Let me take you on an adventure, starting from fantasy and into what becomes reality. One of my friends recently called and exclaimed, there is so much life happening! Everybody in the world has experienced the pandemic, and nobody can say they have been unaffected in some way, shape, or form.

Throughout my life, there is one random absolute that I know will happen one day, and most people have heard me say it. Some may call it fantasy, but deep in my gut, and I trust my gut completely, I know it to be true. Only recently have I learned that it is called a G6. I know there will be a private jet in my life, I will let you know when it happens, will you fly with me?

Now let’s get to the reality. Sometimes we have to go through a process to become aware of something we did not know we needed. It all started with a growing child and a double wide foot. Most kids grow gradually, mine exploded into the stratosphere in one year. Since it is my oldest, it is all new to me, how would I know automatically what to do? So I did what I do best, try everything and ask questions. Thank God we arrived at a foot specialist that explained to me that buying the next size shoe would not help, because the feet are not getting longer, but wider. Here are the stats:

  • D – Wide
  • 4E – Double Wide
  • 6E – Does it keep going?

Did you know it is really hard to find double wide socks? Not Big 5, WSS, or any regular store, and they all looked at me like I was asking something unusual. Most shoes and socks are D, so I was so happy when I saw up to 6E on Amazon, and so far so good.

My point is I never knew I would need 6E socks in my life, and I am so grateful they exist. I do know that I need a private jet in my life, and one day it will come to pass.










Coach Yulia

Please Share

I love chocolate chips. I know there are people out there in the world that do not love chocolate, so this is definitely for you too! I am very blessed to have a husband who loves to cook, and makes enormous feasts for events, as well as just seasoning everything to perfection. There a few things that I love to make and eat, especially when it is healthy and good for you. I figure that I can eat as much as I want, and my body will be happy too, inside and out. One of my specialties are gluten free muffins, my kids cannot get enough. It is an easy recipe that you can never do incorrectly, because all the ingredients are simple. It is actually amazing how it comes out a little different every time, in a good way. Unlike baking bread, or other foods that need an exact combination to get it just right. I have always loved the flow of everything, and that extends to food. I also like it to flow nicely in and out of my body, all that functionality when it works, is something we do not even think about.

So for my palate, especially since I am not a sweet tooth overall, chocolate solves everything. Even if the muffins are not as sweet, the chocolate chips round it out and everybody is happy. I also love fruit, but I just like to eat it fresh. Sometimes I enjoy fruit in desert, but it makes no sense to me to add sauces and sweeteners. I absolutely love blueberries, and my sister in law asked me to substitute the berries instead of chocolate chips. I was hesitant because when I find something I love, I usually stick to it. It is blueberry season apparently in California, and I decided to try it.

You cannot comprehend my delight when it was one of the most delicious flavor combinations I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. To be fair, I have days when I feel that way about all the different kinds of food that I love, and I mostly love savory.


Here is the recipe for my sister in law and anyone else you want to pass it on to. At first I followed it step by step, now I just feel my way through it, and it honeslty comes out just right, in its own unique way, every time.

Please Share.

We love to share in our current social media connections.

Share it all.

We are meant to share our gifts, our recipes, there are no more special sauces!

Nobody will do it exactly like you.

We all have our own special touch.

I love to share me.

I love to be utilized.

I love to express myself.

I love when the words just spill out of my head into my 90 words per minute fingers.


Coach Yulia



Do you know that the words you put after “I AM” is your current reality?

I am a proud Jew.

I am a wife and mother.

I am a Labor/Birth Doula and a Yoga/Pilates teacher.

I’m a performance artist, writer, model, and social butterfly.

I’m a klutz but really good at jumping out of whatever I get myself into. I tend to misplace things, but I am a really good detective. I always find them, even my children. Ask me that story, next time you see me.

What do you see?

My cute mani/pedi?

My eye in my engagement ring? I love eyes.

Can you see my boo boos? I’m not a domestic person, always on the go, and I only felt the burn on the pinky. I saw the one on the ring finger yesterday. If you don’t notice or feel your boo boo, is it even real?

