We played hooky today


play hooky

to fail to attend school or some other event

My big boy is turning 7, and we have started the celebration early, his Hebrew birthday is this Friday, but since it is before Shabbat, his Torah reading was the previous Saturday, so he is officially 7 already.  He was born on September 13, which this year is the first night of Rosh Hashana, and in between all this we are flying to Boston to visit my amazing grandmother, who God Willing is turning 100, and meeting all of my extended family again like we did when she turned 95.  As my kids get older, I am not really into parties, especially since we have so many different groups of friends, from all walks of life, I like to go on adventures, and luckily so do my kids.  I asked my son what he wanted to do, and Legoland was on the top of his list, I asked him if he wanted to go just with me, and he said he wanted to go with his whole family. Low and behold I come across a group rate that someone was promoting in our community, and today was the day.  The kids started school last week, we are going to be taking so many days off for our travels and the Jewish holidays, but a birthday is a big deal, so we all played hooky day.  We got the most gorgeous cool weather with sunshine, and barely any lines, we did everything we wanted to do.  Yes there was a little whining for the two hour ride there and back, but overall totally worth it and my 7 year old was in heaven.

Luckily everything lined up for me, my usual classes got rescheduled, and today things that have been on our to do list, and challenging circumstances in our lives are being figured out. It is amazing when you decide to have fun, to step outside of our everyday worries, to just have some pleasure with your family, how that attracts everything else you need into your life.

Feeling grateful and tired,

from fun and whining,

glad we did it,

glad its over,

All is good,

Coach Yulia

Thank you to my fellow Jews who are loud and proud

Reggae Singer Matisyahu’s performance at the Spanish Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival was cancelled due to BDS threats only to be rescheduled after fierce criticism of the antisemitic cancellation. During the show, Matisyahu was faced with protests and jeering from Palestinian activists who waved massive Palestinian flags and signs in front of the stage. But Matisyahu remained steadfast in his commitment to peace and to music and played his hit song, “Jerusalem” about the 3,000 year Jewish connection to the land of Israel. After his performance, Matisyahu tweeted a clip from his performance of “Jerusalem” and said, “Tonight was not easy but at the end of it all I feel blessed to be given the opportunity. Thank You!”


I feel so grateful to live in this crazy world, of all types of types, of agreeing to disagree, and having the opportunity to stand up for myself, my rights, my people, my beliefs, and how I live my life.  I feel so proud of my fellow Jews for doing the same, we have to speak up, make our voices heard, loud and proud, united, strong, one big family.

I am also grateful that my version of Jewish, tradition, family, and practice is accepted, respected and left alone.  I love living in an orthodox Jewish community, every Saturday everything closes down, everybody turns off their electronic devices, spends time with family and friends, and rests from the week before and recharges for the week ahead.  We literally live in the Jewish Downtown, every type of kosher food you can imagine, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Persian, you name it, we got it.  The holidays shut down the town, all you can hear is celebration, love, hope, prayer, and well wishes for each other.  I read an article about a point of view of why it is good to let the men have their brotherhood, and I do agree on many of the points, to each their own, but I firmly believe that I am the queen, and it is important to make my husband feel like the king.


This article is from a proud Jew, I enjoyed reading it,


On the right side of this newspaper you will see statistics of Jewish population going up all over the world, even more than pre-holocaust!


Below is a video of Jerusalem by Matisyahu with the lyrics,

Loud and Proud Jew,

Coach Yulia


I just want some peace

Peace inside myself

Luckily this is something that I possess, and know how to find, but sometimes my buttons are pushed, and the monster comes out.  Yoga has helped so much to keep me calm, have better reactions, and find my happy place.  For me the key is to keep balance in everything in my life, from eating right, and splurging for special occasions, to loving what I do, and staying active.  Since I have married and had children, I have deepened my spirituality and connection to 100% trust, and it is really what gets me through everything day by day, moment by moment.

Peace in my family

Marriage and children really makes you face yourself, learn lessons, grow, and have amazing breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs.  I am always positive in my work, but sometimes at home, with all of the strong personalities, it is challenging to be in my happy bubble.  When I was single it was easy to just walk away, deal with things later, and really make it all about me.  I feel so blessed that it is not all about me anymore, but it also takes effort, being present, dealing with things head on, being open, listening, and never giving up.

