If you are not open, I’m not your person

It feels so good to know who you are

Your style

Your vibe

Why you do what you do

If it doesn’t click


If it fits

Energy exchange

If you don’t get my approach

That’s OK

We are not meant to be

That is a blessing

Being grateful when it doesn’t fit

Let it go

There is so much more to say. I keep on getting into situations where for one reason or another my way doesn’t fit another way. At first I feel misunderstood, but then I have gratitude that it just was not meant for me. It is so important to listen to your gut, to your inner voice, connect with your deep intuition.

It will not steer you wrong.

We all like different things. We are not cookie cutters; it would be weird if we all looked the same. Also, being open is everything, because we could learn and grow. Trying other things may work or not, but what’s interesting is we need different things at different times. I like to say everything works and nothing works, and we have to find our own unique combination.

Wishing everyone the right fit and to let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore.

Enjoy your weekend!

‏חודש טוב

שבת שלום

חג שמח

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