Tonight is the beginning of my Hebrew birthday, Daled Cheshvan, ‏ ד חשוון💃🏻 It is a day where I can bless everyone around me.

I want to wish you health, happiness, success, love, peace in your h‏ome, ‏שלום בית, blessings from your children, ‏נחת, and everything you desire!

On Monday, October 11, I keep celebrating the day I was born. When I married my husband at 34 years old, I found out that the year I was born was the month of Scorpio on the Jewish solar calendar. It all makes sense, I love all the different characteristics of both signs. Definitely the balance, beauty and justice of Libra. I was just telling my friend I love reality and have no fear of the dark side of life. That is definitely Scorpio, as well as being extremely loyal and passionate.

What is so beautiful is that we are above all of these signs and descriptions. We can keep growing by creating ourselves again and again, even when people around us question, try to help or misunderstand our essence. I just got some great advice from a friend who is a therapist about the importance of validating thoughts and feelings. So I acknowledge someone’s truth and share my truth.








How will you finish the sentence?

I AM______________________________

Today I will say, I am a birthday girl!


Even if I do not agree, I still listen


Is rare and hard to find.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going out of my mind.

Although, that is a good place to be,

I love this process, so fun for me.

Out of your mind,

Too much in the mind,

Need to unwind.

Use your mind, do not lose your mind

Know what it is?

It is listening to yourself.

Being conscious of your brain flow that has nothing to do with anybody else.

It is your unique self-expression, your thoughts, your vibe.

It makes you feel alive.

Plastic fantastic, I don’t think so.

Random, but not so random it keeps flowing, overflowing watch the stream as it keeps going.

Why block it or pause it,

Do not put it in the closet.

Sharing is caring, your own unique light, another thought process would not be as bright.

Because they’re not you, it does not come from their soul.

Especially others that want to control,

the masses, the herds,

I get it some want to follow,

Always check in or else you’ll be hollow.

If it’s not from your soul you will lose control, of your actions and thoughts and identity.

We are alive and we can only thrive when it’s from the depth of our sanity.

Coach Yulia

Celery Juicer

Did you know that a celery juicer costs over $300? Are you aware or are you part of the celery juice craze? Please google it, apparently it is way beyond just green juice, and good for almost everything! I am always in awe of what becomes a part of something that we not only want, but need in our life. As we get older, we really cannot ignore our body, because if we do not address it immediately, it may get worse. For me worse is not an option, I want to feel and look my best, why not have it all?

This has been a whirlwind week, ever since the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, we all went back to work and school, but are preparing for Yom Kippur that starts tonight, and soon after Sukkot, where we eat in our outside huts built with our own hands. As a Doula, I never know when a baby chooses to come into this world. Sunday evening I was needed, birth takes time, it was beautiful, it is my purpose, I feel recharged and naturally high. It does take me a couple of days to recover and get fully rested, but luckily with my flexible schedule I squeeze in a nap and make sure I go to sleep early. In California we had an election, I choose only to vote in person, I want to see my vote cast, so I picked up my youngest from school, we ran to the voting site and got our sticker. Then I had to take my husband to an appointment, pick up my other kids from school, and deal with everyone’s energies. Honestly a 30 hour labor and birth is more relaxing than family dynamics for me.

How I function, how I manage, and how I stay sane is to be grateful for all the good in my life. It is really the only way to see the pros versus the cons. Life is going to keep moving, look at this past year! Nobody could have predicted it, and I was one of the people with my positive outlook that never realized how it changed the world until it did. I still choose to be present, have faith and trust, and to revel in my blessings and beauty in my life.

Why choose the alternative.

Why live in yesterday and tomorrow?

All we have is now.

Wishing all my brothers and sisters a sweet year full of happiness, health, success and love.

May you be signed and sealed in the book of life.

Meaningful Fast.

Am I going to buy the celery juicer?


I have to weigh the pros and cons and see if any of my other gagdets will do the trick.

I deserve it all.

Why not?

I work hard.

I give my all.

Repeat after me:

I love myself, I am amazing, I am doing my best, it is ok where I am, I will trying moving in the right direction, learning every step of the way everywhere I go.

Deep Breath.

Feel Good.

