Happy New Year to all my Jewish brothers and sisters, may you be inscribed into the book of life! Sometimes I feel like an exhibitionist, and love to be in the limelight, performing and inspiring. Lately, I want to just be flowing behind the scenes, and it feels so good to orchestrate all the pieces falling into place. Case in point, the picture above shows my first born, he just had a birthday, 15! My brilliant hair dresser for over 20 years, Glenda, one of a kind, blessed to have her in my life. Do you see me? I am capturing the moment, looking cute, happy with how everything aligns. I see the connections all the time. I see revealed miracles, magic moments as they happen. Have you seen the new perfect word to describe this phenomenon, glimmers? Especially since the pandemic, in a very beautiful way we are all feeling more free to be present with our traumas and triggers. Glimmers is the other side of it, try to see the lesson, a breakdown is a breakthrough. Something what seemed simple or out of left field, was the final piece of the puzzle.

I live in my Emunah bubble, in Hebrew it translates as faith. I would rather be in a happy and peaceful state of being. If life happens, I do what I need to do to handle it, and jump back in my bubble. I am sure you have heard of the Chinese New Year, there is also a Persian New Year, so many cultures celebrate their roots and ancestors, honoring their history. The Jewish Calendar is Lunar, and we literally live two lives. I love jumping off of our crazy, non stop and overstimulated world into celebration, connection and delving into a deeper understanding of my purpose in this world. We are in between Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year and Yom Kippur, where we hope and pray that we can transcend the mundane, and let go of any contracts moving forward free and clear for another year.

I have been blessed beyond measure, with a beautiful family and the work I love. In my Coach Yulia role, besides supporting women during pregnancy and birth, I work with all populations and various modalities. From Yoga with children and families, to an 86 year old client that has the most amazing strength and form in Pilates. I enjoy working with Special Needs clients of all ages, and watching the rebirth of addiction recovery. Our world is so full of excess, and with lack of meaning many people turn towards the popular, trendy or extreme to feel alive. These words came to mind:

Easy access, to much excess.
Who am I? I want to be, 
Honest, real, raw, authentic. 
Be myself, just for me.

Everyone around is on their own path.
It has nothing to do with me,
What they think of me, is none of my business.
What's important is how I feel and what I see.

Love yourself, believe in yourself, trust yourself,
It is your portal to the Divine connection.
Find your purpose, heal the world,
Live with meaning, you will be moving in the right direction.

It was really only the first five words that appeared to me, and I love rhymes, so the rest just flowed about my message in everything I do. Feels so good to be me, feel good to be you!

Coach Yulia

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