Lately sunrises and sunsets are blowing me away more than ever. What I love the most is how the colors transform and blend into each other. In our world today there is such an emphasis on identity. I feel so grateful to have always been very strong in my identity, but also feeling comfortable in diversity. It’s interesting how on one hand it’s about individuality, but then it becomes groups. I have never been into groups or boxes, because I never fit in it any.

Colors are beautiful, and so are all of the variations and unique expressions. I love to see all the colors in between, and get to know the stories. I’m so fascinated by the journey. The destination is never ending until the end. We keep creating and living anew.

Each person experiences so differently. Perspective is skewed by our reaction to the ups and downs of life. A support system and a loving community helps guide our individual path, as we discover our purpose in this world.

What colors do you see?

How do they make you feel?

A never ending journey of living and growing.

Contribute your gifts.

Be you and only you.

Coach Yulia

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