Fact: MLK stood with Jews and Israel

The Left does to Israel and Jewish people what the Right does to Latinos and Muslims. #StopScapegoating
Joshua Rotenberg shared a link.

Moral vacuum at the New York Times … article filled with errors of commission, errors of omission and bias.



I am so grateful that I come from a multicultural background, and was raised in diversity. Martin Luther King Jr. is the highest example of what lens to see our world. It is so sad that today there is no dialogue, many people have on side and that’s it, and the easy target on both sides are Jewish people and Israel.

“When Dr. King defended Israel’s right to exist and to have secure borders in the late 1960’s, he was directly contradicting Black anti-Zionists who were verbally attacking Israel (and him); who supported (or ignored) terrorism and violence against Israeli civilians, and who dismissed Israeli Jews as colonizers and thieves.
Today, those detractors would be represented by people like Jeremiah (Jesus-was-a-Palestinian) Wright, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Marc Lamont (from-the-River-to-the-Sea) Hill, Tamika (I-can’t-say-that-Israel-has-the-right-to-exist) Mallory, Rep. Hank (Jews-are-termites) Johnson, and Louis (Hitler-was-a-great-man) Farrakhan.
We cannot say what Dr. King would say if he were here today. He is not — and to purport to speak for him is beyond arrogant. What we can say, without doubt, is that — while he was here — he stood against the very type of anti-Semitism, Jew-hatred, and anti-Zionism spewed by some who claim to carry his mantle of justice.
They do not.
Much love,
Dumisani Temsgen Washington”

He is an example for us all,

Great articles below,

Thank You MLK!

Coach Yulia

African-American Jews say they are reflecting on issues from their family histories to takes on the Women’s March controversy and race relations in the United States.

Dr. Tarece Johnson couldn’t find traditional liturgy that focused on conversion, social justice, and the Black Jewish woman experience. She …

Women’s March Supports BDS



My ultimate goal is to clearly show my fellow Jews how antisemitism and one sided some stances are. If others are open to dialogue, I am thrilled to share viewpoints and experiences.

The Women’s March lead by Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory openly stand by antisemitism and dehumanizing Israel.

I saw an interesting article thoroughly  detailing where Jews come from, antisemitism as well as explaining how Jews are from all over the world.


It’s a really great introduction for somebody that wants to learn the background and basics, but they do get one thing wrong. Their explanation of Israel is inconsistent across the board.

Below is the best description of the true nature of the Women’s March, and how it alienates and vilifies instead of unites.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani

What shameful display of bigotry today. Far-left extremist Linda Sarsour championed Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel while speaking at the Women’s March amid the organization’s growing anti-Semitism scandal while Co-President Tamika Mallory nodded in agreement with Sarsour. Disgusting. Vile. Islamists who have infested the Democratic Party. As Hillel Fuld wrote today, “I have only one thing to say about this Women’s March. As a Jew, I always wondered how the Germans didn’t oppose Hitler. The answer? He aligned the economic issues with Jew hatred so people confused the two. Blurring the lines between feminism and antisemitism? Same story again!” In medicine, there are viruses that change their coat to look like an organ, then they hit and attack. Confuse the issues, then piggyback anti-Semitism. Pretent you care about women. Teach Jew hatred. Pretent you are fighting for the people. Elect Hamas to Congress. Disgusting cancerous women.

So much to share, but rest comes first

Wow! What a week, and overall we live in such an intense and overstimulated environment.

From friends and family grieving, to supporting clients through challenging times, as well as the non stop rain this week.  Thank God it has finally cleared, especially for the teacher strike that I fully support.

The world stage is a whole other heaviness that we have no choice to absorb.

The last few days my brain could not find focus to write, because there is just too much they we are all going through.

Today my body and mind only need rest.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

This Sunday night is one of the Jewish New Years: the new year for trees. Over time, it has evolved to become a celebration of the fruits of Israel and many people have a custom to partake of those fruits; others commemorate it by planting trees. What’s interesting is that the Talmud understands trees to be important for ensuring our future. It tells of a certain sage who saw a man planting a tree. He asked the man how long it would take to produce fruit and the man responded, “70 years.” The sage was taken aback and asked the man why he would choose to plant a tree whose fruits he would likely not be around to enjoy. The man, however, explained, “Just as I came to a world that had trees in it, so too I will leave a legacy for the next generation.” Trees often serve as a symbol for the Torah, the eternal values of the Creator. If we look at the story through that lens, we can understand that everything we have been given is not just for us; rather, we are the custodians and it is our job to try to make the world we live in a little better, both spiritually and physically. Although we may not see the fruits of our efforts directly, the blessings will undoubtedly come. Sometimes it can be as easy as planting one small seed.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary

Did you see our hands?


