IMG_2834[1]Just coming home from a fun bachelorette party, after a wonderful day of Yoga classes. My kids are finishing camp, we are getting ready for a huge family wedding, school starts, we have a big trip coming up.  So much fun stuff going on, so excited, I really should be going to bed now.

When I teach Yoga, my brain stops thinking about everything and everyone, and I am 100% in tune with the students and the energy in the room.  I actually feed off that energy exchange, I need it to survive, to be recharged when I come home to my kids.

No big thoughts today, just gratitude, feeling in my own skin again.  Before the party, where I knew I was going to have a margarita, I was starving after teaching two classes and no food since lunch.  I was driving by Taeem, it is the most amazing, delicious food ever,

Enjoy Life,

Enjoy Food,

Enjoy You,

Surround Yourself With Whom You Enjoy Giving Your Time And Energy,

Coach Yulia

Welcome to my new website,!

Everything is in one place now, I am so excited, I did it all myself, feeling proud, taking charge, taking control, appreciate having the time to do it.  I literally have not slept, besides a huge event coming up, a few women that could go into labor any minute, and the everyday of a mom, I am so excited to keep building and promoting.

I am a personality type that loves a thrill, loves living on the edge, and I have turned that into a career.  At any moment my schedule can change, everybody I work with is also flexible and knows the important Doula work that I do.  It is exciting going through my day, appreciating that I get to teach Yoga and Pilates, and introduce the world to Arasys Inch Loss.  You can find out all the details by looking at the menu above, now everybody will have automatic access to my website and what I do.

I had the most amazing Prenatal Yoga group yesterday, it is such a beautiful energy of pregnant women getting together, supporting each other, asking questions, and just letting themselves feel good and talk about anything and everything.

Coming up, three Yoga classes, and a night out with the girls, celebrating a future member of our family.  I feel blessed for a full life of wonderful family relationships, great friends, and meeting new people everyday through the work I do.

I choose to always see the positive and be grateful with what I have, I do not know another way to operate.  Life does have its ups and downs, and in the big picture it all moves us towards growth, learning, and a better version of ourselves.

Feel Good My Friends,

Coach Yulia