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I love chocolate chips. I know there are people out there in the world that do not love chocolate, so this is definitely for you too! I am very blessed to have a husband who loves to cook, and makes enormous feasts for events, as well as just seasoning everything to perfection. There a few things that I love to make and eat, especially when it is healthy and good for you. I figure that I can eat as much as I want, and my body will be happy too, inside and out. One of my specialties are gluten free muffins, my kids cannot get enough. It is an easy recipe that you can never do incorrectly, because all the ingredients are simple. It is actually amazing how it comes out a little different every time, in a good way. Unlike baking bread, or other foods that need an exact combination to get it just right. I have always loved the flow of everything, and that extends to food. I also like it to flow nicely in and out of my body, all that functionality when it works, is something we do not even think about.

So for my palate, especially since I am not a sweet tooth overall, chocolate solves everything. Even if the muffins are not as sweet, the chocolate chips round it out and everybody is happy. I also love fruit, but I just like to eat it fresh. Sometimes I enjoy fruit in desert, but it makes no sense to me to add sauces and sweeteners. I absolutely love blueberries, and my sister in law asked me to substitute the berries instead of chocolate chips. I was hesitant because when I find something I love, I usually stick to it. It is blueberry season apparently in California, and I decided to try it.

You cannot comprehend my delight when it was one of the most delicious flavor combinations I have ever tasted in my whole entire life. To be fair, I have days when I feel that way about all the different kinds of food that I love, and I mostly love savory.


Here is the recipe for my sister in law and anyone else you want to pass it on to. At first I followed it step by step, now I just feel my way through it, and it honeslty comes out just right, in its own unique way, every time.

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