My kids are featured in Hebrew Hamilton

by Marcus Freed

I hope everybody is doing ok out there. My answer to anyone who asks is that we are taking it day by day. Zoom school is very hard for my kids, so many expectations, and knowledge of technology. I find myself torn from wanting to work, because I am very blessed doing the work I love. I also would love to be there when my kids need me, not only for homework, but to tell them everything will be fine. Thank God we have our health and each other.

Last year, right before the world went into our current reality, my kids were part of an amazing music video, representing their Jewish history in a fun way. The editing is finished, it is coming out this Sunday, and for all of the Hamilton fans out there, you will be ecstatic. My youngest and I had a serious talk about paying attention in class and doing his best. The words, make me proud, really resonated with him. It feels positive, something to strive towards, and ultimately moving in a forward direction to make his mom happy.

I do not know about you, but I need to reel myself in when I am dealing with a frustrating situation. Especially when the kids are not listening, and punishment will not kindle their flame. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, where we light a Menorah for eight days. It symbolizes being inspired by the light, and then spreading it to others. For everyone that will also be celebrating holidays coming up, I wish happiness, health, success, and balance.

What helps me, is to focus on all the blessings in my life.

Treat myself with what makes me happy.

Take deep breaths.

Share my thoughts.

Happy Holidays and may this year bring renewal, health, and peace.

Coach Yulia

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