Peace in my home

Shalom Bayit, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shalom_bayit, is one of the most important goals in Judaism, raising kids in a peaceful, loving, and happy environment.  The relationship between a husband and wife directly affects the children, luckily I have the best example in my parents of how it should be.  It is a commitment for life, through all the ups and downs, and we work together, communicate, and figure out what is best for every one of us.  Even disagreements are part of it, that is how you learn about each other and grow together.  I like to say otherwise we would be bored, there is no perfect, everybody has their own stuff, be grateful for your stuff, I am grateful for my stuff.

Peace in my life, community, work

Everywhere in life there are rules, and we have to decide whether they work for us or not.  I have been on a beautiful path to find exactly where I fit and what fits me.  Some of the work I do is part of huge corporations, so I have to respect the rules of the game.  It is amazing running my own business, but I still need to be clear, open, and firm so clients know exactly what they are giving their time and energy to.  In all the different communities that I am part of, I focus on respecting the status quo, each client gets a customized experience.

Peace in the world

There is so much written about the deal with Iran, I hear that it is not great, but another one may be worse.  I am still learning about it and my stance is always about what is best for Israel.  I just read that Iran was the source of all the missiles that were fired into Israel during the recent war with Gaza.  I was also reading that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan share the same goals as Israel and Hamas members were arrested by the Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank.  Maybe the world can stand together against extremism and fundamentalism.

Shabbat is my peace every week,

Coach Yulia

Do what makes you, YOU!

On my agenda today, photo shoot, found a deal for $19, and finally today is the day.  I used to be a hostess on cruise ships, we would have stage shows, and I would dress up as different characters for our theme nights.  Before and after that I have performed in various venues, everything from theater, movies, television, and my favorite at a weekly party in Los Angeles, that was so much fun.

Nothing was big time, and I think I like that, I like that the people who know and were there will always have the memory, and I can keep on moving on with my life and transforming myself. Now in my newest role of wife and mother, and doing the work I love with Yoga and Doula support, and helping all of us bounce back with Arasys Inch Loss, there is little time for my creative side to play.

Photography is my go to for creative expression, and also a great way to get some different looks for my website and promotional materials.  I love shooting with different photographers and see how they see me, see what they can capture.  It is really amazing how a moment in time is shown, and sometimes you feel like that moment really shows who you are and other times its just not you.  We just saw some pictures from our huge family wedding, and the photographer really portrayed the essence, I am excited to get some soon that I could share.  I love to be the muse, the canvas, so excited that this package comes with makeup and hair, I like to be serviced, I am not good at doing these things myself.  I love to let the artists play and create their own vision, I don’t know what will come out of it, I want to see if they can show who I really am, but I love to transform and be different versions.  I like to be either Yoga or Diva, and everywhere I go, you meet a different me, there are different versions, but the real me is always inside, you can always feel my energy.  I am blessed that 8 years ago my husband saw my energy, and everything else was just me having fun, he was confident, real, and very nice looking 🙂

Feeling grateful,

Looking forward to a quiet Shabbat,

I will be all fancy from my shoot,

Why not?

Do what makes you, you,

Be Happy,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Welcome to my Home Office


Started my day with a Yoga class at my home office, and wanted to share how amazing it looks.  For the Arasys Inch Loss you lay on a massage table, and can target specific areas and spot reduce, what does that mean?  When you exercise there is no way to do just sit-ups and get a six pack, you have to eat right, do cardio, weights, and be consistent.  Arasys not only builds muscle, but also releases fat, drains the lymph system, and tightens skin.  I am amazed how it kickstarted my body, which was at a plateau, and now I am losing pounds and inches.  Come check it out at my home office, just call or text 323.377.0707, or email coachyulia@gmail.com for a free demo.

I think of it like going to a chiropractor to reset your posture, or acupuncture to get things flowing, it is a reset, and a natural complement to a healthy, active lifestyle.  For me exercise and eating right was not enough for the stomach area after three babies in a row, and I am not interested in surgery or any of the other quick fix promises.  This actually works with your body, cleanses toxins, no side effects, and no pain or soreness.

I find myself with time today, after all the wedding guests and family have left town, my kids are in school, excited to get back to work and a balanced routine for my family.  Around the corner we have more travel and fun coming up, but for now I am going to enjoy the recharge, calm, and simplicity.

I am open to starting Yoga, Mat Pilates, and Prenatal Yoga classes in my home office or at yours, get in touch and let’s get healthy together.

Coach Yulia

The last wave have flown home

When I moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago, I promised myself that I would surround myself with positive energy and people. Overall I have made the most amazing friends, before I met my husband, they were my family, and we are still close.  I am so grateful to know how such a large extended family, I met so many wonderful people this last month with all of our happy celebrations, and I feel blessed that all of my family are amazing, unique, fun, and genuine people.  The last of the family from all over the world and America just left today.  I am lucky to have been raised by the most amazing father and mother, they let me bloom at my own pace and never interfered, gave amazing advice, and let me make choices like an adult from a very young age.

