I feel fine at 49!

October 11, 1972 my soul burst into it’s vessel. That year it was Daled Cheshvan on the Jewish Calendar, which is lunar. I did not know this until I got married at 34 years old. Astrology is so much fun, it does not define us, but I really identified with the Libra characteristics of beauty, justice and balance. My Hebrew birthday has me in the month of Scorpio, which makes all the sense in the world. I love being the light in the darkness, very loyal, and please don’t mess with me because if my buttons are pushed, I am not so nice. After 15 years of marriage and turning fifty this month, I am experiencing my first Sukkot with a Sukkah. Everything aligned, literally, it just fit, neighbors are all good, my husband manifested it and surprised all of us.

Starting tonight I will be off the grid until Tuesday evening. I will see all your birthday wishes and hear all the messages once I resurface into our crazy, nonstop world. I feel so grateful to see that everything is a miracle as I watch life unfold. It is mindblowing to me that we keep on experiencing something new all the time! Everyday we start fresh, so many possibilities, we can do anything, and contribute our essence to everyone and everything around us. I am so proud that my health has always been a priority, and my bloodwork is exquisite going into a new decade. Our body is our vessel, and it is commanded to take care of yourself, it is a lifestyle and a life time.

For some reason Sukkot is not as well known as other Jewish holidays. Where I live you see the little huts, that we eat and some people sleep in all around, decorated in unique ways. It is a reminder of the Jewish people wandering in the desert, but completely protected and sustained with food, manna, falling from the sky. I am so excited for my children to experience their own Sukkah, they will be making paper chains as part of the decor.

Here are a few articles I have been reading about the holiday, and it is so beautiful that I learn something new every year.

Keep learning and growing my friends, and express yourselves fully. There is only one you in this world, and only you can do you. One article was talking about how this is one holiday that you cannot zoom, it is all about gathering, inviting guests, and how nothing can replace in person celebration.

‏To everyone celebrating, wishing you a Sweet and Healthy New Year!

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