Quiet, relaxing in my bed, Felt so good to just be

Energy flows out in different ways, and they are all good. We see all around us so many beautiful expressions of art, music, education, spirituality and the list goes on and on. We can keep learning from each other, and keep delving deeper into ourselves.

I feel blessed that I keep finding ways to energy release, to be who I am meant to be in this world, and clearly see it as flowing light through energy exchange.

I see the miracles in everything, all the connections as they are happening, and am in awe of how everything is here for us to learn, grow, and thrive.

I really love to write, and now we have so many opportunities to express ourselves across all the social media. The thoughts keep flowing, so it feels good to let them out in bursts. Sometimes I really want to share more.

I love to be a doula, a labor support to a woman going through the journey of pregnancy, and transitioning from labor to birth and motherhood. It is an honor to empower and stand by her side, guiding her to trust herself and see that she knows exactly what she needs. I was honored to experience the most loving parents welcoming their beautiful soul into the world yesterday. I am still on a natural high as well as taking it easy as my body and mind are recovering from being fully present and holding space for a while, because birth takes time, there is no timeline, and that is the way it should be.

Throughout the day I am seeing clients and different groups to teach classes, and in the afternoon I work in an office. They were treating the staff to massages, and after a long birth, it was such a relief to be pampered. I felt like she released all the tension from my body, and I felt oxygen filling up every nook and cranny. I had scheduled a manicure and pedicure after work so I got more love, care and beauty. Coming up it is my 15 year wedding anniversary and I will be half a century on this earth.

I also got the most beautiful gift of a session of the Emotional Code, it is a holistic release of the emotions that our subconscious holds on to. It feels so powerful that all of these modalities are aligning at this place and time. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment, and I am so excited to feel good and look good, why not have it all!

Husband and kids are wonderful, Thank God, and all of my family is living fully and thriving, feeling blessed. Wonderful friends and a growing community keeps me grounded, supported, and loved.

So good to share,

I hope everyone is seeing the revealed miracles in every moment,

Feel Good!

Coach Yulia

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  1. So beautiful! I learn so much from you. Sending love and brachos! 💕💗💕

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