You don’t know what you don’t know

Three books have crossed my path this summer that have opened my mind and helped me grow in my understanding of history and how we operate in this world.

The first one is geared towards young adults, and gives the most fascinating glimpse into the history of being Black in America.

Did you know that everything we do is a habit and can be changed? The second book blew my mind into the science of identifying how to consciously shift whatever you desire. From individuals to the civil rights movement.

The third book taught me something I didn’t know about Jewish history. It is a children’s book illustrating a beautiful journey to rebuild the second temple in Jerusalem.

If we would learn each other’s backgroun , it would be a great start to healing and moving forward together.


I love learning.

I love growing my mindset.

I love educating myself about history.

Let’s get to know each other, I’m listening.

Coach Yulia

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