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What process? Any process, and I am always fascinated about the creative process. I used to always wonder how writers and musicians developed and created their art. Now when I feel the flow coming, I have to write it down for later, or stop everything and let it out immediately.

Now let’s get back to “the process,” or more importantly “your process.” Life happens, and all we have control of is our reaction. Someone just asked what describes how my brain operates, and my answer was the picture you see above. I am in that mode all day, except for when something happens that I have to deal with, and then I climb back into my happy bubble. I love to discover how everything connects, it really does all work out in such mind blowing ways.

I feel the key to stay in this headspace is to figure out how to steer myself back. “Your” is the most important word, because it is your process, and only you can figure it out. So many times we are inspired and connected to powerful missions and people. Search deep into your own truth, makes sure it aligns every step of the way. We are always growing and changing, and that is good. That is our purpose in this world, to be present, to be a light, and to stay deeply connected inside.





Coach Yulia

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