I am so blessed to keep on meeting amazing people, and I love to be social and friendly, but I don’t let everybody in too close. Once you become a parent, it is really non stop, yes you can do it all, but it is all done around the schedule of the kids. Sometimes I come across people who are still finding themselves, or are worriers, and have things to work out.  I fully support an individual journey, but at this time, I have to give myself and my family my undivided attention, everything and everyone else comes second.yulia blog

I love my happy bubble and I will not let anyone burst it ever!  Just finished off my night after my classes stopping by a fun event that my friend promotes monthly.  It is casino tables, speakeasy atmosphere, all just for fun, I put on a little makeup and enjoyed stepping outside of my wife, mother, yoga, and doula roles, and just getting all dolled up and schmoozing.

I have heard that we love our family unconditionally, but do not always get along, I am so grateful that in my case it is mutually beneficial, supportive, and loving on both ends of everyone in my family.  With friends, especially in different stages of life, it is not always easy to keep in touch.  I have a few friends that are like family, even when we don’t talk or see each other in a long time, when we do, it is magic.

Positive People,

Positive Energy,

Positive Outlook on every circumstance, situation, person, and event in life,

That’s the only way I know how to operate,

Keeps me sane and balanced,

Life is good,

Now I must do one of my favorite things in the world,


Good Night,

Coach Yulia

Experience Life or Save For Retirement


Thank you for coming all the way from Israel!

We have had such a whirlwind the past few weeks with tons of family in town, and non stop celebrations.  Some days our kids had to miss a day of camp, and today was the first day of school, and there are many days they are going to miss.  The next celebrations are starting already, my sons birthday is coming up, and we are going to celebrate early, because it runs into the Jewish holidays, and we are also traveling soon to see all of my side of the family. With our travel dates, birthday days off, and a month of holidays, my kids will be experiencing life.

My parents had to work so hard when they left the Soviet Union to make a better life for our family.  I promised myself that even when I work hard, I would have fun.  Yes it is important to provide for your family, yes it is important to have goals and save for the future, but if your primary focus is saving, waiting, and not living, then why are we here.  Balance is the key, and each person has to decide what is right for themselves and their family.

I always tell my clients that investing in your health is preventive maintenance, otherwise you will have to invest in hospital bills and medications.  I suppose for some people saving for retirement is of top priority, for me building and growing are important, but living in the present, being grateful, focusing on my health and inspiring others to put themselves first and enjoy life, is my way experiencing life to the fullest.

To each their own,

All good,

Grateful for Yoga, Mat Pilates, Prenatal Yoga, Labor/Birth Doula Support, and Arasys Inch Loss

Check out my website http://www.coachyulia.com to learn about the work I love,

Coach Yulia







Stop and Smell the Roses

Notice the dried rose in the back, that was the first rose my husband every gave me, funny it was a valentine's day, me being from Russia and him from Israel, we both don't celebrate it, but he did it all, wine, chocolate, a meaningful card, and one beautiful red rose

Notice the dried rose in the back, that was the first rose my husband every gave me, funny it was a valentine’s day, me being from Russia and him from Israel, we both don’t celebrate it, but he did it all, wine, chocolate, a meaningful card, and one beautiful red rose, that I look at and smile every day


On our anniversary our new family, my new sister in law’s parents gave me the most beautiful roses, and every time I see them, I cannot help myself, I need to inhale them.  The other day I wrote a blog titled “Procrastination is another word for Faith.”  My mother gives me her insights, and her response to that blog is below, and she titled it Beneficial Insufficiency,

“Hi Docha,

Your blog about procrastination reminded me about what my favorite instructor said about exercise. She taught us while at work we have to be sufficient, we better be insufficient during exercise. It means that some of our motions meant to be slower to make sure that every inch of the muscle and bone is activated and involved. In order to do it right, our analytical mind has to be in control and involved in every millisecond of the routine. Basically, we need to “stop and smell the roses” in every situation.
Love, Mom.”

I am present, I focus on bringing my students and Doula clients present to themselves. All of our senses help get us present, including our intuition, really trusting what feels right, feels good, understanding that the mind and body are in communication, paying 100% attention to ourselves, it is not selfish, it is self care.

