This might sound mean, unsympathetic and rude, but I like my happy space and nobody is allowed to invade it. I don’t understand how to operate in any other way, I cannot worry, it does not solve anything. I am only talking about myself. Please do not take anything personally, to each their own, and Thank God mental health is at the forefront of every conversation.

So here is what happened a few days ago that is popping my happy bubble and I will do everything possible to deal with it all, release it from my reality, and climb back in. The other day I had to pick up my husband from the airport at midnight. Because it was so late, I decided to leave the house early, so I didn’t fall asleep at home while I was waiting. All airports are different, this is a big airport, and in some airlines they do not let you wait at the arrivals. Luckily at my airline, at the midnight hour there was nobody telling anyone to keep driving. I got there probably a half hour early, other people were waiting. The flight kept on getting delayed, and I noticed there were a group of ladies, some older, some younger, giving me looks. Then one of them makes a face at me through my closed car window. I also see the youngest girl write something on her cell phone and point it towards me, it was too far for me to read, but she had a mean look on her face. I felt the negative vibes my friends. I couldn’t believe that they needed to be angry at someone, I was right in front of them, and someone was late picking them up. They actually thought that I was blocking all the other cars from moving forward. Luckily my husband finally came, and I told them that everyone behind me was waiting on this same flight that was an hour late. Even as I moved forward to get away from their angry energy, I hoped that the light bulb was going to go off in their heads as they saw that nobody else had moved.

Their anger, misconception, venom, and how they see themselves IS NOT MY PROBLEM. This is one of my favorite phrases, “what people think about you, is none of your business.” I once had a roommate that was shocked when I told her I just did not care about what was happening in other people’s lives. I did not have space or energy to absorb anything else other than my stuff. That is why news, social media, and toxic relationships can really have an effect on how we function in this world. Choose carefully my friends.

When I was telling my oldest son what happened, he had a great idea! Airports and other public places should have a MENTAL HEALTH ZONE, where people can self express, get support, and be with like minded people. Just like a smoking section, I do not need to inhale anyone’s fumes.

I am the most open, loving, tolerant and respectful person with friends from all walks of life. We get to choose how we deserve to be treated, and nobody else can make that decision for us.

When the world recently shut down, mental health became a daily conversation, and everyone really started to listen and understand how important it is. Today I had a wonderful class with a couple, and we were talking about how sometimes we literally ignore our body. I did not start feeling body pain until my forties, which is such a blessing. I have to pay attention and figure out what I need in order to do the work I love, as well as giving my all to my family. I also do not want it to get worse because you are either investing time, energy and money in yourself now or later with treatments, medications, and hospitals.

The phrase that really resonated with me is “The Body Collects.” If we ignore now, it will not go away, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Then it literally feels heavy, and it becomes the main focus of our reality. We need to keep our body healthy and our mind clear, so we can enjoy life to the fullest every moment on this earth.

Coach Yulia

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