American English Idiom “Out of this world”

  1. “Out of this world” is a rather out-of-date idiom meaning “very good” or “unusual” (in a positive sense). Like, “Wow, this pizza is out of this world!” meaning it is very good, not emphasizing any word in the phrase over the others. There can be some stress in the idiom, usually equally on “out” and “world.” To stress the entire idiom, drawl “world.” E.g., “Oh, man, that pizza was out of this woooooorld!”

2. The literal meaning, which is rarely used, is that the thing is supernatural. (“This world” is the mundane, physical plane.) The idiomatic meaning is that it is unusual in a good way.

Welcome to my brain of words, and how I love to deeply understand all the ways to use a word or phrase. Two days ago I was supporting a beautiful family as a Doula for 24 hours. It is so amazing how the baby and body know exactly what to do, and with a mother centered support team, everything flows at the right time. My description of the mom when someone asked how she was doing, I said that she is “out of this world.” If you look at the definitions above, this would fit into definition number two. She was a sight to behold, so peaceful yet fierce. So focused, yet in another dimension. Feeling supported by her group of midwives, doula, doctor, nurses, and her one of a kind partner, the best dad.

The war against evil that is happening as we speak has taken a toll on everyone. Maybe not everyone, it is shocking how many are staying silent. Maybe they are not connected to the news, or the countries and people that are directly affected. For Jews all over the world, we are one big family, and we are hurting. We all have our own way to combat. I use my words and my voice to clarify truth, to give perspective as well as balance and inner calm.

Whether a Jewish person is religious or non observant, by our DNA we are a people and a culture. At the core of our identity is the Torah, which is called the old testament, and also a calling to heal the world and bring light. The Torah has many stories, and for children they learn it like a book or a movie, all about the different characters. Every year, we understand it deeper, there are so many lessons, and once we finish all five books, we start all over again after Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. There are also the holidays of Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah which directly celebrate connecting with our soul and growing in our sense of self, our purpose and being Godly in this world.

The shock of what happened on October 7 which in Israel was Shabbat and Simchat Torah, for me personally is Holocaust level. Many Jews are feeling that we now understand how the Holocaust happened, because there is revealed hate in the streets, and so many do not see it clearly and even support it. What keeps me grounded is that the deep learning in the Torah talks about pure evil, and how truth will always prevail. Jewish people have to exist “out of this world,” because it is just getting crazier. From teaching kids gender and sex in elementary school to calling for gassing the Jews, freedom of speech. The worst part is that we are asked to prove how horrific the atrocities were, and defend ourselves for defending ourselves. There is only one side, Jewish voices are strong on social media, and Israel exists.

If anybody wants to talk about the conflict, what is happening, or how you can help, please reach out to me directly. The time is now to stand with truth and against hate.

The first definition of “out of this world” is exactly the great escape that I needed. Last night, after my 24 hour birth, I had a full day of work, and then had to take care of me. I love GNR, I grew up with them in high school, and their music is nostalgia. I went to the Hollywood Bowl with a new friend that used to be a manager for some big bands of that era, and we had the best time. We even got to sneak up front because our friends brought us in with them right in front of the stage!

How do you take care of you? I was off all social media yesterday. I needed to take a break and recharge. Now I am ready to fight, stand loud and proud.

Stand with Israel and the Jewish people,

There is only one side,

Coach Yulia

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