Coach Yulia


8 Years!


sarit with kids

Love My Sister In Law


The past few weeks have been magical, family came in town from all over the world.  Today is the Hebrew date of my wedding anniversary, Rosh Chodesh Elul, it has been 8 years! Not only did I marry my other half, but I feel like I also married the most amazing community, and a new family.  My sister in law is the greatest, her oldest boy with the hat and big smile in the picture was one year old at our wedding, and just started walking.  My sister in law introduced me to my doctor and my doula, and now I know that began my journey into beautiful birth experiences, and my path to becoming a doula myself.

We have had so much quality family time and cousin time, it is such a blessing, sometimes the kids hang with me, sometimes they go with their cousins, it is so special to have such a close connection.  What I also love is that I have deepened my own connection to myself and to my spirituality.  It is so amazing to be part of a community that keeps learning, growing, and teaching children and adults to be the light and inspiration to the world around us.  This Hebrew month of Elul is very special because it is right before all of the High Holidays, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.  Here is a little glimpse of the learning that I love, the deep lessons that can apply to every area of life and every person in every situation,


Every anniversary we treat ourselves to a nice dinner out, tonight we are going to check out a new Kosher Japanese and Chinese fusion restaurant, Owoks, http://yeahthatskosher.com/2015/06/coming-to-la-pariss-owoks-kosher-japanese-chinese-fusion-restaurant/,

I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia


Procrastination is another word for Faith

My gift in this world is that I am fully present, and aware of revealed good in every moment of life.  Things always appear as they should, as I need them, and at the right time.  I am listening to a seminar series of birth professionals, that is aligning exactly with how I function in this world, and validating that I am on the right path.  The Rabbi below suddenly lost his wife at only 37 years old,  she passed away suddenly for no obvious reason, leaving him to raise their 8 children. He keeps inspiring the world, saying that she keeps on giving him winks from above.

Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz

“Trained by a wink

There are lots of parenting roles which I never believed I was cut out for. Yet when life delivers you the package I received, you learn to step up to the plate and into some roles you would rather avoid.

Not so when it comes to potty training. It is a project which requires effort and patience, and one which I consider to be a stressful and tedious endeavor that I cannot do alone.

So I decided to take the “when he will be ready, he will be ready” approach with my youngest son, and put the venture on a back burner.

That lasted until I woke up one morning and realized that there were only a few weeks until he goes back to school and in order for him to enter the next grade the school requires that he be trained.

I tried talking to him but it was in-one-ear-out-the-other. It wasn’t on his agenda, and I had no desire to put it on mine. So back to the rear burner it went.

Until we arrived last week at our much needed summer vacation and I realized that going back home after the break would also mean back to school, which left me with a very short window of time to teach this kid the early facts of life.

Where to begin and how to get it done, I had no idea. Procrastination tinged with a sense of resignation became the name of the game.

Suddenly out of nowhere my three year old declares. He is done with his diaper and is ready to move on. He is also giving up his bottle and becoming a big boy. It came out of left field as if it had dropped from the sky.

There was never a moment of training or preparing for this step. He was simply ready to move forward and wasn’t looking back.

I thanked G-d for this little miracle and was excited and elated. Yet my curiosity couldn’t rest until I understood where this had come from. I tried to figure out the source of this great gift and where this three year old boy had found this strength and amazing maturity.

Then I remember an episode from two days earlier and I knew who trained this boy. He was playing outside with some children when the mother of one of the boys walked by. Some of the kids shouted to that boy “Oh I see your mother” to which another child replied “And look there I see mine”. Alter was caught in the conversation and needed to respond. He wanted to be like the rest of the children, yet his situation wasn’t the same. Without skipping a beat he looked up to the sky and said “There, I see mine”

Shabbat Shalom”

This touched me deep, children so simply understand this.  My children always ask about their Saba, my husband’s father who passed away a few years ago, they know he is with Hashem, up high in the sky.  One woman commented on Rabbi Hirshy’s post with the title of this blog,


I have been known to procrastinate, and I love this perspective, I have complete, 100% trust in how the world, God, and everything in our life works.  I know deep down everything always works out as it should, we just have to be patient, trust, have faith, but also actively participate in moving forward.

I love to say in Yoga,

Intense, but not tense.

Try to bring this into your daily life,

Excercise, Yoga, and any other part of your healthy, active lifestyle,

Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Postpartum, and Parenthood,

Even accepting the joy and honor of knowing someone even after they are gone,

My husband made a potato salad last night for our anniversary and guests that my father in law used to make all the time, he made it for me when I was pregnant and for our kids, he was with us in spirit,

The special people in our lives are always with us,

Feeling Connected,

Coach Yulia