To Share or Not To Share

Sharing is a hot topic at our house, and I tell my kids that they cannot just take something out of someone’s hand just because they want to play with it.  It is a daily conversation, sometimes it is amazing how my three kids under 6 years old play together and help each other, but every day there is one toy that everybody wants at the same time, we get tears and chasing each other around the house.

I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement, it is not about I want it now, but to nicely ask, when you are done, can I play with it?  Sometimes they may even say no, and I think that is OK, I tell them it is nice to share, but I also tell the other kids, its OK to want to play with something, and its OK to wait.

I had such beautiful pregnancy, labor, and birth experiences, I honestly can do that all day, but the kids, I cannot imagine more intense energy in my life.  I am so blessed with my kids, and the only way I know how to operate is to give them all of me when I am with them.  That is why my work is so important, it literally recharges me when I am teaching Yoga and Pilates classes, or supporting a Doula client.  It mind sound odd, but I would rather work, and Thank God my husband fully supports my purpose in this world.  Then when I am with the kids, I am 100% present, which is not easy, but what they deserve.

This week is a flurry of activity, on call for Doula services, family flying in from all over the world for a huge celebration, and booked solid with classes and clients.

I would not have it any other way,

Coach Yulia


I went to the Doula Training above at one of the top hospitals in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. They have a board that is beginning to incorporate Doula’s into everything they do, including guidelines, so Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, and Interns know their role and a Doula knows the policy of the hospital.  It was very exciting and powerful to hear how hospitals love a Doula to come and support, because they know the labor will many times go smoother, and somebody is always with the laboring mother and family, while they go from patient to patient.  Usually a Doctor or Midwife come at the very end to “catch the baby,” and I use this term because in a healthy pregnancy, that is their only role, they are not needed before the pushing stage.

I was honored and fortunate to support a mother through a very long labor, she was admitted to the hospital because they wanted her on the monitors just to keep an eye but nothing was wrong, the doctor was not there, but could see the monitor on her cell phone.  We went through three nurse shifts, each nurse fit the stage of labor perfectly, her water did not break until the first push, and the mother looked healthy every step of the way.  Her husband and I were a team, and she was in her zone, everybody worked together to let the mother labor and birth her way.  The nurses were grateful that I was by her side when they could not be.  The husband was grateful for my guidance and that everything was not on his shoulders.  A Doula knows that when a mother is at the end, and it is super intense, and she has doubts and is not sure that she can do it, it is the sign that we are at the end and all she needs is a reminder that she is doing it, and she is almost there.

I am also grateful that it is not my job to check dilation, interpret the monitor,  or any other medical procedure.  I want to stay on the energy side, the support side, just focusing on the mother, and let the hospital focus on all the machines.  I actually just had the experience of a woman getting a routine checkup from her doctor and being sent immediately to the hospital because blood pressure and a few other things did not look good.  Once they performed all the necessary tests, they said actually nothing was wrong, it may have been a little higher than usual, so it was good to monitor it, but Thank God a beautiful natural, healthy labor and birth was experienced, because there was actually nothing wrong with the mother or the baby.  We were grateful to be monitored to make sure nothing was wrong, but the hospital staff supported the mother’s labor timeline, did not rush her, did not offer pain management, they were all in awe of what Doula support makes possible, and congratulated the mother on her strength and inward focus.

I am on a natural high,

On call for the next,

Grateful for my purpose in this world,

Energy Support,


Focus On Feeling Good,

Coach Yulia

Wherever You Are, You Are.

My message is the same, whether its Yoga, Labor and Birth, or just dealing with relationships and life, whatever you decide and tell yourself is the truth, becomes your truth.  These are words that flow through me when I teach classes or support a Doula client.  I recently had the most beautiful experience with a laboring mother that wore a bracelet like the one that you see in the above picture, it is in Yiddish.  Think Good and It Will Be Good, is really how the world works.

If you tell yourself something is hard, then it is.

If you say I can’t, then it is true.

Instead tell yourself it is challenging and you will try.

I have a problem solver mentality, I live in a happy bubble, and when something doesn’t go my way, I instantly try to figure out how to deal with it.  This is the only way I know how to operate, to be happy, and to deal with things head on.  I am blessed that my children have inherited my happy genes, the problem solving I am still working on.

If you feel you need to release some intense feelings, take a soft deep breath in through the nose, and let it out twice as slow through your mouth.  You can even take a deep breath in and let out a moan, a loud “HEY!” or just say the letter “M” and enjoy the vibration in your body.  All of these breaths force our brain to pay attention, and distract us momentarily from the present, help us release.  Scientifically if we are focusing on our breath, that never stops, Thank God, our brain is unable to focus on anything else.  We really can only do one thing at a time.

