Life is one adventure after the other

Whether it is ups or downs, it is all part of the ride, and we really appreciate the ups when we have the perspective of the downs.  We are preparing for our next adventure, we just had an amazing time with my husband’s side of the family, and now onto my side of the family, so excited, we all have not seen each other in five years, since my grandmother turned 95!

I am overflowing with gratitude, and I keep on seeing things that touch me deep, little glimpses, quotes, connections, just life is so grand.  The other day my daughter was really having a hard time over something, it was ugly, but I stood strong, and after all of it, she said I am sorry, and it made me tear up a little.  Kids open us up, it’s all for a reason, the work is hard, but it was so powerful to hear her make a choice to take responsibility and appreciate her amazing, beautiful, strong, and fun mom!

I know my worth, it is so powerful to know your worth, what you deserve, but it is also important to realize when somebody is going out of their way for you, and this quote really expresses that, feeling, knowing, and appreciating,

“It’s one thing to fall in love. It’s another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.”

– David Levithan, Every Day

I think of it this way, in a family you just deal, no matter what happens, there is unconditional love, and you go through it together.  I tell my husband, there is no way out, it is a life sentence!

Coach YuliaIMG_3339[1]

Just Got Home

IMG_3331[1]Lately the kids have been waking up early, they kind of take turns, and coming to our bed, although we have a big bed, they are big kids, today that is how the day started, way too early.  Luckily we had a lot of fun plans ahead, including a welcome back picnic at their school.  Then I dropped them off at home and took a big step, got a special treatment for my hair, frizz be gone, tamer, easy to be low maintenance, but looks fabulous, excited.

Then I had an amazing time promoting at a private party in Hollywood Hills.  What a wonderful group of people, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the demo, loved how they felt, and excited to have more.

The next few days are preparing for our trip, organizing the house, luckily the kids start full day regular school and Jewish school, so excited for them and me.

Everything is on track,

Thank God,



In my skin,

100% me,

Blessed for the support of my family,

The world is going to catch on the healthy, easy way to get the body of their dreams,

I’m doing it,

You can do it too,

Coach Yulia

Devising Devices

The other day someone kept on swerving closely into my lane when I was driving, when I got a close look, her eyes were not on the road at all, they were on her phone.  I know how hard it is, and although there are laws, people I know have been caught and got tickets, but everybody still does it.  One last email, text, or check through social media, it really is so intense of a pull.  I just came across this article of how it affects children, when parents are constantly on their devices, and this quote was the most powerful one of all.

“Young kids’ brains are really wired to seek out interaction with their parents,” Radesky says. “For example, when faced with a new situation, they will look at their parents to see their reactions, which helps them gauge how they should react and also helps them make sense of the experience.”

Here is the full article,   When my oldest was around three, we learned something very powerful, especially since we have our own businesses, and any phone call, text, or email can be a new client.  One of us had to be off the phone and give undivided attention to the kids.  When they are newborns, it is more physical needs, you do what you have to do, and especially when they are sleeping a lot, there is a lot of time to multitask.  After I learned to put my phone away, took him to the park, and he said to me, “wow, you are smiling,” and I was shocked.  I am the fun mom, I take my kids everywhere, always on adventures, events, shows, but all they really want is their parents 100% present with them.

I work with pregnant women in Prenatal Yoga and as a Doula, and I always tell them, why do we need to know anything about pregnancy, birth, and parenting until we have to know it.  All we have to do is go with the flow, keep learning, be open, and trust our gut.

Parenting the hardest job in the world, you have to be an example, deal with things head on, not walk away, there is no way out.  It is rewarding when you see the kids learning and growing, but man its tough.  Today on Shabbat, our day of rest, there are no devices, no distractions, they have all of me for 24 hours, they desIMG_3255[1]erve it, its wonderful, but I am so happy when its their bedtime and its me time again.

