Celebrating ME!

I am so blessed to be surrounded by meaningful relationships and deep bonds. I also love to keep on meeting new people that will add some more spice and adventure to my life. When I first met my husband 13 years ago, I told him I am already happy, and I am excited to meet someone that will make me happier!

When I was seven years old, my parents left the Soviet Union, to give my brother and I opportunity and freedom in the USA. We landed in Denver, because that is where we had a relative, and I met a group of friends that I now know for 40 years! One of those magical friends is in the picture above, we always connect on our birthdays, we are seven days apart. We just had lunch last week, and luckily did not have to wear masks while we ate and talked about everything under the sun. Today, out of the blue, I received a box, when I opened it and saw the beautiful flowers, I was wondering who sent them. My friend completely surprised me, a few days before my actual birthday, with wishes from her husband and daughter, it made my day. I will officially start celebrating now.

I celebrate my birthday almost the whole month, it starts on October 11, and ends at my Hebrew birthday, which this year Daled Cheshvan is October 22. Sometimes a little before and why not if it lasts a while longer. I have so many friends and family I enjoy reconnecting with. Life leads us in different directions, goals, and challenges, but the connections are deep and full of memories.

Now just for fun, I want to talk about astrology. Until I got married at 34 years old, I identified as a Libra. It made all the sense in the world since I love beauty, fairness, and am indecisive. The Jewish months are a lunar calendar, and the year I was born my birthday was in the month of Scorpio. I have always loved Scorpio energy, and it made all the sense in the world that we are multifaceted, and being intense, loyal, and enjoying the dark side was part of me too.

Of course although we may have genes and traits that are similar, our soul is beyond astrology, it does not control us. We have choice and the ultimate goal is to connect to our essence and express ourselves fully in everything we do.

Have fun.

Be you.

Celebrate non stop.

Why not.

Happy Birthday to me!

Coach Yulia

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