WOW! 7am Pacific Time, Los Angeles California, looks life a full moon in the sunrise. Of course in person it is even more breathtaking, but I feel this snapshot captures the colors. Although the color of the moon look like the sun, and usually such a full, high moon is rare at this time. Nature gives us a taste of heaven. We are blessed to know that we wake up in the morning, start fresh, and live fully in the world.

Goodbye 2020.

Definitely challenging and heartbreaking.

I still try to always see both sides. Why the alternative, why bask in the drama and what if’s? There have been good times, adventures, and extra family time. I feel grateful to have my family, not so easy, so much togetherness sometimes. Making memories, this will definitely be a year to remember.

Do you notice, that many times even if tumultuous, our brain remembers the good times. We were so happy to go on adventures the last few years during this time. Even adventures have ups and downs, however my kids recall the highlights.

I challenge everyone to keep on seeing a better tomorrow. I do not think I have ever seen a moon in the sunrise. It blew my mind, that there are always new possibilities and ways around everything.

Happy New Year!

For many people it is resolution time, trying new things on, and taking stock of how to move forward.

You can always move forward.

Move forward my friends.


Even if something does not or has not worked out, in the big picture it maybe steered you in a direction you never thought possible.

Everything is for the good.

Everything is good.

Feel good.

Coach Yulia

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