There is always an excuse, and in Los Angeles it has been that the weather is too hot. My husband and I took a walk last week around 8 PM, it was so hot, but we got it in. It’s also fun and quality time when you do it together.

Sunday mornings as soon as I wake up, I drink some water and head out to an outside hike before it gets too hot. Everything in life is about timing, and now that my kids are older, I am more free to take care of me. The secret of exercise is figuring out what you like, and making time to squeeze it in, no matter what. I was just talking to someone about Vitamin D, have you heard that everyone is deficient? When it comes to health, there is no later, I am not in the mood, or I forgot, it is a must do and we have to rewire our brain to make ourselves a priority.

Multipurpose was the word that popped into my mind as I was on my hike, climbing the uphill stairs at 6:30am. Am I an early bird? No. I actually like mornings and nights, and would love to have a daily afternoon nap, a siesta! In Israel and Spain, for two hours in the afternoon people have long lunches and a nice rest. Usually not possible between my busy work schedule and family time, however when there is time for a nap, I am all in, it is my favorite pleasure in the world, I love sleep.

I was thinking of the word purpose, which is what life is about. Jewish people all over the world are getting ready for the High Holidays. First we celebrate Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, ready to renew, grow and start fresh. Then, Yom Kippur, is about forgiveness of yourself and others, deeply connecting to your meaning and purpose in this world.

As much as we want to connect spiritually, our physical existence and who we are in the world is part of the balance and joy of life. The word multipurpose makes me think of living fully, expressing all parts of ourselves. We need to take care of our body and mind in order to fulfill our mission in this life. Otherwise we are bogged down trying to manage getting through each day, and that becomes our only focus. Of course life happens, either genetics, family or lifestyle play a big role in who we are, how we get through, and paying it forward.

Nowadays all modalities are available and part of our culture, nothing is weird or looked down upon. Try it all to heal yourself inside and out. Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, Bodywork, old world and new world remedies, homeopathic, holistic, and energetic. What resonates with you? That is what I want to spend my money on, healing and feeling good. I am so proud of myself nearing my fifth decade on this earth. A year ago I found out I had genetic cholesterol. I felt so lucky that until my forties I felt no body pain, and at almost turning fifty would be my first time considering taking medication. For this past year I tried everything, while monitoring my bloodwork. It did not budge, so my doctor recommended a low dose medication, and I reluctantly took it, knowing it is important to balance western and eastern, especially where genetics play a role. I just found out my cholesterol looks great, and I am so happy that my body is working as it should, no side effects, and no more medications, YAY!

What are you doing to “Multipurpose” and take care of you? Why not have it all, feel and look your best? So important to be an example to everyone and everything in our lives. Starting your day with gratitude changes your perspective. What are you grateful for? I always say if the pros outweigh the cons, then it is all good.


Coach Yulia

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