That’s why kids are so cute,

Coach Yulia

In the High of Life

IMG_3244[1]This picture was taken last Friday at my photo shoot, I am so excited to get the prints, full body shots, I feel like they really captured me.  I am grateful that my gift in this life is to be fully present, I notice each moment as it unfolds, and am in awe how everything is connected and how things really work.  Believe it or not, things keep moving, changing, flowing, and we can orchestrate the direction.  The result will be what the result will be, it is important to be open to new situations, it might take you somewhere you never even imagined.  It is not easy to be unattached to the result and let go of control, but it really gives you such a freedom.  Whether you call it God, your gut, the universe, it is all the same source, tap into yours and witness the magic happening every moment of every day.

Next week my kids will be in school full time, I am excited to dive into all of the Coach Yulia services, especially working on promoting Arasys, Everybody has been telling me that I have lost weight, and nobody asks me if I am pregnant anymore.  I really thought it would be a long road for me or no hope, eating right and exercise were not enough for my stretched skin and cellulite after having three babies in a row.  I think of Arasys as a toxic cleanse, it drains the lymph system, breaks up cellulite, and firms skin, with no side effects or pain like surgery.  Yesterday I connected with a mom whose son is in my son’s first grade class, unbeknownst to us we filled out some forms, followed directions, and were designated as room parents.  She told me she doesn’t want to be the front person, but is good at filtering all of the information that we would receive and organize it to be sent to the other parents in the room.  This was music to my ears, I told her we are a perfect fit because I am a front person, and we can work together to balance the other stuff.  We were getting to know each other, she owns a Pilates studio,, and was excited to hear about Arasys for some of her clients.  We are a good fit in so many ways, I was just in awe that we were the only two parents that followed directions, filled out a volunteer form, got thrown into a role that we both did not know we signed up for, but it has turned out to be the most amazing opportunity to collaborate for our kids and our businesses.

The World Really Works This Way,

In The High Of Life,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia




A Good Teacher

Some people have a gift or talent, and some have a skill, the best is to have both.  I have been blessed to connect to the most amazing teachers, and feel so blessed that they crossed my path at the right time.  My Yoga teacher and my Doula teacher are really one of a kind, and I feel honored to follow in their footsteps.  Since I have had children, I am now meeting all types of teachers, and its very interesting how each child needs a completely different approach.  Of all the different ways of teaching, some people like more intense, some calm, some open play, some more structure, one way is not for everybody.

I am amazed how I keep on connecting with the perfect teacher at the right time for each child.  I just found the most amazing piano teacher for my son,, she is patient, great with kids, and really gets them to understand and have fun.  She offers one free piano or singing lesson in Los Angeles.  Above you see a clip from today’s swimming lesson, I was waiting all summer for Ari to come back from working at summer camp to teach my kids swimming, so excited how my kids are progressing after only one session, they are doing things they have never done before.  Contact me for his number, he customizes to every child, rates are comparable to swim schools.  I feel the swim schools got my kids to not be scared of water, but other than that they do not know how to swim.  There is another method that is more rough, kind of throws them in and makes them learn by instinct, that would not work with my kids.  I found the perfect middle, it is amazing what the right teacher can accomplish, inspire, and motivate the kids to be confident and learn.

Sometimes a teacher may be very skilled, but they do not have a feel for what they do, that is why everybody likes a different doctor, dentist, yoga teacher, chiropractor, and on and on.  It is not that one is better than the other, because for me skill is not enough, it is really an art and a gift, and when you find that combination with skill, magic happens.

Coach Yulia

Today was Perfect for Today

All we can do is look at the positive in every situation.  I had a Yoga class at my place this morning, and one of the ladies made a comment that it was the perfect combination of a workout, stretch, and relaxation.  I was telling her, as I say in every class that I teach, that everyday our body is different, some days we feel full of energy, and other times we need to go easy.  Maybe you ran a marathon the day before, or just getting over being sick or injured, our body is different every day, each time you do Yoga it is like the very first time for your body.  So she said, Today was Perfect for Today, and I absolutely loved it, it is really about appreciating and recognizing the moment.  In Yoga there is no perfect, it is not cirque du soleil, it is not precise dance movements, yes there is form, alignment, and core, but then there is you, and how you move, how you feel, your energy that day determines how your Yoga will be.