Coach Yulia













Coach Yulia

Inspiration, motivation, and mentorship are bits and pieces of how we find ourselves. There are so many examples, and everyone shouting from the rooftops that their way is the only way. If you believe that, and it works for you, then all good. I have never been interested in boxes, cookies cutters, or herds. I do not know many of the brand names, television shows, or mainstream obsessions. That is just me, and I know me, and if that is you and it works for you, more power to you!

It is so fun to also explore all the different sides of you. When I meet people in different areas of my life, they have only experienced one aspect. Over twenty years of teaching Yoga, I am blessed to have regulars that have been with me since the beginning. They see the energy and flow that is created when we are together in a room. As a wife and mother, sometimes my family does not see a very calm and relaxed personality, quite the opposite, definitely the most challenging and rewarding path in my life so far. When I support, love and guide as a labor and birth doula, the magic and miracles are revealed and clear. It is an experience like no other, I am so blessed and grateful to be a vessel and a conduit, empowering the mother to be fully present, connected, and leading the way, because only she knows.

My family has just started celebrating the Jewish holidays that continue throughout the month. We bring in the New Year, reconnect to our purpose, and focus on growing and giving. Creation happens every day, we start fresh each morning, we choose how our reality will unfold. How will you show up?

I do not know any other way but to be in complete trust, faith and full self expression. I am in awe how all the pieces in my life are exactly where they should be, and Thank God moving in the right direction. We are a player in the game of life, and we can choose the forks in the road. It will not always be easy or exactly what you wanted, but it will be part of journey of trusting your gut, and living in the moment. Not only for you, but also everyone around you will feel and benefit from your unique gifts and purpose.


Coach Yulia

You Cannot Plan Everything

The conception and execution: The Bar Mitzvah of my firstborn

A little background about me. I have been teaching Yoga for over twenty years, but my college degree is in Hospitality Management. I love travel and I love events. I am all about front of the house, presentation, and all the pieces falling into place. After the crazy year we have all had, lonely without each other, not being able to gather and celebrate, this was my opportunity to go all out. My oldest son worked so hard all year learning his Torah portion, it is what a 13 year old Jewish boy recites as he steps into his manhood, as our ancestors have done since the beginning of time. It was not easy learning to read Hebrew fluently, and also follow the musicality. With two magical men by his side, one rabbinical and one musical, he blew us all away with his deep voice and confidence directly from his soul.

We had a weekend of celebration of over eighty people per day. On Shabbat, Saturday services are holy and spiritual. The setup was elegant, black, white, and red. We found small coke bottles which were part of the centerpieces on each table, and people were transformed into their childhood, happy to be able to grab and enjoy. The food was all made by my one of a kind husband who has a gift and feel for the freshest and most delicious food. On our second date, he made me Israeli salad, and I was hooked, I said yes that day.

At first I was really connected to the meaningful and serious focus of the ceremony of accepting responsibilities as a boy becoming a man. I was not thinking of a party, because we are simple folk, believe it or not. Just music, dancing, and food was not what would be fun for my guy. Then our Rabbi said that I had to have a party, he suggested a barbecue. He said it would be something he would remember for the rest of his life, and the floodgates opened, no holds barred, nothing was going to stop my creative flow to have the most amazing event for everyone to enjoy together, just like it was before the world closed down.

Honestly with so many variants, I just had to let go and let G-d. Who knew if people would feel comfortable gathering, and if venues and vendors would be forced to close again. My husband handled all the food prep, made the burgers by hand, it was a meat fest. Steak, hot dogs, and chicken, as well as salad, fries, and some Israeli snacks called Bissli.

Now the process, oh the process, I am always fascinated by the creative process. It all started when my talented and brilliant sister in law wanted to gift us a candy table extraordinaire, and it was all that and more! Not only that, she has a background in hospitality, as well as my brother in law, so from the very beginning they were guiding us how to organize month by month.

