Sunday March 31, LIVE STREAM launch on

Seven years ago my third baby was born, and I committed to blogging every day. It was so wonderful how people enjoyed it, but honestly it was a necessary release for me to self express. Especially with three kids under three, I needed to feel connected to the outside world.

It seems like everybody around me has so much going on, we are all in our own worlds. I want to give you a glimpse into my world this March, and there is still a week to go!

Live Streaming Classes are launching this Sunday, March 31, 2019. I am so excited to connect with you anywhere, anytime. There will be scheduled classes, private options, and instant classes that are announced on social media.

Since I have started developing and creating my vision, blogging has taken a back seat. It is is important to go with the flow of change, because something that worked at one time in your life may not be what you need now.

Back to my non stop this month, here is the flow that just skims the surface:

2 children have birthdays in March, planned their very intricate parties

3 babies will be born with my Doula support in March

Making phone calls to support our community and school all month

Coming up this week on Sunday, my daughter and I are modeling in the Karen Michelle Fashion show, and then I am launching LIVE STREAM!

So proud that I fit in workouts three times a week including hiking, weights, and Yoga.

This is my message and my mission, to inspire everyone around me to fully express themselves, focus on self care, and feel good.

See you soon LIVE!

Coach Yulia

My class will gift you with the present

It’s all about me.

It’s not selfish,

It is self care.

If you don’t put yourself first,

Who will do it for you?

Recharge for everyone, and

Everything in your life.



Feel Good.

Repeat after me.


Coach Yulia


My 6 year-old said that my 9 year-old is acting like she is 8!

This month is so full of happiness and creation. In my classes I always talk about how it’s so important to turn off not only from the challenges but also from all the nonstop good.

I am so grateful that my kids are getting older, so we are able to communicate and compromise.

My daughter just turned nine and my son is turning seven later this month. He cracked me up this morning when he whispered that his sister is not acting like a nine-year-old at all.

Although I experience birth first hand as a Doula, we are all creating and growing daily. I am excited to birth my live streaming classes this month.

Join me,

Coach Yulia


Written words used to be my main outlet, but now I am ready for my voice to resonate and energy exchange. I love teaching classes and supporting Doula clients, empowering self care and full expression of what feels good now.

My live streaming classes are in the testing stages, and I am so excited for you to experience the class from wherever you are in the world.

Today the phrase above jumped out at me.


This is my main message and approach to how I live my life and how I try to guide my students and clients. Yes it is important to be kind, polite, and understand that everybody has their opinion.

What WHOEVER thinks should never undermine or make you question who you are.

Take a breath, say WHATEVER, and keep doing you.

Coach Yulia



Coach Yulia

Love Your Now

I keep having moments that I want to write about, but then they pass. Whether it is something challenging or amazing, once they pass I am in the next moment.

I try to stay present and love my now, always focusing on the positive. When you step back and look at the events of your life, the connections are inevitable.

Look for the connections.

I used to need to write daily, it was my processing and release. Now I want to share my energy with you daily as I am launching my live classes. We can be in the now together, getting off of the world, giving yourself a reset and the undivided attention you deserve to be there for everyone and everything in your life.

We have had some items that we have been trying to sell that have been taking up space in our living room, and last week it was sold as quickly as it arrived. It is so amazing that something you wanted gone still leaves an empty space.

Yesterday I had the time and opportunity to ride my bike to work. It feels so good to figure out when I can add cardio to my day.

Keep figuring you out,

Love Your Now,

Coach Yulia

Lets Turn Off Together

Saving energy is not only about electricity and technology, its also a human need. Do you understand what it means to really turn off? Of course there is sleep, vacation, and weekends, but I mean completely off in your head.

I always believe there is a different answer that fits each individual. For some it is meditation, while others it is a group dynamic or prayer.

When you take my Yoga class, your brain completely turns off. It is a combination of focusing on your breath, while moving at a gentle yet continuous pace from pose to pose. You do not have time to get distracted because your body and mind have to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

As much as I love how my body feels when I do Yoga, I love how my mind zones in even more. It is so nice to completely step off of the world. Especially when everyone is feeling good together, it is a beautiful energy exchange.

Lets turn off together,

Live online group classes coming this month!

Coach Yulia

Let’s connect @coachyulia

Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Let’s connect! Follow me, @coachyulia and I will follow you back. That is what I love about social media, we get to see what everyone is up to, while focusing on our own non stop lives.

I am working on going live with my streaming classes this month. There will be classes that are set, and there will also be classes that I will announce on all of the social media platforms. I am excited to energy exchange with you on your time. For my instant classes, you will be able to invite friends with a special promo code. The capacity is 49 people, and I will be watching all of you live. In my group classes, if one person lifts their shoulders, it is a good reminder for the group to make sure their shoulders are relaxed. It is this amazing group dynamic that make the classes keep you in a focused space, where you are giving yourself the undivided attention you deserve.

The outline does not change, so once you get to know it after a couple of classes. You will be only concentrating on what feels good in the moment, and it really seems like you stepped off the world for an hour.

Step off of the world with me,

Coach Yulia

Laying Low

We are all transitioning and changing every moment. I am excited to move towards a video format that is accessible to everyone around the world. We all share our energy and creativity in different ways. I am so grateful that mine speaks through yoga and doula support.

I’ve been laying low and staying quiet instead of reacting to our overstimulated media and intense news from all over the world.

I ask you to delve deep into yourself and discover what you need to find peace, balance, and fulfillment. This is my goal for myself and my goal for everybody that I connect with.

I’m so excited to connect on a daily basis with people all over the world that are ready to be present, feel good, and energy exchange.

Stay tuned for updates on my live stream classes on

Have a great weekend,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

“Multifaceted Being”

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I still do not fit into any of the above categories besides other. We are all multifaceted and unique.

My Jewish roots shine the brightest, and it is way beyond religion, it is a state of being. Great Jewish lesson of the week below.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Avram Davis The Parsha Mishpatim talks a great deal about various laws. Servitude, responsibility, eye for an eye, animals destroying property, helping strangers and so on. It ends with Moses going up the mountain, into the clouds. For me, these teachings are a strong reminder that spirituality is a very personal, physical thing. It is found in the changing of diapers and how we try and interact with people in the street. And that these physical lessons are best learned in community; in relationship; in tribe. Why, because there is nothing so difficult as relationship. But for Jews, or any People that follow the tribal path, there can be no ascent into the clouds without the difficult, joyful and sorrowful work of dealing with the nuances of the ‘we’. We are connected. And because we are connected, I have to know what Jewish Law and custom says should be done if your goat consumes my vegetable garden. And this is the essence of religion also. I bless us all to have well behaved goats this shabbos and be able to enter the clouds.