We are here to connect

I am deeply connected. My essence and energy is connected. We are here to connect with each other, and to connect with the source. We all have such a unique journey and purpose in this world, and I’m always in awe how mine unfolds.

When I teach class, I tell everyone that they have to find themselves fascinating. There’s so much talk of self-care and self-love. Why should we treat everyone and everything else with kindness? We deserve it too!

Sunday mornings have become my hike day at sunrise. It was the first hike in this new decade of my life. I feel so grateful for my health, family, community, and the work that I love.

In this new era of identity, on one hand we are trying not to fit in boxes, but on the other hand we stand up for our way of life. My amazing hairdresser said it best. When a small child asked her her identity, she said I’m just Glenda. I love it so much, as important as it is to express yourself, just being simply yourself is the point of it all. If you want to go even deeper, we are beyond our name, our astrological sign, and any other external labels. We all have a unique essence, that is the greatest connection of all.

This has been a month of uplifting holidays for the Jewish community. We are at the culmination, where we will dance in the streets with the Torah celebrating the laws, customs, and connection to God.

I love talking with my mother, who is very wise and deeply connected. She was telling me that we are not only celebrating the intellectual learning, but connecting to the stories of our ancestors. At first it talks about the individual, then about family and tribes. The laws are guiding humanity on how to coexist. The best part is that it’s always alive, on one hand we read what’s right in front of us, but the interpretations vary based on each circumstance and each person.

I love to learn, and one of my favorite teachers, Yehudit Garmaise, said that one of the most important things is when we are present with people, they don’t feel we are rushed. 

Relating to each other, really listening, and being open to dialogue is magic. Wishing everyone deep connection, true, full self expression, and deep love for yourself and for everyone and everything around you.

See the miracles unfold, open your eyes, open your heart.

Let’s stop keeping each other apart.

Connection is healing, kind, and true,

Tell yourself, your deep self, your true self,

I love you.

חג שמח

Coach Yulia

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