Then I ran to Santa Monica to substitute a Yoga class for my amazing 83 year old teacher, who is on vacation this week, I learned from him 15 years ago.  I walked into his class, and I knew it would be my life, and I am so grateful.  I have not been subbing for a while, because I have been busy making and raising babies, but now that all three of my kids are in school, I am so excited to substitute all over town.  I love walking into a room that are taking Yoga for the first time, or first time with me, and guiding them to just enjoy, feel good, and really know that what their body needs at that moment, is the exact right pose, it cannot be taught or understood until you feel it, the neuro-muscular system has to connect or it will not  work.  So the class I subbed today was 40 people who regularly take my teacher’s class, and only like to take his class, his way.  I was very honored that a few people told me it is exactly like his class, and everyone enjoyed it.  The routine that I teach is amazing, it gets you out of your head, feels like you got a full body massage, and the next day you definitely feel the workout.

Yesterday was one of those days that one thing went right,and then something went wrong, over and over again in that pattern.  It was small things, but they were annoying, and all I could do is move on and focus on all the good that happened that day.  I am always in awe of the good, how things always work out, if we really need or want something, wishing for it, focusing on it, looking for it, talking about it, it will happen in the way that it should.  It is not worth it to worry, stress, let anxiety take over, get in a fight, ignore, yell, shout, cuss, because things will be how they will be, so I choose to take a breath, choose my words wisely, and appreciate all the good that has come out of every situation.

Try to end each day saying “Today was Perfect for Today,”

Coach Yulia




Keeping your word

A few years ago I went to a seminar, and the main point was how important it is to keep your word.  With family, friends, business clients, it really defines who you are.

  1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
    “he is known to be a man of integrity”
    synonyms: honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics,morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness,scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness

    “I never doubted his integrity”
  2. the state of being whole and undivided.
    “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”
    synonyms: unity, unification, coherence, cohesion, togetherness, solidarity

    “the integrity of the federation”

I honestly do not understand any other way of being, and if something happens, or you are running late, you just explain what happened, keep it simple.  I am shocked when I come across the mentality that keeping your word and respecting others and their time is completely ignored.  It is so draining, and I honestly have no energy for that.  Words are very powerful, words can heal and words can hurt, so important to be careful what comes out.

1) well said
2)said in agreement
Coach Yulia

We played hooky today


play hooky

to fail to attend school or some other event

My big boy is turning 7, and we have started the celebration early, his Hebrew birthday is this Friday, but since it is before Shabbat, his Torah reading was the previous Saturday, so he is officially 7 already.  He was born on September 13, which this year is the first night of Rosh Hashana, and in between all this we are flying to Boston to visit my amazing grandmother, who God Willing is turning 100, and meeting all of my extended family again like we did when she turned 95.  As my kids get older, I am not really into parties, especially since we have so many different groups of friends, from all walks of life, I like to go on adventures, and luckily so do my kids.  I asked my son what he wanted to do, and Legoland was on the top of his list, I asked him if he wanted to go just with me, and he said he wanted to go with his whole family. Low and behold I come across a group rate that someone was promoting in our community, and today was the day.  The kids started school last week, we are going to be taking so many days off for our travels and the Jewish holidays, but a birthday is a big deal, so we all played hooky day.  We got the most gorgeous cool weather with sunshine, and barely any lines, we did everything we wanted to do.  Yes there was a little whining for the two hour ride there and back, but overall totally worth it and my 7 year old was in heaven.

Luckily everything lined up for me, my usual classes got rescheduled, and today things that have been on our to do list, and challenging circumstances in our lives are being figured out. It is amazing when you decide to have fun, to step outside of our everyday worries, to just have some pleasure with your family, how that attracts everything else you need into your life.

