Miracle Moment

The closer I get to turning 50, the more I just want to be straightforward about my truth. I am not an athlete, but I do like to move and feel good. Honestly I’m not a gym person, I don’t want to work too hard, I want to have the most effective workout and then go enjoy life.

This morning my husband was doing his favorite thing, deep cleaning. So I helped him put up the house, wipe everything down and organize what was needed. I realized I had time and by the grace of God the hot sun had not come out yet, it’s cool, so now I’m doing my favorite thing, an outside hike nearby. Literally only 30 minutes, and it’s maybe 10 minutes away, with easy free parking. I really love people, yesterday I went to see my beautiful friend perform in an interpretive dance, it was so exciting to see people in the theater. I was I was driving from Downtown LA and it felt so good to see so many people out and about just having fun, enjoying life, the energy was beautiful.

If you look closely, I am at the very top of the hill, and way behind me through the smog/fog you can see the outline of DTLA, where I was last night. Usually I don’t like to take my phone, but I bought a cute new outfit with a pocket and figured that I might as well inspire and feel proud.

Let’s get to the subject at hand,
Miracle moment do you understand?

It’s all about perspective, how do you see it? a miracle at every turn?
Or life is uphill like my hike this morning?

Truth is, it’s personal, depends on what you’ve been through and how you feel.
When we take care of our body and mind, we tune in to what’s real.

I come from ancestors that choose to see possibility,
I feel that gives me internal agility.

Also, I’d rather be happy than not,
I really don’t understand choosing the alternative a lot.

There is only one you in this world at this time.
You can do as you wish to maximize and shine.

I see miracles at every turn, where you end up is where you’re meant to be.
You can too choose this view and live a life of peace, purpose and harmony.

Now to my truth, so much going on, excited to see my daughter home in one week from camp and the healing of my older son. My youngest is skipping a grade for many reasons, elementary school should not be the place to have teenage and adult hormonal discussions.

I always say to each their own ,and speak your truth, so I’m speaking mine, and it feels good!

Coach Yulia

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