This is one of my favorite Yuliaisms, “Technology is good when it works.” When a call drops, or the screen freezes, especially when we’re making a purchase, it is so frustrating. We want it all and we want it now! I will give you a few examples of when it’s magic.

I am a Labor and Birth Doula, and each experience is unique and beautiful in its own way. First of all I love my apple watch because I have the Jewish Calendar on it too, and the picture above shows my Hebrew birthday, which starts tonight through Thursday night. I was called to a birth literally last minute, because her husband got sick, and when she asked if I was available, and I asked when are you due, she said her labor had already begun. I listened to her breathing over the phone, and it still seemed early. Since it was her seventh baby, I knew to trust my gut and keep in touch because you never know when the body will suddenly start active labor. She was week overdue, and her labor kept starting and stopping, but she said this time it felt stronger and it was not stopping. I decided to drive over to be close, because I knew that once it got going, we would have to head to the hospital immediately. Thank God she was feeling good, so we ended up walking around her neighborhood for an hour, it was a beautiful evening. The contractions suddenly went from 10-7 minutes apart to three minutes apart, so we got in the car and luckily the hospital was not too far. Once we were in the room, nobody believed she was far along because she was so calm, but once it got intense, they were rushing to get everything together. She wanted to hear Nigunim, thanks to Youtube, I found these specific Jewish tunes that Chabad says stir the soul. While the songs were playing, her husband called my phone because hers was not working, and I answered on my apple watch! As she was giving birth, she was looking at the Rebbe’s picture on Youtube, listening the the melodies, and her husband was there for all of it thanks to technology.

Another good example of when technology works is when we learn something, and it is actually factual, showing every part. For those of you that want some solid history about Israel and what is happening, and why some people do not see that Hamas are terrorists and going to keep destroying the whole world if they are not stopped. I learned many new historical facts from the Ottoman Empire until the British Mandate of Palestine, and how Israel became a state after 2000 years of exile and diaspora. Please do not believe everything you see and read, research other sources, and actually talk to people about their experiences.

The best part of technology is we can share who we are, what we do, and how to get together!


Happy Birthday to me!

Coach Yulia

Chodesh Tov! We are all trying to find a way to give and share our purpose. My message is always self-care, and taking care of you, so you could be there for everyone and everything in your life. Join me, bring everyone, from all over our greater Jewish community, lets energy exchange and bring light. Daled Cheshvan is my birthday, just is show up, I have mats, any level, you could just lay down and decompress ‏עם ישראל חי

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