My friends of all backgrounds, Jewish and not Jewish are asking me why. It is incomprehensible and unfathomable the atrocities that Hamas is saying and doing while filming with no remorse. Many of you are being thrust into the unknown. There is only one truth and there is only one side. I am going to share with you what brings me peace and knowledge that the horrors that the world has witnessed make clear that we are dealing with extremists that want to destroy the whole world. It does not stop at Israel and Jews.

I wanted to share with you the roots of the word Jew. Trust me, even I am still learning about history and facts about my own culture and people. I love learning about my history, and one article that I want to share has many Hebrew words, so if you want to understand it deeper, please reach out. We just had our Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana that was followed by Yom Kippur, and we are focused on reviewing our year and trying to become the best version of ourselves. This article talks about how truth is the only way forward, with ourselves and as a society. In biblical times we learn about twelve tribes, and the tribe that we are named after is the tribe of Yehuda or Judah in English, that is why we are called Jews. If you want to read it on line, go to page 13 when you follow this link,

One word that really bothers me when referring to Hamas, is calling them animals. They are worse than animals. Animals are kind, instinctual and not premeditating murder and genocide. Here is a beautiful article about a book with animals and their characteristics from a Torah perspective,

I had a conversation with my hairdresser who is not Jewish and calls me her Jewish google. She came to the conclusion that it is pure hate, definitely mental health issues, and that is the only way she could make sense of a call to extinguish Israel and the Jewish people.



עם ישראל חי

Coach Yulia

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