Feeling grateful and tired,

from fun and whining,

glad we did it,

glad its over,

All is good,

Coach Yulia

Thank you to my fellow Jews who are loud and proud

Reggae Singer Matisyahu’s performance at the Spanish Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival was cancelled due to BDS threats only to be rescheduled after fierce criticism of the antisemitic cancellation. During the show, Matisyahu was faced with protests and jeering from Palestinian activists who waved massive Palestinian flags and signs in front of the stage. But Matisyahu remained steadfast in his commitment to peace and to music and played his hit song, “Jerusalem” about the 3,000 year Jewish connection to the land of Israel. After his performance, Matisyahu tweeted a clip from his performance of “Jerusalem” and said, “Tonight was not easy but at the end of it all I feel blessed to be given the opportunity. Thank You!”


I feel so grateful to live in this crazy world, of all types of types, of agreeing to disagree, and having the opportunity to stand up for myself, my rights, my people, my beliefs, and how I live my life.  I feel so proud of my fellow Jews for doing the same, we have to speak up, make our voices heard, loud and proud, united, strong, one big family.

I am also grateful that my version of Jewish, tradition, family, and practice is accepted, respected and left alone.  I love living in an orthodox Jewish community, every Saturday everything closes down, everybody turns off their electronic devices, spends time with family and friends, and rests from the week before and recharges for the week ahead.  We literally live in the Jewish Downtown, every type of kosher food you can imagine, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Persian, you name it, we got it.  The holidays shut down the town, all you can hear is celebration, love, hope, prayer, and well wishes for each other.  I read an article about a point of view of why it is good to let the men have their brotherhood, and I do agree on many of the points, to each their own, but I firmly believe that I am the queen, and it is important to make my husband feel like the king.

This article is from a proud Jew, I enjoyed reading it,

On the right side of this newspaper you will see statistics of Jewish population going up all over the world, even more than pre-holocaust!

Below is a video of Jerusalem by Matisyahu with the lyrics,

Loud and Proud Jew,

Coach Yulia


I just want some peace

Peace inside myself

Luckily this is something that I possess, and know how to find, but sometimes my buttons are pushed, and the monster comes out.  Yoga has helped so much to keep me calm, have better reactions, and find my happy place.  For me the key is to keep balance in everything in my life, from eating right, and splurging for special occasions, to loving what I do, and staying active.  Since I have married and had children, I have deepened my spirituality and connection to 100% trust, and it is really what gets me through everything day by day, moment by moment.

Peace in my family

Marriage and children really makes you face yourself, learn lessons, grow, and have amazing breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs.  I am always positive in my work, but sometimes at home, with all of the strong personalities, it is challenging to be in my happy bubble.  When I was single it was easy to just walk away, deal with things later, and really make it all about me.  I feel so blessed that it is not all about me anymore, but it also takes effort, being present, dealing with things head on, being open, listening, and never giving up.

Peace in my home

Shalom Bayit,, is one of the most important goals in Judaism, raising kids in a peaceful, loving, and happy environment.  The relationship between a husband and wife directly affects the children, luckily I have the best example in my parents of how it should be.  It is a commitment for life, through all the ups and downs, and we work together, communicate, and figure out what is best for every one of us.  Even disagreements are part of it, that is how you learn about each other and grow together.  I like to say otherwise we would be bored, there is no perfect, everybody has their own stuff, be grateful for your stuff, I am grateful for my stuff.

Peace in my life, community, work

Everywhere in life there are rules, and we have to decide whether they work for us or not.  I have been on a beautiful path to find exactly where I fit and what fits me.  Some of the work I do is part of huge corporations, so I have to respect the rules of the game.  It is amazing running my own business, but I still need to be clear, open, and firm so clients know exactly what they are giving their time and energy to.  In all the different communities that I am part of, I focus on respecting the status quo, each client gets a customized experience.

Peace in the world

There is so much written about the deal with Iran, I hear that it is not great, but another one may be worse.  I am still learning about it and my stance is always about what is best for Israel.  I just read that Iran was the source of all the missiles that were fired into Israel during the recent war with Gaza.  I was also reading that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan share the same goals as Israel and Hamas members were arrested by the Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank.  Maybe the world can stand together against extremism and fundamentalism.

Shabbat is my peace every week,

Coach Yulia