Even if I do not agree, I still listen


Is rare and hard to find.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going out of my mind.

Although, that is a good place to be,

I love this process, so fun for me.

Out of your mind,

Too much in the mind,

Need to unwind.

Use your mind, do not lose your mind

Know what it is?

It is listening to yourself.

Being conscious of your brain flow that has nothing to do with anybody else.

It is your unique self-expression, your thoughts, your vibe.

It makes you feel alive.

Plastic fantastic, I don’t think so.

Random, but not so random it keeps flowing, overflowing watch the stream as it keeps going.

Why block it or pause it,

Do not put it in the closet.

Sharing is caring, your own unique light, another thought process would not be as bright.

Because they’re not you, it does not come from their soul.

Especially others that want to control,

the masses, the herds,

I get it some want to follow,

Always check in or else you’ll be hollow.

If it’s not from your soul you will lose control, of your actions and thoughts and identity.

We are alive and we can only thrive when it’s from the depth of our sanity.

Coach Yulia

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