Breathe My Friends,


Feel Good,

Think Good,

It Will Be Good,

Coach Yulia

Two blogs in one day, Two full moons in one month

I just realized that I wrote two blogs on Thursday, not sure how it is possible. I guess I blogged early Wednesday, and then Wednesday night when I came home from the bachelorette party it was after midnight, so it shows as Thursday, and then I blogged Thursday morning.  I have been in a daze and a bubble this week, in the Doula world there is not much sleep, and I am on call, besides picking up a whole bunch of extra classes this week, and cannot tear myself away from the computer as I build my website and marketing campaign.

Have you heard the phrase, once in a blue moon?  Apparently this month there are two full moons, and its called a blue moon, which comes once in a while.  The next one will be January 2018!


Here is a Jewish perspective, it is about inner and spiritual healing,


Yesterday I met an amazing woman, www.healingmyheartcenter.com, she told me some powerful things, if you ask me I will tell you.  I love to keep connecting with people with talents, gifts, and expertise in different areas of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  She gave me some amazing tips on how to keep on my path, but also recharge and release.


I am not a dogaholic or a big animal person, I appreciate them, but taking care of me is hard enough! This however is just plain truth about life, we can learn something from everyone and everything around us.

Grateful For My Gut,

Grateful For My Day Of Rest,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

I Like To Move It Move It

One of my friends wrote on her timeline that today is Throwback Thursday, and there is Flashback Friday, so we should also have Way Back Wednesday, Timeless Tuesday, and Mistake Monday, along with Suddenly Sunday and Smashing Saturday, Thanks Heather!

I have always loved travel, when I was in high school, 16 turning 17, my school was offering a semester in Israel, and I knew at that age it would be the only place my parents would let me go.  It was really the trip of a lifetime, we saw and learned about the beautiful country and the history.  I never had a Bat Mitzva at 12, so I had one there, and it was the first time I got drunk, and they had to tell my parents!

Since then after high school I traveled with friends around the United States.  I was born in Moscow, USSR, I am a big city girl, and have been to Chicago, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pheonix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Boston, just to name a few.  One of my most memorable trips was with two childhood friends, we just graduated from high school, I was 18, and we came to Los Angeles, and lived on the Sunset Strip, it was 1991 and remnants of the long hair and rock scene were still the place to be before grunge and hip hop exploded on to the scene.

In college, I was majoring in Hospitality Management, and minoring in International Relations, and I was part of the Honors College, which had a semester in Prague, back then it was still Czechoslovakia.  I was 21, had saved up money from working at various jobs, I have consistently had a job since I was 12.  The song above, I Like To Move It, Move It had just come out, and whenever I hear it I think of that trip.  So now in my son’s school they play that song for the kids to dance to, and it was in the movie that is in the video above.  Every time I hear it I want to dance, and now I can dance with my kids.

Woo Hoo!

Coach Yulia


IMG_2834[1]Just coming home from a fun bachelorette party, after a wonderful day of Yoga classes. My kids are finishing camp, we are getting ready for a huge family wedding, school starts, we have a big trip coming up.  So much fun stuff going on, so excited, I really should be going to bed now.

When I teach Yoga, my brain stops thinking about everything and everyone, and I am 100% in tune with the students and the energy in the room.  I actually feed off that energy exchange, I need it to survive, to be recharged when I come home to my kids.

No big thoughts today, just gratitude, feeling in my own skin again.  Before the party, where I knew I was going to have a margarita, I was starving after teaching two classes and no food since lunch.  I was driving by Taeem, it is the most amazing, delicious food ever, http://www.ta-eemgrillinc.com/home.html.

Enjoy Life,

Enjoy Food,

Enjoy You,

Surround Yourself With Whom You Enjoy Giving Your Time And Energy,

Coach Yulia

Welcome to my new website, www.coachyulia.com!

Everything is in one place now, I am so excited, I did it all myself, feeling proud, taking charge, taking control, appreciate having the time to do it.  I literally have not slept, besides a huge event coming up, a few women that could go into labor any minute, and the everyday of a mom, I am so excited to keep building and promoting.

I am a personality type that loves a thrill, loves living on the edge, and I have turned that into a career.  At any moment my schedule can change, everybody I work with is also flexible and knows the important Doula work that I do.  It is exciting going through my day, appreciating that I get to teach Yoga and Pilates, and introduce the world to Arasys Inch Loss.  You can find out all the details by looking at the menu above, now everybody will have automatic access to my website and what I do.

I had the most amazing Prenatal Yoga group yesterday, it is such a beautiful energy of pregnant women getting together, supporting each other, asking questions, and just letting themselves feel good and talk about anything and everything.

Coming up, three Yoga classes, and a night out with the girls, celebrating a future member of our family.  I feel blessed for a full life of wonderful family relationships, great friends, and meeting new people everyday through the work I do.

I choose to always see the positive and be grateful with what I have, I do not know another way to operate.  Life does have its ups and downs, and in the big picture it all moves us towards growth, learning, and a better version of ourselves.

Feel Good My Friends,

Coach Yulia