no electronics, and feel so happy that my kids do not even think about asking. One of the laws is not to turn lights on and off, so some you leave on and some you leave off. I was just thinking that we give the earth a break on Shabbat, it has a day to heal once a week. We stay home, we do not drive, and we enjoy our family and community with a festive meal. It is mind blowing that the whole world is cooking and figuring it all out together, as well as realigning and reconnecting with each other and within ourselves.

The way I trust birth, I need to trust everything else in my life


Blogging used to be a daily need, and I enjoyed the release and the response. I recently created an online live streaming studio for my classes at I decided to blog organically, and life has been happening, ebbs and flows, while I try to stay present and trust. I am grateful that my online studio is flourishing, but I need help spreading the word, and would love everyone to try it once for free. This is a business model that does not exists, so it is important to see for yourself exactly how easy and convenient it is. If it is not for you, I would appreciate telling everyone you know, because maybe when you explain it they will understand.

There are three things I know for a fact:

1. Everything will happen at the right time
2. It is important to find the right fit
3. Everyone is exactly who they are supposed to be

In my amazing family, everybody has very strong personalities that sometimes clash. I feel like I am a referee reminding everyone to speak their mind, but also be open to hearing the other side. Honestly that is my own obsession with problem solving and figuring things out, that is how my brain works. I trust my gut completely, so my processing is a mix of focusing how to feel calm on the inside while I frantically work on finding solutions to everything!

In my classes and as a Labor and Birth Doula support, I encourage my clients to express themselves fully without holding back. Feeling comfortable to understand what they need and figure out how to communicate it clearly. I was so grateful to read the article below about a client that I supported feeling comfortable to trust herself.

I trust birth completely, the baby and body know exactly what to do. Everything else are tools to get through and of course amazing medical skill if help is needed.

Life is throwing me a lot of curves, and I am breathing through, just like I would during the labor waves. I know it is all going to work out. I feel so blessed with my family, health, and support from everyone around me.

Sending everyone love, health, and success!

Please help me spread the word, and please try my class at

Coach Yulia

“Finding Love in the Era of Hate”

This article articulates how hate is fueling our interactions, and it has to stop. It is up to each individual to step off the fear and hate, while tuning into their inner voice and connecting with others.

Facts, History, Truth, Connection, Acknowledgement, Kindness, Gratitude and lets all connect to being humbled by all of our blessings.

Coach Yulia


Notice the Kindness

This summer has been a whirlwind. We were trying to figure out where to meet up with family, decided to send the kids to camp for a month first, and now seeing it all come together with kindness and flow.

First of all the camps that my kids go to, they have been going to for years and it’s such a blessing that we were able to figure it out.

I’m blown away by finding kindred spirits, and being treated to such hospitality that is blowing my mind.

Family and friends that we feel comfortable asking for what we need, are literally giving us the world. It’s so amazing where there is connection and honesty, it doesn’t hurt to ask, and it’s OK if it doesn’t work out.

The adventure has already begun in a comfortable minivan, enjoying getting to know our friends deeper, and onwards to bond with my brother and his family.

It is so important to notice the kindness all around you, be grateful for it, appreciate it, and deep down know that’s how it really works when you connect and find the right fit.

Coach Yulia