One thing I know for sure is that most people do not know what they do not know. This was something I learned at a group therapy that was for personal development. I was trying to figure out how to manage a family and business, and I learned something fascinating about myself. As a child, I strived to be perfect in everything I did, whether is was performance art, Yoga, or hospitality management, which is my Bachelors Degree from Florida International University. I walked away from that experience realizing that I was not perfect, there is no such thing as perfect, and all we can do is try our best. Honestly and with integrity, really moving forward in the world with truth and being open to keep learning and growing.

Social media is a place where truth is skewed with filters, misinformation and tantalizing calls to action. I am shocked by the misuse of words and narrative. I try to have a dialogue and understand where people are getting their information, so I can do my research. My goal with this blog is to make you aware that what you are reading and watching is probably opinion, perspective or at worst parroting. Please do your research and keep talking to everyone, not yelling, not hurting, not ripping down kidnapped posters of hostages. I was walking with my kids at sundown last night after Shabbat, and a man walked right in front of us to a pole and ripped off a poster of a child. I screamed but he did not hear me. My daughter told me to be quiet, and I realized that I had to be careful not to hurt myself or my children. I had my phone with me, so I took a picture, I was quite close, he did not see me at all, and I sent it to the police. It was like he was in a different dimension of hate and destruction. It is so crazy to me how people just jump in to fight, without knowing and understanding what they are fighting for, or who they are hurting.

I would like to give some definitions of words that you may hear, so you will understand when they are used incorrectly:

GENOCIDE: The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group:
As I listen to voices that are talking about the history of the Palestinian people, we learn how geopolitically, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia
and of course the United States had interests in the region. Palestinian population has increased since 1948.
The term genocide does not apply in this conflict. Even now in Gaza, we have to free the Palestinian people from Hamas.
APARTHEID: (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

In Israel everybody has equal rights. The term apartheid is used incorrectly, because it has nothing to do with the segregation that existed in South Africa. This narrative is dangerous, because it gives people terms that they feel will help, but instead they harm and misinform.

COLONIZER: a country that sends settlers to a place and establishes political control over it:"Portugal was a major colonizer in both Brazil and parts of Africa"

Did you know that after World War I, many countries were formed after Great Britain, France and others decided to get out of the region, including Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Why is Israel the only one that was attacked by surrounding countries in 1948, and they miraculously won. For some reason the narrative wants to put Israel in the same category of actual colonial powers. Please go further back in history, and hopefully you will understand the the leaders of the Palestinian people have never agreed to all the attempts at peace.

These are voices to follow that speak truth, please spread the word so we all can have dialogue. Maybe if we work together, we can bring peace to the world. I believe this can happen.

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Coach Yulia

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