I am not an animal person. God bless all of you that love animals and know how to communicate and care for them. I also know for a lot of people it is a necessary and therapeutic companion. I am barely able to take care of my three little humans, I do not have the energy for anything or anyone else. All I see is feedings and cleaning up poop, no thanks. Above everything else, it adds up, especially medical care and upkeep aka grooming.

It is so important to know yourself, your likes and dislikes, and it is OK if you are different from everyone else. I am very clear about my animal stance, even though we did have a dog as children, but we also had a backyard and she hung out there.

My goal and message in everything that I do is to trust your instinct and self express fully. This is the only way to operate in our world, we cannot and should not be clones of each other. There is no best or better, there is just your own unique way to do you. We are not robotic or mechanical. It would be so odd if we were exactly the same.

When I teach Yoga, I remind everyone to do what feels good, and usually when it feels good you are doing it right. Raghavan, my 87 year old Yoga teacher always says, “bodily functions should be pleasant or something is wrong.” That is such a powerful statement because our body was beautifully designed to operate efficiently. It does need care and rest, as well as balance. I love to say excess once in a while is moderation, but even something good for you in large amounts can be detrimental.

Only you know how something feels, nobody else can tell you what you feel. I always say when a teacher tells you, look at me, this is the only way to do it, they are only talking about themselves. Trust what you feel, and no matter what everyone else is doing, listen to what feels good for you.

This is a metaphor for life, and you can apply this approach physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We all have something special to share, and we can choose what is a good fit and when to walk away. We can choose what to insert into our life, and when you really enjoy something, stick with it. That is the secret, find what moves you, talks to you, and makes sense to you.

On the other hand, I feel it is important to have an energy exchange. If I do not feel it, I will be polite, I will listen, but I will move on. I feel blessed that throughout my life, I felt very comfortable with change. I enjoy new adventures, and have no problem with leaving things in the past and moving forward.

I am always looking for the WIN/WIN.

Why not?

I want to feel good and look good.

I want to be me 100%.

Accept yourself.

Love Yourself.

Be Yourself.

Have a great weekend!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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