Half Century 100/2=50

Now that I think about it, I started blogging 10 years ago. I had my third child at 39 years old, and right before my fortieth birthday, I wrote my first blog and called it Journey to Fabulous at 40! Since then, whenever I get inspiration, and I feel the flow, then you get the downpour of thoughts, emotions, and inner wisdom that I need to self express immediately before the moment passes. Thank God I just see the miracles of every moment, so even if something is amazing, once it passes, I am on to the next amazing.

Have you noticed that in my recent blogs and posts I have been writing half century? I am turning 50 in a couple of months, and so excited to feel, look, and be my best. I see all the gorgeous and accomplished women in my life, and even celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, who recently turned 50. Girls, I am feeling good, and right behind you. I know they have teams, stylists, and chefs, but they are moms, and in our crazy world are more natural compared to others.

This has been such a magical week, and I just have to share the play by play. I already wrote about Sunday, where everything aligned and my husband surprised my daughter in sleep away camp on our anniversary, so I treated myself to a 90 minute massage.

Monday I found a fun backyard camp that my youngest could just play and be a kid for the week. Super busy day of classes, everything from yoga for addiction recovery, to prenatal yoga, mat pilates, a couple in their 80’s, as well as two online classes.

Tuesday I had three private clients, two zoom classes, and I squeezed in an acupuncture appointment. I always talk about self care, and taking care of you so you can give to everyone and everything in your life. It felt good, but I would rather get massage all day, every day. Do you remember the show in the 80’s, Dynasty, the rich folk would be getting massages while on business calls and meetings, that’s what I want!

Wednesday I have a client in Pacific Palisades, which is a beautiful drive to and from the Pacific Ocean. At one point when I am headed down the hill on my way home, it looks like I am driving into the endless ocean. I open my windows and breathe in all the fresh air, and enjoy the majestic view. One day I am hoping to have time to walk on the beach. My friend from Belgium told me that everyone walks barefoot in the water, it helps circulation and overall health. I also took a First Aid certification, and taught a client how to use the NETI POT. Look it up, it is life changing, and honestly not too hard, I can teach you too.

Thursday was so amazing because my boys were busy with friends and in camp, and I had a meeting with a Doula client, where we talk about facts, goals, and possibility. Every birth is different, and yours will be one of a kind too. It is better not to listen to stories, especially in the media, it is all the drama, in reality it is unexplainable, wild, and empowering.

Friday at 2am, I got called to attend a birth, and a new baby girl is in the world.

TGIF (Thank God Its Friday)

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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