It all started from the candy table, then I asked my son what colors he liked, black and red were his favorite. I had round tables of every color except yellow, and was so excited when I found the coolest tablecloths that you see above. With the black confetti roll, she started creating magic. The cool shapes in between are glass that someone was giving away, and I just wanted color, so I grabbed it! They actually hang, but the ceilings were so high in both venues, so excited they were put to use! I could not believe that every last ounce of candy was gone at the end. The room just came together, I had a vision, but it had to come to life in the moment. Shoutout to my parents, family, friends and community that made it all run smoothly from set up to helping it flow beautifully.

I wanted to create a carnival atmosphere that was fun for the kids, and I was thinking of a catchy name, and Soul Soldier came to mind. The concept was that we all have a spiritual side, soul, aura and a physical side, and we need to be connected to both. Inside was food, photo booth, candy, and a crayon caricature artist. Outside was target shooting, laser tag, barbecue grill cooking up all the goodies, and a snow cone machine. The kids had a blast, but I was also excited that the adults felt like they could let their inner child play and had a great time. It really all came together at the end, but the secret is you have to leave room for what works. It cannot be too planned, there has to be wiggle room. In Hebrew I call it Emunah and Bitachon, Faith and Trust, that is the only way I know how to exist. Fully present, grateful, and seeing all the connections, beauty and miracles in everyday life, Thank God!

My Bar Mitzvah Boy enjoyed his party weekend, and I am grateful that he let me get excited about all my ideas, and seeing them come together was divine.

Coach Yulia

If you are not open, I’m not your person

It feels so good to know who you are

Your style

Your vibe

Why you do what you do

If it doesn’t click


If it fits

Energy exchange

If you don’t get my approach

That’s OK

We are not meant to be

That is a blessing

Being grateful when it doesn’t fit

Let it go

There is so much more to say. I keep on getting into situations where for one reason or another my way doesn’t fit another way. At first I feel misunderstood, but then I have gratitude that it just was not meant for me. It is so important to listen to your gut, to your inner voice, connect with your deep intuition.

It will not steer you wrong.

We all like different things. We are not cookie cutters; it would be weird if we all looked the same. Also, being open is everything, because we could learn and grow. Trying other things may work or not, but what’s interesting is we need different things at different times. I like to say everything works and nothing works, and we have to find our own unique combination.

Wishing everyone the right fit and to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Enjoy your weekend!

‏חודש טוב

שבת שלום

חג שמח


Lazy is a Luxury

We live in a world of to do lists and goals. It is a good thing, that is how we visualize our future and make our dreams a reality. Work, family, and creative pursuits fill our days and nights. Sometimes we throw some fun into the mix, but it is still being on, constantly stimulated.

I am lucky to be from a family that loves celebrations. No matter what the source, we are in, and happy to add to the joy. Even the American Hallmark Holidays, as they are called, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and now there is a day for absolutely everything. The funny thing is that my personality does not understand why there is one day to love or to show the women and men in our lives how much they mean to us.

Yesterday was a super lazy day, and I realized that I have not let myself be lazy for a very long time. Especially with everyone home during pandemic, we have all had the craziest year of our lives. Finally the kids are in school, business is flowing, and I usually recharge during my day of rest every Saturday when I turn off the world and all electronics. As wonderful as it is, it gives you no choice to be present, and it is not so physically and mentally relaxing when kids want to love you 24/7!

All I wanted for Mother’s Day was to go to a delicious meal with my family, and we had a few errands, but otherwise I did absolutely nothing. I just felt this heaviness, and did not want to get out of my bed or off couch, and it felt so good to allow it.

We should tune into our body in the moment.

We are different every day.

Only you know what you need.

Take care of you.

So you can be there for everyone and everything in your life, fully.

How do you recharge and release?

Figure it out.

That is the only way to balance and survive.

Even the good is exhausting.

Feel good.

Coach Yulia


It’s all about order and timing

This is the truth,

The way it is.

If we could only live in the moment,

Put yesterday to the side.

Make plans for tomorrow,

Yet stay open.

Our mind likes order and calm,

However, we need a reason to wake.

As we wake, we are grateful,

To live in purpose and be of service.


There is nobody like you,

There will never be anybody than can do what you do.

There is no competition or comparison,



Exactly what you need will happen at the right time.

Disorder and chaos is everchanging into magic.

See the deep.





There is Birth and Death.