After following the recent social media game of pictures from our first year on Facebook until today, I realized one amazing detail. Our wedding picture was a closeup and did not show our hands, but it occurred to me that this detail was too magical not to mention. Through all of our waves of life, our connection is strong, Thank God!

Coach Yulia



The first picture is from our wedding in 2001, and below is the most recent picture, New Year 2019!

It is so amazing to see that not much has changed, yet so much has changed in all of those years. I am feeling grateful for what was and what is.

Coach Yulia


Healthy Lunch


IMG_5014[1].JPGOne of my favorite quotes is, excess once in a while is moderation. Of course we all love to indulge, whether it is some drinks or sweets. I am so happy that my kids prefer healthy eating on a regular basis. This afternoon for lunch my daughter made an omelette for herself and her younger brother. Two eggs, spinach, and cheese, and absolutely delicious.

My oldest son and I finished off the fish from Shabbat, which is delicious cold. I also made a simple salad which everyone devoured.

Today was cleaning up from our vacation, shopping for necessities, and checking out some extracurricular activities for the boys. Basketball for my oldest, and Ping Pong for the youngest, he was a champion on our trip! My girl already has too much going on between hip hop and a fashion show coming up.


Coach Yulia

Shabbat is about relaxation, exultation, and elevation!

The first mitzvah the Jewish nation received as they made the transition from slavery to freedom was that of establishing the Jewish calendar (Exodus 12:1). It’s interesting that even before arriving at Mount Sinai and receiving the Torah, we had to know one thing: in order to be free and in control of our destiny, we have to be in control of our time. As slaves, the Egyptians controlled every minute of our lives. Now, as free people, we needed to know that we control our own time and destiny and that we are able to use our time however we see fit. Yet after teaching us this lesson, the Torah immediately tells us to do something meaningful, to do a mitzvah. That might be why the Talmud teaches us never to put off the privilege of doing a mitzvah: because we may never have that opportunity again. A person should view his time as one of his most valuable assets, and to understand that every act we do — no matter how small it may seem — could, in actuality, be the most important thing we do all day.

May these words be an elevation for the souls of Sabiha bat Abraham and Raphael ben Israel

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary


Shabbat is about relaxation, exultation, and elevation!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

My brain is still on vacation

There is no word in Hebrew for ‘thing.’ Objects are called Devarim/words. An object is a specific vibration, every thing, or subject, is an expression of a variant frequency. ‘Things’ are mere externalized manifestations of internal, cosmic vibrations.
Creation begins with a subtle, (spiritual) vibration and movement within the Infinite Creator, which then gives rise to a physical vibration of energy, which is eventually solidified into matter. At every moment, every physical time/space expression is an externalized manifestation of a spiritual vibration.
Man below is a reflection of the Above. The power of human speech below mimics the creative power of Divine speech. Divine speech creates reality and human speech qualifies reality, calling it good or bad. On a deeper level, our words and how we language our thoughts is a process of continually creating the world around us. In other words, things are to us what we say they are…
Just as we have the power to create with speech, we have the equivalent ability to destroy through speech. Our words, which are our projections and vibrations, alter the inner frequency of the universe, for good and for the opposite.

Rav DovBer Pinson


Thank God my family vacation was so amazing that I’m not 100% home, even though I’m happy to be home. I’m in between there and here. Grateful to be busy doing the work I love a soon as I got back, and so happy to see everyone to energy exchange.

The world is so much deeper than what we physically see.  We all understand it from our own perspective and upbringing, and ultimately connect to the same source.

Coach Yulia


Let’s Fight Antisemitism with Truth

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As a Jew born in the former Soviet Union, I know some of the history of my ancestors, but still learning daily. I love to share stories, backgrounds, nationalities and experiences with everyone I meet.

The only way to battle hate, racism, Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and everything else is to speak truth.

Let’s share our history and our stories,

We are more alike than we are different.

Coach Yulia