1: a notable capacity, talent, or endowment

2something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation

3the act, right, or power of giving


gifted; gifting; gifts

1to endow with some power, quality, or attribute

2to make a gift of

3: Present

It is so important to gift yourself. Put yourself first, or who else will do it for you. It is so nice to get wishes and even gifts from the heart. Being present is a gift just for you. I feel very peaceful this mothers day, with no expectations. I was happy to talk to my magical mom this morning, and she reminded me that we are surrounded by our matriarchs. Her mother’s Yartziet, the anniversary of her passing was the day before, we called her Babushka Anya. Also my paternal grandmother’s birthday is tomorrow, she would have been 108, her name is Babushka Zina. My daughter Ziona is named after her, and the waffles you see above were a mother’s day surprise this morning, with the cutest little waffle maker that she bought for the occassion.

Speaking of a gift, we all come to this world with gifts. There is no body else like you, and nobody can do what you can do. We are all different and that is how it is supposed to be. I love to keep evolving, and it is so exciting to be on the verge of a new self expression. Writing, I love writing, I have always loved writing, I type 90 words per minute. As my thoughts flow out, they easily glide onto the screen. I have undertaken a new challenge, and I love jumping right in, no ego, and gratefully trusting my gut with the right support. I am already a published writer, in different publications, but this week I will have my first front page feature!

Stay tuned,

Coach Yulia

My daughter gave me a lip, eye, and face mask

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