It’s one thing to have faith and trust as the only way to see the world. I am blessed to have inherited that from my mother, and luckily pure happiness from her mother, my beautiful grandma that was on this earth until 101 years old enjoying life to the fullest. It’s completely another blessing to have unconditional trust from your loved ones, especially your children.

My husband and I got married today, and are celebrating 15 years together! We had plans for a delicious gourmet dinner at Next Door, a new Kosher restaurant in our neighborhood. We have had quite a summer, my oldest son had reconstructive foot surgery, and is healing beautifully. My youngest boy is going to be starting a new school next year, and I will have all three in one middle school! My daughter is for the first time at sleep away camp, and although she is the strongest and friendliest personality on earth, her first few weeks were filled with homesickness. She is the cook of our family along with my husband, and she said there was literally nothing edible, also she was not able make it herself. Food is her love language, and hangry is what happens when there is nothing to eat, she eats more than all of us!

She is across the country, and a few things have made her happy, especially her new friend, the camel. Today was visiting day, plane tickets are ridiculously expensive, and we were trying to see if any relatives or friends were able to go. I know how to figure things out, this is one of my gifts in this world. My daughter kept on asking me if I was asking people who would be able to visit, and I told her that I was working on it. She trusted me, she never asked questions, she had no idea that our good friend just happened to have miles on the airline that flew just an hour away from her destination. Everything aligned, Thank God, and daddy’s girl was in heaven with tons of challah, snacks and sweets to last her for the next two weeks.

The Jewish calendar date of our anniversary, Rosh Chodesh Elul, is still a few weeks away. I am celebrating tonight by getting a massage. I will keep celebrating as the next few months we have birthdays in my family, including mine, half century my friends.


Coach Yulia

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